Twitter, Facebook,Instagram
Doing anything to get an instant gram
Higher than a bird but not reaching the stars
Sittin on Facebook failing all your classes but not facing those books in the corner
Adding friends in which you've never met like all the followers that admire your- half naked photos for a heart, tap. Baby sonograms for a like, click.

Email and inquiries in Twitter bios, wanna be free lance 'models' attempting to be what they're not. 

2,000 followers got you twitter fame 
yet in real life you're not the same, 
nothing but a lame, a poser, 
sitting behind your iPhone screen using your fingers to build your self esteem 
like the couples who buy matching Jordan's to take pictures in, 
claiming it as love 
but have yet to find love and 
only lust for what they think is love 
and search for love in all the wrong places. 
Those screen shots of your 'lover', 
kissy face emojis next to his name, the tingling sensation you get when his name pops up but in a few weeks it all becomes a distant memory and those emojis are removed and gone just like the 'love' you two shared 
from 'I love you' to a simple 'hey'; 
it hits you harder than a subtweet but you're forced to come to a realization: 
everything that glitters isn't always gold like the Michael Kors watch on your wrist that he paid for.
Facebook timeline looks more like an OBGYN's office; purposefully planned teen pregnancies, young mothers who are too proud, showing off their black and white sonograms and their swollen stomachs to the world. Not just statistical but more like a trend-ing topic on twitter. 
#Im16AndPregnant, #ProudTeenMom, @___'sMommy. Too many eager mothers yet not enough fathers. 
A generation purposed for greatness yet lost in the things of the world like social networking, 
the demons overpowering their lives. 
Too many pregnancies, not enough weddings,
 too many drop outs, not enough graduates. 
Too many negatives and not enough positives. 
No balance. 
No change.  
No hope.
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