It’s really quite pathetic

How you follow each other

Talk nonsense


Going around contradicting peoples beliefs

Making their heads go topsy turvy

Angering them

Not to prove themselves

But to open your shut doors

Trying to help

Nope, wrong, not right

That’s all you ever breath

Look deep within you

What do you see?

Wires and sparks

Intertangling, not a start, not an end

Really try to find YOU

He likes to philosophize

And now, so do you

Please, please, please

Find your own path

Your own You

Not a pre made “FROM:___”

You speak but your own thoughts don't spill

Then how can you heal?

Your hunger for words needs to be filled

Your intellect so empty

Really, I do have great empathy for you

For your need and desire to learn

Searching for you and the words to learn to thrive

Look at my diction

And learn


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