Hell in High Heels


She's got rock star style with that beauty queen flare.

She has my full attention with just the flip of her hair.

She's got a lot of class, I can't even deny.

 She's a first rate beauty and I'm just another guy.


There's not a chance in hell for love between us two.

 She's got me feeling crazy so what do I do?

  I take a deep breath and I look inside. 

 It's time to man up, not run and hide.


She's a firecracker lady and she gives me chills.

With this amazing woman, my wounded heart heals.

She struts the mean streets as if she's in a parade.

 Her tongue and her wit are both as sharp as a blade.


 She's got cascading locks and eyes full of soul.

She's beyond comparison, and she makes me whole.

 She's got a dazzling smile, and skin so smooth.

Her melodic voice does nothing but soothe.


 Her cherry lips forever set in a coy smirk.

 She's an amazing wonder, and I love each and every quirk.

 She's a playful jokester with a sarcastic humor.

They say she's unfeeling, but that's according to rumors.


I know the real girl beneath her hard shell.

She's always smiling and laughing, but I know she's been through hell.

 There have been plenty of nights where she goes to sleep, crying.

She wonders the point of it all or why she's even trying.


She’s a complicated girl, and we’ve been through it all.

Her heart beats big, though she feels so small.

She’s imperfectly perfect. She’s like heaven on wheels.

My crazy, gorgeous girl. She’s just hell in high heels.


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