The pain in the pit of my stomach made me die a little more inside

I don’t deserve to be treated like this is what I’ve began to realize

Too many chances turning into lies as I give them away

The gloominess takes over my eyes

Mood swings turning into gray

Humans that we are make mistakes

But forgiving gets tired of the chase

Why can’t we cry together, hold hands together, and tell each other that we will be okay

Expressing to one another through a passionate embrace

Personal brand of heroin is what you are to me

You were always mine even though you had other females instead of me

Sticking around still holding on

Trying to heal the cracks that are within me

Wanting to love you but afraid of being left and lonely

One step ahead can change the life of two

You seem to understand after all we have been through

Despite your faults I’ve kept it one hundred percent real

I know how it feels to be cheated on and played

Miserable with excruciating pain

I know the oldest tricks in the game

Not caring how females feel until you have lost what you could have gained

Little don’t they know it fires back making their mines go insane

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return

Happy endings equals to marriage, children, and a happy home

Why can’t you make that happen?

Is it hard to build on your own?

If it is I can help

Just trust, love, care, cherish, and believe in me like you do yourself

Don’t play with the mind it can lead to death but to prevent that don’t destroy the girl you once have left

The one who took you back when the rough times were thick

The one who know who you are inside

She may be tough and strong but melts when she looks into your eyes

Love lies within

So hold on to what you can


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