if you go online and find the place i call my own you will see two little words in the description box
he him
followed by an after statement of a thought hesitantly spoken
queer is a word we use to define something weird
unnatural or broken queer means you’re off and offsetting
watson how queer what’s queer we’re queer according to every fan we have under the sun
i have claimed that word for my own
stolen it back from the phobes to use as my own i define myself
i do not fit in your box nor do i want to my mind is not a ball of yarn or a shelf full of boxes my mind is my own and you cannot label me
i define myself broken by a world who sets the standard as a girl in a dress and a boy in a jersey 
i define myself offput by the two boxes they ask you to stand in i’ll place one foot firmly in each box, lean over, and waggle my goddamn ass at the audience because i refuse to be a part of this system
i define myself queer 
and the weird ones the broken the so called unnatural 
we will reclaim that word and make it our own
bend and twist the consonants until they’re ringing with a glorious fuck you 
you want weird take a look at yourselves
sitting quietly in your box and that’s not to say that’s not what’s right for you
thinking guys can’t be friends with girls or that gender is somehow definitive of personality and type have you taken a look at the world what makes you think it’s that simple 
i’m sorry i don’t fit in your box 
except not
i’m here, i’m queer, and the dictionary can go fuck itself


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