A Pretty Girl Inside



First grade

There is a pretty girl inside

New to school with nobody

Hurting her is funny

Tear stains and mud hide 

The pretty girl inside

Why is she crying, 


First grade?


Now she's grown, a mind of her own


Blue eyes, long legs, blonde hair

She's smiling more

Because she's mastered the skill

Of hiding a sad, pretty girl inside

Magazines, movies, pictures, and runways

The camera will never capture a pretty girl on the inside

Guys with fast cars

And girls with platinum cards

Reject a pretty girl inside

The number eight is ugly

But a zero is a lady

Bags under her eyes and bags over her size

To protect the pretty girl inside


She wants to shine and smile

But if the flesh on the outide

Isn't worthwhile

Then the pretty girl inside

Is crushed and hollowed into a shell

She wants to change

To make people happy

There is a weight on her

And she feels worthless

Because she will always hide

A pretty girl inside

She cries for the broken heart 

That will never heal

Because the numbers 140 and 8

Are not a pretty girl

Not even pretty inside


But one day

My flaws will be perfect

To the man that finds me

And heals my heart

And loves the pretty girl inside

One day

Our love will grow

We'll be happy and crying

Because God gave us

A pretty girl inside

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