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Dear Doubters, Neigh Sayers, and all the Haters,

we accept the fact

that We are different and that to you, what We love may seem strange or wrong.  

But here, We think that,

‘you're crazy to try make to make Us,
tell you all who we think We are.
You see Us as you want to see Us...
In the simplest terms, in the most
convenient definitions.’

You see Us as hiding behind a mask of another person

That Our skill to take on the mindset of another

simply a defense to hide Our insecurities.

You see Us as weirdos, excentrics, out of place,

And not worth half a glance, or worth your time.

When you fail to see many of the dear idols you now worship

started out exactly where We now stand today.

We do not hide behind masks,

Rather We create them

And each new character is like a blank slate

And We are the sculptors who bit by bit

chip and shape whatever person or being We believe needs to be born.

And while Our faces are hidden behind Our creations

Our souls are bared in a way few dare to envision.

We thrust Our newborn selves under the glaring lights for every show,

for every performance,

And are able to thrust the knowlege to the back of Our minds that you will judge Us,

and you will critique Us

and some of you will try to tear Us apart.

But with that knowlege comes courage,

to do what We love, and time and time again

We continue to reveal ourselves at Our most vulnerable states

For you to mentally and verbally tear Us apart like the lamb thrown to the wolves.

But in this instant We the lambs transform into the wolves,

with every bite and tear and scratch

Making Us stronger to the point We do not wait for your critique

We ask for them

So when We next go into battle on stage

We are adorned with armor

Handling a sword that can parry any and all difficulties that try to strike Us down.

Here We have friends We can truly be open to

Here We are the soilders, the blacksmiths, and the generals

With each of Us beating our own drums, and blaring our own trumpets

Until a we sound military march that leaves you unable to look away.

So now that some of Us are now at our final steps of Our journey here

As We prepare for Our final farewells

And Our last curtain calls

We leave with a sense of confidence that no one can shatter.

With friends that no distance and divide Us

With a sense of empathy that few can lay claim.

For We know how not just to act but to become someone else

and to adorn in Our minds their burdens and elations.

We are many things and in comparison to the rest of the world, to you We may seem strange, ‘But what We found out is that each one of us is a brain...’
‘and an athlete...’
‘and a basket case...’
‘a princess...’
‘and a criminal…’

So when you have the nerve to ask us who do We think We are,
Does that answer your question?
Sincerely yours,

the Drama Club.

*all lines in quotation marks are lines from John Hughes' The Breakfast Club, owned by Universal Pictures


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