Why so contradicting



"Reach for the stars baby girl, if you set your mind to it you can do it."

"What is is this? How come this isn’t better?! Whats going on with you?!"

One moment you tell me "yeeeah, go for it" the next "with the shit you're doing now you're not going to anywhere, get your shit straight!"


Aren't you suppose to encourage me and hopefully just be satisfied I haven't done worst?

The way I see it you haven't realized my pain, my struggle, my worries.

Just like you I am hurting too.

But why beat me up on the daily for my past mistakes?

Let it go!

I have!

I've learned from them you know, I am trying, can’t you see?

I do my best, but to you it’s not going to get me very far.

If I could go back and change myself a bit, don’t you think I would?

People say “he’ll move pass it, just prove to him wrong” “he’ll come to his senses”

Shit I wish it was that easy!

Now I feel alone more than ever,

Feels like no one to tell I can, but everyone to tell me I can't

Where did everyone go?

All this negativity has to go .

It might bring me down for a second

But it must let it go

Iam going to prove them wrong

You're telling me I can't, well ..

Your baby girl is about to go high and reach more than then the stars

Watch me move

Watch me soar

I was meant to be free, from pain, this constant game

You call it life?

I call it my dream .



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