Pay no attention to the girl with the pen

How did I end up all alone?

On this island smiling

Yet we were all on the same ship

Did I get off too quick?

Am I just too advanced?

I just decided to put my life in his hands


Anger, frustration, rage is building up

I hate the feeling of hating but now it’s just too much

Why must I be different?

Why is my cloth not the same?

How did I end up playing a different game?


I just wanted to fit in I just wanted to follow suit

I just wanted it all to stay the same

I wanted to be like everyone else in the group

Yet my love has led me here and now you’re all gone

But a part of me is happy that I’m out here on my own


But what are the consequences of falling in love with my passion

What are the consequences of growing up and hating fashion?

Do I lose the people that I thought had my back?

Or can they just respect the fact that I said I feel different

Can I just tell them the facts?


Can I say I’m not happy living the way they want

How do I explain that?

I can't 

I won't 

The friendship that once was strengthening

Is now suffocating

And the pain is excruciating 



I can really relate to this. I love this poem. :)

jasmine denise

thank you I was really nervous to put my feelings on paper like this.

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