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I keep the door unlocked.

Not because I am welcoming the wicked.

I understand the world is sickened and even if you feel safe you really aren’t.


I keep the door unlocked.

Not because I am in my rebellious teenage years and my parents make it clear that before I leave the house I must lock the door.

I ignore this request. I just simply keep the door unlocked.


And not because it is a hassle to turn the key after I leave the abode. You see, I leave carrying a load. A load that I cannot take off my shoulders until he comes home.


He left that doorstep two years, nine months, and twenty-four days ago. As he stepped out that door he mine as well be placed on death roe.


We all know.

The mother pleads and cries as she realizes she has been living in lies. The brother has grown to despise.  


But I, I keep the door unlocked.

I have hope that may be irrational, but I believe people do change.We all make mistakes it is in our genes to be deranged.


You cannot blame the chromosome.


You cannot put fault on the man that wants to live alone.

There is a line that is difficult to define between holding one accountable and understanding their side.

But it is not up to me to decide.

So, I keep the door unlocked.

Because when he does come home, I don’t want him to have to roam all around to find the hidden key.


Around the corner, underneath the shelf on the bottom of the garden elf.


But he shouldn’t have to remember that silly little rhyme,

because he should be coming home just in time for dinner.

He should walk right in, because the door will be left unlocked.

But the clock just continues to tic-tok. Tic-tok.

And at every tic it makes me sick, and at every tock my heart feels like a rock,

because I know that there is no longer a reason,

to keep the door unlocked.


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