The Quiet, Quiet Heart


You tear me apart, you quiet, quiet heart

Even now I try to capure you're voice but my own thoughts are too loud for me to hear you
You soft, soft thing, a vulnerable one indeed
You don't know pain, you don't know dispair, all you know is life
You hold its value above all, for it is all you are
Pure, and true only to yourself, just like the others
But you know who you are and they do not
They know who you are but they do not
Speak to me, quiet, gentle heart I only seek your company
For I too have a quiet, quiet heart, that beats loudly in my ears
But my heart is with them, and therefore cannot be without them
I quiet the mind, I sleep in my dark cave with one eye open, just to stay safe
I know your plaight dear sweet heart, not a one can touch you without being hurt
There too we are the same
But there is much to you to be discovered, and much more still to us
Alone neither would make it, but together we cannot exist,
For you dear heart are still too soft, and me and mine too insensitive


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