Bisexual In a Small Town


Do you know what it's like,

To like boys and girls in a small, Southern

Predominantly Christian town?

To hear your peers talk about homosexuality being wrong and weird?

To hear your teachers talking about two guys holding hands at Disney World in Florida,

As if they were going at it in front of all those kids,

Rather than showing off their love for one another,

The way "normal" heteros do?

To be afraid that your favourite teachers won't like you anymore

If they were to find out the real you?

To have your dad brush off your fears,

As if you haven't heard enough comments

To know not to come out?

To be afraid to say something, be truthful?

To want so bad to ask the out lesbians and semi-out gay friend you know

What it's like to come out in this county?

But you don't think you want to out yourself

To feel like your dad is secetly ashamed of your sexuality,

Even though he took you to a Pride Festival

And told you it wasn't a sin?

Because he won't let you come out

To your brothers and sisters?

Though one of them already knows

To feel happy when Macklemore came out with the song

"Same Love," 

That advocates for LGBT equality?

To know that there are a lot of gay-affirming churches in a nearby city,

That you can't go to because it's too far away,

And there aren't any pro-LGBT churches in your town?


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