Starting With ONE

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 17:43 -- bposhek

Spontaneity and memory

Symbiotic for centuries

Memories are just outside your barriers

You are the carrier

So, take a hand and let yourself be free

Be whatever it is you want to be

For as soon as you do…

you will see all that you can truly be

In each of us there is layers

Unfortunately we live in a society

That teaches us to hide behind our petals

But just as you did when you were a kid

Pluck each petal off and show that this is what it is

For in each of us there is wealth

No, not money or coins

They’re worth absolutely nothing

And you are worth something

You are worth everything

Despite what society tells you

You must break down your barriers

Pluck away the petals

And you will see

All that you can truly be

Spontaneity and memories

Are not the only relationship you will need

See, humans need humans

At our innermost core

We need connections and nothing more

But, choose wisely

For if you choose those who seek to destroy

they will drain you of your inner joy

Don’t let their judgements hold you back

Who cares about what you lack

For in our innermost core

We need connections and nothing more

So, choose wisely those relationships

For a broken heart is hard to fix

But the connections will raise you up

Free you of the judgements of society

Release all anxiety

And simply be who you want to be

Be free

Try new things, embrace your inner wonderlust

And eventually your mindset will adjust

And only then can you see

See the person you were truly meant to be

Smash the mirrors of society, release all that anxiety

Be free


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