Stop and Listen


The world today is filled with noise.

It’s busy.

It’s loud.

It’s a mess.

People shuffle from one place

To the next,

In a never-ending flurry of motion

And sound.

Everyone is talking,

But no one is stopping

To listen.


They hear what is being said,

Their ears work just fine,

They choose to file everything


In the back of their mind,

Letting it slide

Right off their consciousness,

Like rain down a tin roof.

Never sinking in

Like it should.


In a world where no one listens.

I don’t just want to be heard,

I want to be understood.

By someone.

By anyone.

To feel like all my thoughts,

My emotions,

My words,

Mean something.

That they matter.

That they aren’t just another

Pointless shout into space

Destined to just

Disappear into



I want to know that

I’m not just another

Blank face in the crowd.

One of millions,

Easily forgotten,

Left behind.

I want to be remembered

For something other

Than just



I want to make a difference.

An impact.

A change.

I want to make people feel

As much as they see.

I want to make people listen

As much as they hear.

I want to make people understand

As much as they know.

I want that shout into space

To fill the entire universe.

I want to make the world stop

And just



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