Words for Community

If I see what nobody else sees,

I’ll be labeled with the crazies.

Even if reality is what one perceives,

If there’s nobody to share it with,

It might as well be a myth.

Reality becomes a hallucination

In the absence of communication.

I need my voice to be heard.

I want people to read my written word.

If I cannot speak to the earth,

There was no point in my birth.

When I waste my word’s worth

I devalue my own life.

Human strife

Is lonely without others.

We must become sisters and brothers,

For without human fusion,

The world is a mutual illusion,

Society falls into confusion

Because all suffer delusion.

Let me elucidate:

If we don’t communicate,

If our tongues are missin’,

If we never listen,

We’ll never think what others think.

Every human will sink

Into pure vanity,

A kind of insanity.

But we all have the choice

To share our words and voice.

Individuals become a community.

The human joins humanity.

We find a precious unity.


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