Thu, 07/03/2014 - 13:23 -- hcollis


Rattling off words, i often find myself pondering why I let you in.

I spark back at you any words that quickly

  flow out of my my mouth...

But why?

What for?

As if you came looking for me.

Hopeles with nothing but myself to lose.

Tonight listen for th creeping, crossing, crowing, of

creatures of the night, slinkng in the pond we once drifted

so soundly in a banana colored canoe.


I now find myself here...

Rattling off words, anything that spews from my mouth.

Only one thing drives me,

the complicated mix of sorrowful and sedistic love

that so inclines our tension.

You're undeserving filth of whom has my undying love.

Ignorance to every intention.




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