Mon, 07/28/2014 - 13:55 -- Zooey12


The pain is torture enough.

It hurts to see life from day to day.

I wish I was painless so I can go to sleep and be a kid again.

This painless life is something else isn't it?

Can't they just kill me? I'm already painless dead.

 I can't even feel the beatings anymore I'm painless in my own world.

Kill me already so I can be painless and home at last!

Lord I know I've lost my trust in you, but can you give me a second chance?

I'm ready to go there's nothing to live for anymore.

Painless is the word that I want for me and myself.

I'm already painless in my heart I'm not in pain.

So I live my life in painless not in pain.


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