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Sometimes moving forward means that you have to leave things behind. You can't keep the things you have forever. Your favorite person now, could be your enemy in the next few years
I have had so many loves in my life that loved me unconditionally. Yet others only brought me despair and made me feel not worthy. And I deeply regret not taking a chance with any of these women that loved me passionately.
When I think of the name Jordan, I think of that girl.   She was a daughter, And a sister. She was a granddaughter,
The truth is odd. Sometimes, it hurts. Sometimes, it's good for us. And sometimes, you don't know how to react to it. I told her the truth, and that's what she said. Word for word.
The smell of burning flesh lingers in the air, an aftertaste with dry cracked lips. Gritty and hard to chew as you gnaw on your cheek, with a metallic saltiness and kinda sweet.
Be brave enough to walk awayAnd don't look backBe brave to say goodbyeBe brave enough to go your wayBe brave not to tell a lie.
With you, in you, beside you, behind you, in front of you. All around you.
If you try too hard to gain You will do nothing but lose such grit will only lead to pain accomplishing anything is nothing but a ruse because in this cold world failure is all that will reign  
We want all Democrats to behave As though they truly and genuinely believe In a True Democracy
Powerful words,Truthful words,Honest words,Brave words;This is exactly what the Doctor orders,For a nation, who's trying to fight the horrorsOf blatant racism,
I wanna say all the right words, but not to you. I wanna say all the right things to me. I wanna tell myself to just let it all go. I wanna tell myself that love isn't worth the try. But I don’t wanna listen.
The nonstop negative news or publicities on Haiti Hurt tremendously and disturbingly The relentless or constant bashings of all Haitians
A daughter and heiress, Gracefully radiant in her chamber.Recklessly entertaining a new suitor,Loveless joy with heavy breath,The moonlit night air cooling against sweat covered skin.
I realizeI have real eyesThat see real lies—     ~Nearsighted          (rule of law)     ~Farsighted          (rule of lies)     ~The "ayes" have it          (hidden agenda)
be not content with one flower of truth—gather ever truth’s bouquet.....Mark Toney © 2020.8/17/2020 - Poetry form: Monoku
Dreamworld’ssustained dramaselectively alluringleaving uschoking onbroken bits ofdreams andmemories ….Time to awakenfrom sleep!Strip away oxgoadsthat constrain us,
wrestling with evilwear complete suit of armor~ conquer with courage.rescued from onslaughtlies and misinformation~ loins girded with truth.safeguarding our heartsresisting the evil day
if you have stayed longer than expected you are one among many     for all acquaintances grown attached unintentionally rally     if you’ve seen my light
The kindness that draws A spirit closer to home The mindlessness, flaws That makes us our own Are all part of people Those lost and those found None reaching the steeple But all heaven bound
Oh to be like Echo, Always calling out but never heard. To be like Midas, Always reaching out but never touched. To be like Medusa,
How does it feel? Don't you wish you picked anything else? Don't you wish for a brand new self? For a price, just your life... I can set you free
Now I’m NOT Trying To Be Funny... But My Artistry Is CLEARLY NOT For DUMMIES... !!! The Types Who Think That Life Is JUST LOVELY... Because They Have Money... !!! So Have NO LINK To The One That’s UGLY... !!!
Now Some Heads Are MISTAKEN When It Comes To The Statement ... That I Just Cannot Take It ... Can’t Take WHAT... ?!!!?
There’s ALWAYS MUCH To CONSIDER When It Comes To FAMOUS Figures... Who Are QUICKER To Pull Triggers Than The Best Olympic Sprinters... !!! Cos' There Are Always ... BIGGER PICTURES... Where There’s ALWAYS Someone QUICKER...
Man... Can I Get A Witness... ?!? Cos It Seems That Some People... Just Do Not Know How To Mind Their Business... !!! As If They Can See Through The Eye of MY Needle... Needle As In My Resorting To Sin...
So Are You The Exception Or Are You The Rule... ? Cos’ I’m An EXCEPTIONAL Spoken Word Dude... !!! Cos’ My Use of This Tool Is... Spoken Word Cool... !!! So Is Used To SCHOOL Those Who Exude...
Just DO What YOU SAY Instead of Making Claims... That Prove You’re As Honest As A Perjurer’s NONSENSE... !!! ............... I’m Saying Just... STOP IT... !!!!! ALL This Knowledge You’re Dropping Like Gin In Tonic...
Now I Guess It’s Gonna Take A Little While... For Most of You Folks To Get With My Style... Because It DOESN’T Profile Artistry That’s VILE... !!! Mine Gives Up Platters of Subject Matter...
So What’s With The LOOKS People Give These Days... !?! As If You’ll Get SHOOK And Then Walk Away... !!! Because of The Gaze Many Choose To Display... As If Their FACE Has Bullets To Spray... ?!?
Well Now It Seems That There Is NO DOUBT... !!! That Humanity Is Being DROWNED... !!! By Government Clowns And New Tech Sounds... !!! That Have Folks Running Round With Rather LARGE Frowns... !!!
Well Now It’s Clear That I’m... “ Too Cold “... !!! To Be In Zones With These Industry Ho’s... !!! Yup Sisters And Bros And Those Who CONTROL Who Gets To Be KNOWN... !!!
They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! You Can Tell If You Properly Give Them A... Smell... !!! And Because of Anomalies In What They SELL...
Now The Choices You Make Can DECIDE Your Fate... !!! But It Seems That Some Voices Believe There Are Factors... OUTSIDE of Our Choices That Also DO MATTER In Things That Then Happen...
Now My Mind’s The Type To Think of Rhymes... That Are Built To Find The TRUTH About Life And Our Human Kind... So REALITY Inspires My Mind To FIRE... And SPARK Thoughts That Deal In REALITY Meals... !!!
Folks This Is NO JOKE A Creative OVERLOAD... Is Something That Now Flows When My Mind Goes INTO ZONES... Where Words And Verse Make My Hands HURT... !!! Because of ALL The Notes That I Now Type In Prose... !!!
Now Being... “TIMID”... AIN’T A Flavour I Choose To Savour... Because That’s What I’ve Seen... In A LOT of Peeps' Who Are Born In Barbados... They’re Timid Alright But NOT When It Comes To Their Using Stunts...
It’s A BATTLE To Survive For MANY In Life... !!!!! From The Day We Arrive As Young Infant Child... To A Time LONG BEFORE............ Where Sperm Battle In HOARDS So That We Can Be Born... !!!
Ya Know CERTAIN Dudes Have Told Me... “ That I’m Rude ! “... Well Now If This Is TRUE My Response To You FOOLS...
Now This Is My Confessional... I’m A Rhyme Professional... !!! Whose Rhyming Skills Have Been Suitably Built... Over Numerous Years of Having My Ears... Be Blessed With Verse From The Best In The World...
So It Seems To Be TRUE... !!! Lies Move QUICKER Than The Truth... !!! From Boardrooms To Media Newsrooms... And Of Course They Move Through... “Secretive Crews”...
That’s RIGHT The Truth HURTS... !!! When It’s Served To JERKS Through Words And Verse.... That DON’T Observe LYING And Taking WRONG TURNS... !!!!! That Preserve FALSEHOODS That SHOULD BE......... Removed........ !!!!!!
Now It Has Been Said By Other Poets... That MY Poems OFFEND Some Heads... !!! Well That’s Because I EXPRESS What I TRULY FEEL... !!!! So Don’t Write Words For... MASS APPEAL... !!!!!
It’s Pretty CLEAR That NONSENSE.... Causes Us... PROBLEMS... !!! But Some Are Caused By MORE Than Flaws... !!! Some Are Displayed Because of Our Age... Ya See When Young Lacking Experience...
"TRUTH" Truth is acrimonious while deceit is honey as getting p***y. But a sage cherished reality. And fool falls by his folly. Foolery kills the scuffer but prudence makes a wise discovery. #c9_fm
Now I'm A Man of Words But Am NO EXPERT... !!!!! On The Matters of The World Or How They Work.... I Just Use Verse To Show What I've Learned From What I've Observed...
They're NEVER To Be FORGOTTEN... !!!!! The Sodden And Down Trodden... By The ILL Gotten... ROTTEN... !!! Enslavers And HATERS... !!!!! FAKE Claiming... “ Bravers “...
*SPIT* IT _OUT_ *Truth is quite acrimonious on the tongue of scoff* but _sweet_ *in the* _throat_ of *sage* . _At all cost_ *endeavor*, _spit it out !_ #c9_fm
So Who Now Knows Which Way To Go ... ??? In This CRAZY Time Where Corona Vibes Are TAKING LIVES ... !!! And Where Protest Lines Are Now Causing Fights ... Because of Race Ties That REALLY AREN’T NICE ... !!!
It Seems That MISINFORMATION’s Emanating From Stations... From Food To Education To This Corona Situation... !!! It Seems They’ve Been Relating A LOT of FALSE Statements... ?
Now This Poetic Piece... Is One That Simply... Reveals My Belief... That We Need More Straight Speak In Today’s Artistry... !!! Of Course Variety’s A Part of Poetry...
The bloods of disdain became apparent over time I'd have trekked a million hells only to say it wasn't mine And the rough terrain was rocky and ill structured like we; Found lost, exposed, and alone each time
Bathed in my warm light Leaching out degrees, last thing I heard Was you calling goodbye in flight Leaving just your memory, dim and blurred
Well Now It’s Pretty Clear That The Truth Is Steered... AWAY From Ears And Peoples Eyes... !!! When It Comes To OUR LIVES... !!! Because It’s LIES That Are Fed To Minds... !!!
Okay... So The Matrix Flicks Were Said To Depict... A Lot of Things About How We Live... From Things Scientific To What We Choose To Enlist... To Keep Our Lives Enriched With... POSITIVE Things... !!!
we've been laying in my bed for hours now, neither of us sleeping nor talking, just holding each other. from the moment he walked in the front door i knew that he had something on his mind,
Now You’d Best BELIEVE That I’m... ON POINT... !!! When I Choose To Anoint My Notepad With Speed... With Speech That Deals In..... HONESTY..... !!!
Well It Seems That These Days... That FAKES And SNAKES Are ALL OVER THE PLACE... !?! From Those With Names Now Claiming... FAME... To Those Who Partake In The Political Frame...
You Know Sometimes Within This Life... You Have Those Nights That DO SURPRISE... !!! Now I've Shown That I... Am INDEED A Dark Knight of A Different Type ... !!!
DAMN These... Liars And LIARS... !!! Aren’t These Folks TIRED... ?!? of ALL of Their Lies, Deceit And YES Crimes... !!! Cos’ It’s A CRIME To DENY The Truth From The Minds...
Well Lookie’ LOOK LOOK... !!! ... ALL That It TOOK... Was The World To Get SHOOK... Like Some Mobb Deep Crooks...
I may come across as a Stubborn, competitive, and Argumentative person, But I'm just fighting For what I want, so...   The world is an immensely Competitive place,
In a world full of ruin, Only the strong will survive. Not just the strong in build; Strong in mind, strong in heart, and strong in soul.   There will be sacrifices to be made,
Covid is destroying our country   TikTok is in; that and Instagram posts   Funny cat videos and K-pop   BTS, Blackpink, and Seventeen   Ten-year-olds with YouTube accounts  
Now When It Comes To... “ My Life’s Story “...
You're hard on me 'cause you care, But I wish you'd be more fair.   My hurt may turn to anger; I may take it out on you.   I hear you say things You would normally,
You See... MANY Have Tried … !!! And MANY Have LIED … !!! And MANY By My Pen … Are … Lyrically FRIED... !!!! Burned To... ASHES … !!! Grabbed And SMASHED KID … !!!
Bob Marley Made A Track That Done Explain THE FACTS... !!! About THOSE Wearing CAPS Where IGNORANCE Makes STANDS … !!!!! Secrets, Weakness, BLATANT, HATRED, RABID Vapid Heads YES, VACANT … !!!
Wish you'd notice me, Wish you feel for me. Tell me, what did I ever do to you To make you act this way, boy? "It's not you, it's me?" Well, I call bullshit; I've never had the best of luck in love.
Truth is.. You will never know or Vivre her.! You all hate the truth.... " You can't Handle The Truth"....but You seek the truth... You sing for her... You desire the truth...
MAN I'm SICK of All The CLAIMS … People Make Nowadays … !!! ... " CLAIMING They THIS ! "... ... " CLAIMING They THAT ! "...
Folks Keep Your Minds CLEAR of... Modern Day FEARS... !!! FEAR of Talk Spreading You Catching Infections... !!! Because of This VIRUS... That May CLOG Up Your SINUS... !!! FEAR of INCITEMENT And Modern Day Violence... !!!
Keep your ears open, listen to your first mind. 9 times out of 10 you'll be right everytime. There's no purpose in starting a fight about what's wrong or right. Like always, the truth will always find it's way to the light.
Excuses Excuses... So MANY EXCUSES... !!! For The Type of Looseness That Has Embraced NOOSES... !?!
So... Fa' Real Fa' REAL... What Is The Deal With... " Keeping It REAL "... !?! It's Just An EXPRESSION That Has NO Test Pressing... of Things Some Be STRESSING It's Message Be Sending... !!!!!
I’m A... Marshal of Reality Verse... So REMOVE The ABSURD... From The Words of Big Virge... !!!
So I’m Now An EXPONENT of Rhymes That Are POTENT... !!! No Numbers or Quotient Can Limit Their Motion... !!! INFINITE Like The Ocean Or Big Swarms of Locust... !!!!
Wearing this crown of shit. Proud and shameless. I stand. I'm Standing tall. Here I stand.  You will not make me fall. I will not crumple. I will not hesitate. As you spectators speculate. In an attempt to emulate. To only perpetuate. Some it may
This Poem RELEASES......................... Some TRUE Self ADMISSIONS... !!!
A Baby Cries,Demanding, Emphatic,Forming, Growing,Having Intelligence, Joy, Kindness, Love.Mounting Neuroses, Outrageous Propaganda,Quickly Remove Simple Truth,Unleashing Violence- Wanton, Xenophobic.
Now These Words Are TRUE... And NOT From Some Cartoon... Where A Dog's Being Used... !!!!!!!
I have no distinct poetic agenda Upon the earth I wonder, With a curious mind that can't help but linger  They birth thoughts that haunt me
Ya Know I’m Getting SICK of THEM... Heads Who... “ Pretend “... To Be Your ...... “ Friend “...... I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It AGAIN... !!!
So It Seems As Though... It’s COOL Right Now To FILL Assholes... !!!?!!! But NOT In The Way That Things NOW GO... !!!!!
Ya Know I Always Find It... Funny... When People Say To Me That... “ I’ve been Lucky ! “... As If They’ve Gotta Clue... of The Things That I've Been Through... ?!?
In the midst of a forgotten forest, among old trees and new, grew a plant, green and fresh as young schoolboy, curled slightly towards the the glorious sun, feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride
Now I’m NOT Being Funny... Because THIS THING Is UGLY... !!! ... LOSS of LIFE... !!! As Multitudes Die... !!! But I’ve Got To Ask... How Exactly Do They Know... ?
time marches onreality's fire consumes—dreams go up in smoke .
Prayer is powerful; for it is direct communication with your Creator, your Creator who knows you inside and out.  The Word is your weapon; for it fights off the lies and accusations of the enemy.
If only i had, not even one bad habit, I could have claimed my life as legit; As i mention, keep its track, In no way is it a personal attack.
It Seems That We’ve Now Found An Issue That... " SURROUNDS "... !!! The Question I Have‘s ... " So What’s Fake Now ? "...
These Days I'm ... SICK of People ... !!! Saying That ... "They've CHANGED !?!" …
There once was a wise crow it said “I carry the world upon my head” though it’s fate was to end up dead, the world will bloom where it will tread.   
If I were a leaf on a tree..oh how would I leave leaving me..would make me laugh..leaving for you.. you think.. you says I to know.. leaving for free..says me..right now..I would leave me..
Well It Was A Matter of Time ... Before Some Minds Would Eventually Find ... Conspiracy Vibes About The Design of This Corona Line ...
Ya Know I Read Today On A News Webpage … That Samuel Jack Was Mistaken For Laurence Fishburne' MAN … ?!!!? Well It Seems As Though This White Media Bloke … Thinks Samuels’ Role In Django … HOLDS …
PLEASE .... FORGIVE Me If I Curse To Quench My Thirst ... To Poetically Let My Speech Run FREE ..............................
I’m So Glad I'm The One With Whom You Have Fun ... !!! A Kiss And A Cuddle And A Glass of Rum ... On The Day That Begins With Letters Spelling .... " Sun " .......
This feeling I have now It's so painful I can find it in my mind Your lie and my truth I hate liars I like truth It is painful but whatever I say what I am thinking I say who I am
You are the light to my darkness as the moon is to the night  You protect me from the lies that lurks in the shadows of the night  The lies that I myself should not hear 
So ... Who Do You See … ? When You Look In … " Your Mirror " … ??? Someone COMPLETE Or Someone Whose Glimmer … Isn't Quite As Bright As You Might Like … ?!?
Ya Know ... It REALLY is True ... ! A LOT of People AIN'T Cool ... !!! And Be Trying Their BEST To Bring You STRESS ... !!!! Some It Seems Are ENVIOUS Thieves ... Who Be PLOTTING Schemes And DEVIOUS Deeds ... !!!
For Some It Seems Perception ... LEANS ... Toward THOSE Dreams of ... " FANTASIES " ...
Everywhere lies!   Detecting a lie is difficult for the most people.For they no longer know the truth of our world.  
So What Is The Position of The ... " Human Condition " ... ???
For days, I sat down wanting to writeFor days, I made excuses as to why I wasn'tFor days, I put my life on hold over petty reasonsBut I guess it's timeTime to write on whatever surface I get
So What Does It Mean To Be .... " Corrupt " .... ?!? Well These Days It Would Seem ... A Good Place To Start Is Within GOVERNMENT ... !!!
Some People NEED To ... " CHILL " ... Because I'm Getting SICK Or Better Still Quite ILL ... !!! Because Some Seem To Think My Lyrics HIT Like BRICKS ... !!!!!!!!
CAN'T Black People Just Get ALONG ... !?! Well My Answer To This Is ... I Guess NOT ... !!! DON'T Get Me WRONG ... !!!!! Of Course SOME Do But NOT For Long ... !!!
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
Well Nowadays … It Seems To Be Getting To … Quite A FEW … !!!!! Well Actually There Are Multitudes … Now Taking ABUSE From Those Who CLEARLY RULE The Roost … !!!
Is it Such A Crime To Speak Your Mind … ? Because It Seems To Be If You're NOT WHITE ... !!! I Hear This Said So MANY Times … !!! "Virge, you scare folks with words you rhyme !"
Do You Ever Wonder ... ? Why So Many Men Hurt Their Human Brothers ... ?!? Or As Time UNFURLS What's With These Girls ... Who Rush To Have Children They Don't Want To Mother ... !?!
Inspiration   a whispery-sounding word for something so big It can come like a Flash - lightning turns the shifting sands of  Thought to glass, clear as crystal Or softly
Are You .... " P . C . " .... ? What Does That Mean ... ? Does It Make You Feel You're Good ..... ?!? And Treat People The Way You Should ... ?
Be True My Youth Be True ... Be TRUE ... !!!!! Don't Do The Things That Make You ... " Blue " ... !!! DON'T Lie To Yourself Because Those Who DO ... End Up Having ... PAINFUL Moods ... !!!!!
FORGET ... " Thong Songs " ... !!!!! You Simply CAN'T Be ... " Wrong and Strong " ... !!!! MOST of Our Leaders Have Got A FOUL PONG ... !!!!!! And Think They Can Be ... Wrong and Strong ... ?!?
Man Things Are Now Beyond A JOKE .... !!!!! Is EVERYBODY Taking Coc' ... ?!!!?!!!? Cos' Those Who Do Deserve To CHOKE ... !!!!!!!!
So ... " Who Do You Believe " ... ??? MP's And Their War Stories .... ??? Cos' When It Comes To Speaking TRUTH .... Their Talks Seems ... " Pretty Cheap " ...
Pt. II of 3 Poems) After the 7/7 bombing ... This is part 2 of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from .... Well ... HERE WE GO ... !!!!!
People PLEASE ... !!! Just Be ... STRAIGHT UP ... !!!!! Honesty's Easy ... It Really A'int Tough ... !!! If You're Gay ... BE Gay ... DON'T Try To Play Games ...
So WHO Do You ... " Trust " ... ??? And Who Are Your Mates ... ??? Cos' People These Days ... MOSTLY Are Two Faced ... !!! They Talk With You ... Like Everything's COOL ...
I've Been TRULY SURPRISED ... !!! In Fact ... " MESMERISED " ....... !!!! By The Volume of People ... Who ... Tell Themselves Lies ... !!! These Acts I Believe ... Give Liars ... " Relief " ...
Love is a complex and interesting thing It amazes us, no matter how we swing It can save you from trouble, free you from pain, But sometimes, there isn't any gain.  
The beautiful heat,  The scent of Ambrosia, The last affront to the Gods, The oozing delight, That which granted mankind ascension, That which the Gods envied, That which they descended for,
Arise, all peoples of the world and take your place in society.  Be the light to those in your community who are living in the dark; the light that lights the way to the truth. 
Respect is dying everyday ! The old dismay cos' the young display a lack of respect in their crazy ways ! So ... Pay close attention this isn't wordplay !
There is so much truth hidden in the space between "because" and "despite"
Coleceanth  Have you seen the rain at night Lumined down by city light? It pounds upon the asphalt here Makes fountains clear as crystal tear.
You should look at me. I’m perfect, I have so many friends, I get the best grades, My parents love me so much. Look at me. Give me the love I’m not shown, The reassurance I need.
everybody dies, everything else is lies. this is the only truth, there is no surprise. no matter where you hide, death will come and find you. it was meant to be, it will remind you. it won't hear you scream, it won't wipe your will stand
Fooled you, fooled you Maybe even you Congrats if not you Lair, liar My mouth was on fire Telling puzzles no one could ever
Honesty! It’s all a lie, it’s all a lie, it’s all me.  Mandy, it’s me. I looked in the mirror.  I could finally see— past, present, future, as clear as can be.  Me.   
No one ever tells you wha.
Work in progress.
Many say mythology is in fact, just a myth. A false presumption, a made up story. But, what if these ancient legends are actually predictions of our future?
Here is a story Left often untold. Of a young lad and his lass,  Unusual to both new and old. The words are aflight And the plot is afoot -- There! Do you see him? Dirty, covered in soot,
The Warrior in Truth is an artist.His sword, like a chord it plays death.His tune of destruction; at times it sounds staccato.On occasion, it’s a swirling crash of whistling fate.
It all began when I started to like boys. But little did I know, those were all decoys. They told me sweet nothings as if I was one of their toys. 
I was aware that life was tough I believed some people exaggerated the truth Here and then though, you face the truth   My first semester at college was troublesome
She is pure. I will defile her. I will force my thought I will offer my woes I will share my joys and she will take them oberiantly. she will suffer my ink I will exploit all she has to offer so
Small town girl Big City dreams The world's open seas One door shuts, one door opens Watch her grow From Disney to Netflix, From velcro to tie From parents to friends From a child to adult
Today,  we are more connected  than we ever were before   But just because  reaching each other  is easier, doesn't mean    we understand each other better,
Tell The Truth Tuesday If eyes are really the window to one’s soul, then I choose to keep my eyes closed Others can’t handle what my eyes will expose
The Creative arts, They reach out to her They tell her she’s not alone. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her
We are the generation of thinkers The generation of reckless drinkers The generation in which my eyes are appalled and I have opened my mouth to exercise the right I was given This is America.  
When we tell ourselves to be honest,  how can we know what is true? What if the judgement we've always known is a foreign scent to a brother?   If the slip of the tongue becomes the slip of the mind, 
My heart is heavy asking will I ever  be good enough for myself. When I look at myself why do I peer through my reflection like it’s nothing?  Like I am nothing. Even when I say I am good enough and 
I feel beautiful todayI should take a selfieas soon as I get board the next vehicleit's not everyday that I get to feel thisno matter how many peoplesay it to meshe thought to herself  
it's been a Cold November September-December-July-August-May This year - more than last Or maybe less than last Sometimes it's hard to remember Recall-commemorate-memorialize
A rumble of the earth shot through me; My life flashed before my eyes; I understood what the world was saying, Telling me to love you, Showing me your uniqueness,
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
Hidden within the crevasses on my infinite mind. Disguised as my voice he patiently awaits,  striking only when most opportune On days of insecurity and inferiority  only then he would come create chaos.
I wasn't quite sure how to outwit life's clever twist,Which, like most things, can't be solved with my fists,There's no technique to speak or tweak it out of me,
I heard once, that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” But my god, the way I feel in the dark says otherwise.  
I don’t know how to write about you and tell the truth.   Bare bones, hands shaking, nothing left to do but fill the page. I don’t think I’m at that stage.  
            If the lined pages                    Were a prison                  Then the words               Were the prisoners            Whose sentences
They called her a writer. A witch. A Manipulator of words.   Etching them into corners, Onto walls, Abandoned buildings,
Mirrors would always tell the ugliest truths Reflection found in front face camera or frankly placed in front of bathroom sink faucets fed the unacceptable attributes Unallowing any filter or photoshop on face or body
perhaps my favorite reality isn't reality at all twisted memory we trust the justification of our minds over Truth   guilt fades under satisfaction lies grow within relief
There has been dark days  we all had bad times  most of us truly just wanna run  in our own shadows away,
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
You might think it's silly, How someone could be afraid of something so simple.  That one single fear is spread throughout all. We all deny that we fear it, though it lingers.
The sounds when nature calls I respond not, fearing I might speak a dark path of signs The sounds when nature calls I greed to be in my subconscious I'm healed
The sounds when nature calls I respond not, fearing I might speak a dark path of signs The sounds when nature calls I greed to be in my subconscious I'm healed
The sounds when nature calls I respond not, fearing I might speak a dark path of signs The sounds when nature calls I greed to be in my subconscious I'm healed
The Conscience of America   Little kids are like the conscience of America.  
We are not from this world We are not in this world We are not on this world We are not of this world We are the world, The air in our lungs Is the air that circuits this planet
I love to stare at beautiful men their hair flows just right. looks like their jawline can cut me open in one slice. a hug is just like paradise  just fell their body next to mine  with those muscles
It was easier to swallow your lies than the truth.   
I wasn’t always this lost, my days consumed by chaos An era where everything makes me nervous And every other day my mood drops, and rises It’s always a fight to find my way through this mind fog
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
It's who she is that makes her beautifuland not her looks that make her glowBut her soul shines through her fleshlike the sun that beams against the iciclesUniquely designed snowflakes intricately combined
Don't Speak by Rebecca Olsen Looking around me I see disarray And drama tea. Don’t speak Put on your phony mask; you make me laugh. Don’t speak, hold your breath.  
Today I saw a beautiful dream It was somewhere from within It seemed so real at the time - I wonder I dreamed that love has ruled the world That no one is sick or hurt
The rain and the snow The buzzing of the bees All are important To my lifelong story.   Glancing up above And peering down below All around I see Wonderment inspiring.  
Whatever it may be The person who misses it is not me, But the one who gave it away. -G
Search high and low, no matter where I go, there will never be another.   I run, You pursue, I cannot escape a love so true. I do not believe in me,
I hate the way you look at me. The way you smile and turn away. All I can do is watch aimlessly. because I know your the  demon inside of me.   I can't escape you. The dark is real.
Do you stand here with me? For I stand Here with me Do you want to be here with me? I don't want to be alone with me  
Books and bags define it as price tagsMoney for short skirts and heelsFriends and peers define it with jeersAs whoever can eat the least mealsThe jeered have fear that they'll never hear
She makes sure everything tucks in, So that she check out, And gets checked out by strangers, to open doors she can walk through.   His family isn't the blood type,
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Whisper here, Whisper there, I heard you whisper in his ear, Told him the gossiper's word, With the forbidden glare.   The hallway, a lounge, The lockers, full of the smoky words of cold hounds.
I thought love was one thing, I thought it was an overwhelming emotion A binding agent A blinding agent  Something to abandon yourself for just to have a taste Something that I knew I needed  
Soul Able Animal Celestial Bodies Functioning Skeleton Brain Blood and Bones  Material Light Forming Being Spiritual Physical and Mind Bodies
We are not exposed to reality until we meet Light.  We’ve only met Darkness and he was twisted, but our comfortability kept us yearning for his touch... his embrace. 
Once the light has been revealed to you it is inescapable you open your eyes and there it is filing into you but you still blink
People don't see the importance of self-tax Instead, they see anyone and become lax They don't pay attention to the signs you need They become one with the Devil's creed   You see this happen everyday
The Lord said, "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
How i feel is lonlyness, hopelessness, emtyness. its depression, no its not moodswings its not just a bad day. its my life its how i feel all the time. "Take medications.", "Do therapy."
Seventeen in English class My ex-boyfriend has assaulted me in the future And my friend eats pills that make him see red In a metaphorical sense if you didn’t understand   I’m writing poetry for my teacher
I'm always smiling. I am beautiful. My heart is not broken. I'm fine. These are not tears. I do not miss you, nor do I need you.
And if I don’t speak my truth I’ve learned that eventually, the unspoken words will sting my chest. like juice that went down the wrong pipe,
Something about this generation irks me. And it's how we use the word love. It's used Loosely, without passion or meaning. And I was one who did the same until I met Him.
For all that she was worth, For all that she loved, She was never loved back.   However,
I know... That this is something we don't like to hear. But the way we survived has made only one thing clear. We hate to be betrayed... But we never own up to the truth.  
I look normal, I believe, Hungry eyes of a frightened girl stealing moments of weakness in the dark by herself in the night. I believe they don't see it, Most of the time I try to pretend it does not exist.
Yo, you gotta think.  We make a lot of music about the struggle.  But I don’t like the struggle at all.  That’s just some bullsh!t.  fuck that.
They have it together they say They are wrong They don’t see what I see They see money, fame, and power
Distorted reality  Blinded by society  Waking up The sleeping souls Rising up Stop doing what you’re told Think for yourself  Don’t have to act like everyone else Freedom is yours
I know that these chains will break. But when I try to breathe I’m suffocated by your dishonesty.
Struggling to survive in bondage to the queen of Egypt. As slaves do we render unto her a taxation of our time, possessions and even our lives. Her vain satisfaction has caused pollution in our oxygen.
Internalize In turn all eyes turn inwardand find only darkness,what a clever disguise.
- Please, please, I am asking you, don't call me a, Nice guy, Great guy,  Gentle Man,  One of a kind, or the kindest person I have ever met. Because you do not understand, how those word can effect my feelings.
Relax, slow down There's no need to run. Walk, take a look around. You see the ants marching like soldiers? Do you see the seeds of life floating in the air? You move too fast man,
I am no one special You are no one special Most people can’t handle that Can you?   Kissed a guy in his 20s She was 17
You see It wasnt always this way when the time passed it brought colors for sometime its only gifted grey   its a mindset they say trapped in my own behavior the devil next door
My world is full of greytones Bypassing broken bones Whispering who knows me And the feats of liberty   My world is full of greytones Throwing skipping stones Cherishing those lights
  Can you speak the truthWhen you are afraid of what other people think Can you speak the truthWhen you are afraidof what other people will say
You want me to talk about the realness of this - fine I believe I am so depressed that it should be a disability I feel like my insides are rotting and turning into
Lies are picked apart Life is forgotten Tears fall from empty eyes And blood drips from unfilled packages These people know only their lies
The time we spent memories we Made Faithful friendship hearts have made Forever apart Nothing between us Always there when One of us need us
I know truth to be little else than a blade  which use changes with the wielder.  Molded to a scalpel, it is made as a doctor bringing relief from tender, hidden pain.  Truth can be a saw, gnawing through
Remember when our minds confused the lines of right and wrong that lingered deep with you in our thoughts Questioning our actions when sin tempted us to see the world threw a broken glass
Everyday we play danger with our lives. Smoking, drinking and partying with drugs. Tryna be a Tupac when in reality we just some low down wanna be thugs. We not shooters out here..We just should've, could've, would'ves in the hood. A NBA player to
So why'd you do it? What made you think it was okay to blow it? We spent so long patching up the things that didn't belong And now it turns out that it was you all along I spent so long trying to make things right 
Dear Dubiety,    I wish to promulgate that poetry is not dead. But the style... each breath is taken to be lost in an enchantment of idealist fallacies.
I had all of you, Most of you. Loving you, Close to you.   You meant the most to me
The truth, my pride. It's all conflicing... See, I've been hurt so many times, ain't no tears in me. So memory lane I'm jogging faithfully, but waking up some days... I don't take so graciously.
Ode to You:  
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
they call us magical  cus we stay when things seem to get a little tragical  we seem to always be protecting our men  cus when we have no more left in us to do what's right, they become our pen 
The truth is, my darling, that no, I don’t love you. And no, I don’t really hate you either. You were simply the missing piece. The missing piece amongst a junkyard so wide I confused for holy ground.
The simple words on my lips, they slowly form a lie With every single breath I take, I simply wonder why I really want to tell the truth, you deserve to know But it is so hard for me, to let the real me show
  I never once explained to you how I became the person I am today Dad, I'm sorry I broke all of the rules I made up when I was younger
Footprints on the sands of time glow with birthmark each glittering step unshaken and challenging not by yielding to temptation but thirst for truth for the awakening of men for soul-searching
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
This poem is a vulnerable exposure of some of my life's struggles. Please let me know if you enjoy it and follow me on social media! Facebook: /eternityspoet IG: @eternityspoet  
I am not who I seemI am not a good thingI am million broken piecesI am an empty evil thingI am a wall built around myselfI am protecting the things hiddenI have a million different masks
I sing of oppression Hate and war. I cry out in depression Fear and shame I dream of a day when we can fly away
Just a number in your book Another jot another check Adding up the scores of all the girls you've slept with. Treated like an object, just your little play toy.
i feel like i'm chasing us navigating our warm embraces i'm tracing the lines on your palms back to where we started i miss you more than the pain of being with you this hurts more than i thought it would
Smoked weed all day just to take the pain away. Cigarettes the same day. Wanted a new life he told me yes you may. You can do anything, I can make you sing. You won't feel anything, No more pain just play my game.
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark. She wasn't ever depressed for thinking about how the world turned.
You try to take me down, I'll look you in the eyes. Look you up and down, then have you tell me lies. Tell it to your friend we're all gonna die, so take it to the skies.
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher. There's crystal clear vision, ain't no such thing as division.
tell me the truth Just tell me. Tell me. Tell. Me.
i love you is not giving and taking but rather sharing oneself two wholes- together.   i love you is not only wanting your best foot forward but your worst as well  
“Love” is a powerful word so full of intense emotion and desperate desires. “Love” can mend or break you, healing wounds of the past
Walking down the streets of the  village breathing in the cool fall  morning air. My hand gliding on the    My hand gliding on the tan brick building  with the smell of pizza running through my 
The world is at its true point…BeautifulNo more, for the world now seems ever so TwistedWe now know what’s to comeBecauseThe media even says the same thingSo it must be true
Going in blind Make up my mind Where is the one? They told me about   Forgot my intentions  Rose-colored glasses I got distracted Cause I was imagining  
you and me, should we be healthy should we share love, you and me.   Love. It is Love that makes us. But oh, oh what is it that makes love?   Because i love you i, your significant other, must
no light at the end to guide you even though I'm pointing the way you will ignore me, won't you because you think I speak lies but I wouldn't lie to you I couldn't because you're too deep
I wish you took his hand in yours and I hope you guide him to your shining light he is not saved and he needs to be because he is too important to lose
I know I am not perfect  I know I have problems I am really trying to solve them.  But hold up wait...  Should I have to?  What about you?
Two parts of one whole without precieving is to be understood without ever seeing just what makes you tick in this joyous of cycles which man has revered since time came to birth
my heart has been raised in the dark the light was a foreign feel it was too late to stop the start to my broken heart it was surreal when he looked into my soul it was like an electric shock
I never understood love Thought it a lie A lie like all the others The ones about Sticks and Stones and Time Heals. Guess what's what happens when you don't see love at home
It's coming,but no one can tell when.It's on its way some time or dayand you'll figure it then.It's right around the corner,you can't see it with your eyes.It might or may give you signs,
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
Outward pour of a fluid form. Remain resilient amid morbid scorn. Corny words attempt to mingle. Story swords adept to symbols.   Macho man with a toothpick soul,
I struggle! Every day I struggle: I battle with the Truth; I wrestle with who I am.   I am a sinner, Indeed, that cannot be hidden, But my inner self I keep inside,
Because I Love you I sent my one and Only son Because I Love you, I humbled myself, coming in lowliness Healing the broken and wounds that wouldn't heal Because I Love you I took one (1) cross
Life brings you up, life brings you down, no matter who you are, age, race, weight, We all struggle, we feel alone or depressed, not good enough, or maybe even jealous,
To tell you the truth,I am fearful, petrified,That you see my heart.  
There are no coherent words escaping your lipsYour eyes pry mine open for me to see and listenYour neck strains agains your collar to choke out the wordsI only wanted to hear what I wanted, versus what you said  
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo More like Bibbidi Bobbidi Who  Glorified for her one good deed Where was she when I was in attacks and basements  On my hands and knees
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo More like Bibbidi Bobbidi Who  Glorified for her one good deed Where was she when I was in attacks and basements  On my hands and knees
We cannot mix God and the world Light and darkness Nor the flesh and Spirit It is ridicules God would spit you and me
Love What a sick and twisted word Love can be a fake word that is told to cover up a lie so the other person won't get hurt
Long exposure trees and shadows   Freaky black things Looking Beautiful   diamonds against red and blue green
i am young i live and breath with days to come and time i don't need my bones will break with fickle force and a constant requirement to make a choice   in my youth,
There's no fairy tales that I know about For what is a fairy tale really about An act of Love or a true love's kiss Maybe a boy who saves a young girl I've seen it all but not really at all
Created for relationship - that's what they say. Severely precious. Always enough. Captivating. Longed for. Loved. Fought for. Full of potential. Bought at the highest price.
Once upon a time, there was a bird who spoke of love My nightingale believed in love, this magic she spoke of Knowledge and philosophy is my true power
To this day and hours ahead For each gaze and every word Living a lie and creating lead No such fright can take that of the word   Creating and deceiving Those that bring it all
I am dizzy but not fainted,I am scrubbed raw, but I am tainted,I am despised, I am hated,And these are the things I wish weren't true,I've hurt those around me,Been the person I never want to be,
You.  I'm gonna write a poem for you, I'm writing poems upon poems to release everything that I might think I have against you 
Once upon a time, heard of it? ofcourse you have; as your parents tuck you in at night starting off with the same phrase over and over again.
assesment  assignment  we're both out of alignment  because power can be blinding  in this untouchable finding  potentially binding  this silver lineing  that sends you flying 
No, I am not gentle Some days I refuse to be kindBut you’ll see me offer my handas if I were selectively blind.
I wake up, ready to die But every night, I fall asleep wanting to stay alive.On this depression, my soul does not thrive.With this expression, I hope to revive.
Evens against us In odds we trust  Don't let them become  One of us   One of us   One of us   In odds we trust  Put up a fight  For how much you put in a fuss
Divine Mortality When I think of being mortal I never chortle, but, instead I put those thoughts behind and hope to be divine If when I die there's nothing more and I will go away forever, never more
Life is simply an illusionCircling around worldly reasonA world we see as true memoriamOnly made by our own comprehension
How complicated we are; never wanting to lose our luster, just to be malleable in the most devious of ways.   How selfish we are; not being able to burn to ashes,
When the clouds block out the sky I won't forget There's still a sun, a sky after rain I'm still A little flower, letting go Of what I think I know
America the great, oh yeah? If it's so great then why did we vote a president who hates He hates on the coloured, He hates on the women, Heck, he even hates Americans.  
Mother America, why have you forsaken me? Is standing for your anthem never enough to hear my plea? Haven't you seen the calloused heart of your abused, gay foster daughter, Mother America?
Stop- (of an event, action, or process) come to an end cease to happenStop- To come to an endStop- To come toStop- an end
Running the streets forever without a lesh they make us dogs. They have the low class citizens jumping for money like frogs. Protests are the usual you see them all the time isnt it obvious the media is using
She is a land mass like no other, She is the Nation of Power, She embraced this misfit foreigner, Like a caring Mother She molded me...  molded me to pursue The American Dream.
  Do you want change? I’m not talking about the loose one. Do you want freedom,
America the great he yelled at me I was staring in the eyes of a liar you see America is not great, not at all It’s the people here that make it great after all But the people that once could band together
Nine black boxes float above nine black tables, slick with rain Three beams of light crack into tables, striking in the middle Three tears are shed Three boxes fall the floor, crumbling into the twisted air
Truth is not what is seen by eye but rather what is shown to be. Many have died so others could speak both good or bad, silent or loud. The world has never known such land as these United States have been.
At least They can’t hear what goes on in my head   At least They can’t see The tears I have shead   At least
Paint a picture Paint a picture perfect Make sure all these hours are worth it Don’t cure it Exploit what has been given
take this cup away from me  do not force me to believe the lies you feed me i can see them a  mile away.  like the greens on the plate of a child.  they're avoided and taste awful when swallowed 
My sister was a storm, she was big and brutal, she was terrifying in many ways. When I was a kid, she never kissed me, never hugged me nor did she loved me.My sister was a balled fist drawn back waiting for you to scurry away in fear.
“How are you?” “I’m good”  I know they don’t want to hear what is true but even if I wanted to say it I don’t know that I could.   So, I stick to the norm
BLACK ALICE: A TRIP MUSHROOM CANT EVEN CREATE: I Woke up from a lie programmed to seal my vision I see clear as day now, Im wide awake Indigo and Crown lift your hat to see your 3rd eye
The red pill has become my conscious, my awareness, my truth/ Overdosing is a side effect Wonderland is our reality/ In too deep all I see if the bottom and its destructive/
Black Alice in the Matrix of Wonderland " see life from a different perspective Where critical thinking is encouraged And openmindness is second nature Be Alice for a day See past the idiot box you're tuned to
Let’s all make America great again Disparity in the faces of millions bow in shame The red, white, blue flag contains holes which freedom can’t transcend   A nation of immigrants brought culture and economy
Of the many things wrong, I find this one to have a grip on me, strong We need reform Let us perform A societal change Refute the strange
I wore my lies  like a second skin  could'nt cover my eyes  as i burned from within  i was never really wise  an cowardess wasn't really my thing  i could never stop the sighs 
I've been having nightmares about you after the sun leaves the sky, Every. Single. Freaking. Night. Telling myself that the info received is dry, would be telling myself a lie: I repeat, my nightmares are not lies.
My bestfriend thinks this is a myth, -didn't really have the heart to tell her that it's real, and that I've experienced it.   I mean, I guess I kind of told her,
I wasn't always jaded I never really hated the judging eyes, the self-centered smiles, or the fakeness on their faces. I didn't dislike the quiet animosity,  the way they always looked at me,
Could this be real. I've felt the pain, the heartache seemed to be endless, Yet the joy so fulfilling, my smile so genuine Could this be real. The beauteous sunlight, the luminous starlight,
Deceivers, yes they do deceive. Believers, o how they believe. Take heed to the warning, Let me be, I must proceed.   Blindly walking in misconception, Twenty Sixteen was a year of deception.  
A year go I wanted to die I didn't try My father loved drugs more than me I wish I was carefree But reality was reality
Did you ever wondered Why am I still alive? As you cried yourself to sleep Or as you wake up in your bed Or in a hospital bed.   How many times did you thought of just giving up?
Society or more like a prison? A prison full of racism and negativity.
The world is kind to let you pick your own poison Misery holds you underwater like an anchor Courage seeps through our skin, burning us alive Truth is a deadly pillow with a silver lining  
They say not to question God, for His ways are beyond our own. It was a Sunday morning, watching the sweat pour from my father's face as he delivered the Holy Word, "For I knew thee before I formed thee in the womb."
I don't speak the truth, i speak the experience 
Some people didnt know love was going  to hurt , but truth be told that isn't love , Love is suppose to feel good  Only reason why it hurts is cause were searching for love in the worng people.
It started with her. The chemotherapy was abortive and it didn’t repair the damage to her lungs. It seemed absurd to waste time analyzing, every word I came across,
Hello sister: i know you can see  the scars on my wrists  and the secrets hidden deep Hello brother: i know you can see  how wounded i became  when you took your leave  Hello mother: i know you can see
I have Come to find that it is The saints that lie and The sinners that speak the truth More often Than not.
God. A being we can never fully grasp without His help. One who brings us joy and emotion. He who first felt pain and sorrow
Words flow like water, deep into the soil Conveying meaning from nothing yet planting our voices deep into the walls hearing the screams, spouting we shall fall inner demons do tell all..
What would you change? A blind society blessed with vision through knowledge While screens worldwide buzz and ink splashes on paper Spreading gossiping, Hateful,
We wander about looking for truth. Refusing to see the truths right under our noses.   We aimlessly search for hidden truths wandering about like children
There are things in my nightmaresThat come out to dance and playThings that I rather wishWere very far away. But that is the nature of nightmaresTo come and try to stayAnd no amount of pleading
I would settle normally informally to rebuttal back at the attacks I’ve had a lot the bullies in my past I dissed em.
I contemplate abstract necessities Non essential remedies mixed in with ketamine and I inject it through my veins, please don't make fun of me while hiding under me,
When assigning colors to things, I think that:   Logic is black against white and white against black.  
Sittin on the toilet waitin wishin My mind would stop this driftin It goes so far it hits a point of no return and starts flippin 
Every time I want to say that I love someone I swallow the words like a pill, not because that person is not deserving, or because my words would not be genuine, but rather that I have loved many and proclaimed many that I love them, just to have
Introverted and maybe a little perverted I stay inside my room with no plans for returnin' My life is going down and it seems like its burnin'
Opening with a false  A lie for truths, Isn’t that us all? Im cold and sweaty but this time I’m ready Lying here amongst my thoughts
When I left for college I was excited. New People, new places, new things to do The idea awakened the little kid inside me.  
this the type of shit that make you run yo mouth asking how  but only answers are not given to what you amount the sound of clout 
Packin bowls and all I smell is loud  My senses gotta be fucked Since when can I see sound? Dumbfound you have me  Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 
I need to get over this why? cuz i feel like shit  but how do I just forget about this? it takes precedence in everything i do and everything I say
Wait Why is this happening? All the tears counting amounting And no one here comforting Something so unmistakable Something so breakable 
Mutual understandings that flow together,                 Unparalleled feeling of belonging, And the unending thrill of adventure                 Are the abundant fruits to friendship’s calling.
The thing I’m most superficial about Is my own uniqueness   When I was a little kid It was important to me That I’d pick a different color or number
I gaze upon you, and what is it I see? An expression? A soul? No, it is only a body. I listen to your word, I know your mind to be strong But reflective, slow persuasion Prove my thoughts and feelings wrong.
Humanities bible Mind tricks they present and we swallow Programming complete Were so use to the poison its impossible to get sick Their word is gospel Babylons spokesmen
the sky may be gray but once the heavens open  openings shall shine
When you're here it's never for long enough. I always forget the little things Like how amazing you are, how much you mean to me, and how you make me feel But also, How you're always late.  
I want to say I will never forget you The truth is  I probably won't I want to say I will never stop loving you  The truth is  I probably won't I want to say you will always mean the world to me
 Get in the car. Drive for a little while. Among the dusty plains. It's a place I call home. Don't know anything else. Purple ringed skies. In the air carries no lies. I can breathe easy tonight. The radio is real loud. But it soothes the soul.  A
Flaws and truth try to get along.  Wound together like pretzels, dancing like dandelion seeds in a thunderstorm weighed down by the stinging raindrops in the maelstrom.  But they love each other
In this world, there are numerous paths to take. Some involve truth, while others are all about being fake. The hardest to walk is that which involves Faith.  But you've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.
Liar is what I've become, To spare the feelings of everyone. I won't say a word, And you won't notice. I'll keep quiet and smile, And all my lies are worthwhile. I'm sick of turning to you for help,
You can call me out my name, but I hope you don't do it for the fame. Because beauty is something everyone is given. Skin is no more than just a sheet to cover the true beauty within. Nestle Crunch Bar, oh so clever
Raising sons full of ire, Restraint is no longer their friend. With news, IT builds a fire. In only destruction it will end.   You did this, you did that, Three hundred years of accusation.
It's easier to fool yourself than face reality. People bash on society to hide the truth. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" It's a bunch of bullshit
Personas Masks & Facades, surrounded by multitudes, existing in solitude, animated elation & seemingly greener sides a mere mirage!
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
Can you imagine words with no voice? Can you imagine pens with no ink?  Can you imagine paper with no empty lines?   Every word  is a tear that didn't escape. Every line
Words of poetry shine  bright to form, a light on this troubling world. GIRL! make it beautiful and display your dignity and pride, for we are judged by the outside. Hot rather mild 
Look past the outskirts of the town of stray men Where none think to trod A black wall caging in the livestock All together lost within an arbitrary boundary   Run blindly past the seam of shadow and light
The sphynx taught me, from its prideful legs, I came into daylight on four legs I walk through the evening on two legs I will fall into the night on three legs
A hard glare. A clipped sentence. A detached expression. A broken emotion. 'Why?' Hurt, angst, unease, trepidation, the eyes refracted my pleading words. 'Why?' The withdrawn tone tore at the veil.
It was a myth that held me back, a stubborn kid, ready to be "mature". Forget Doctor Seuss, I wanted to go Wilde. I wanted to paint a picture, not say Trees are green,
Moon shineSun shineweave through the linesthat divide and marginwhat we interpret as realityonly what is tangible and experienced but what of the invisible?
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
I didn't want the truth. I already knew the truth. Still, I screamed for it, begged for it. I wanted to be worng. The truth I thought I surely knew. Still, Time stood paralyzed in it, I was lost in it.
Funny how paradoxical the world is. Humans selling their souls for a dollar. Making profit off of pain and while their coins add up, so does their shame. But who’s really to blame?
Countless hours Harmony in my head Words of life Don't send me to bed Stay up with me Keep me company I am the quiet stream But you're the babbling brook speak in sense
I think it's officially my lifeI hear original narratives and think of all the people going through strifeIt's plaguing their lives and here I am writing about my #FirstWorldProblems
God loves me and he loves you no matter how many sins you make god can forgive you gods the one who made the grass green and skies blue he also made you to those who believe the big bang theory
I don’t write for entertainment, to gossip, or to complain about my life past or present . I write because, I believe my words are one of the things I have left in this world.
I saw the farthest star from here and I knew that was real  I raised my hand and reached my finger tips up, out, and past this Earth  Until I was one with the rest of the universe Until I was bigger than the farthest star
What is left after we go our separate ways? Never to see each other again, When once we saw each other everyday. after all the words are spoken, The things that they said that left me broken.
Words I can't say, I'll write down today. With this pen the words in my head Will then be read, again and again. The truth comes out. But I still can't open my mouth.
A song I sing that would make no sense/As a song/Couldn't control the feelings inside/So a piece of paper I hoped would provide/ I write my words like a toddler walking/ Slowly, slowly stumbling/ Soon I gain speed and rhyme/ The world looks differ
When the raging battle seeks to steal my joy, My tears trickle down my face. That's when I like to employ, My unbeatable fighting Ace.   I lay down the Truth, Let the lies flee.
People think life is a simple game A life in where we can do more and more But in reality, we must consider how Others may react to what we've done From a person walking his dog
swift, the river current kills  while younger and younger kids taking pills  all that matters is a manly thrill  a new born baby lying still; but this was of our own free will  A mother left the child to die
I am not important. I am not important. I am not important.  
We all get offeneded This is due to wounds that were never fully mended There is no such place on Earth where something cannot hurt us So why do we continue to fuss My heart longs for those who are hurt
“Evening Suns” Twilight sets as a black night approaches Stars twinkle passionately “Morning Stars” Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here
The moment we breathe in the gases of toxicity and evil We slooooowwww down   That moment You recognize to whiff the pure, brush away the miasma,  and to obtain truth.  
Years have passed, time has flown; My heart has wandered on its own Endlessly I sat alone, Waiting for the day that change would come. Here I sit, upon my throne Built inside my failure zone;
You’re my best friend-  what should have been a modest prank turned into a sick plan that left me squandering energy for your own entertainment.    You played me like a puppet 
I met a man upon the road. He walked with mournful tread. Upon his back he carried A load of bulk and dread.   He smiled at me politely Dropped his baggage to the ground.
They have withered. The crumbling giants, With hats hung, hefty pockets, and Swollen skulls—all teeth and Smiles—weighing heavy on their Sagging shoulders. Pale, blind giants who shudder at
      take it step by step                           I say when I feel like I need to run        take it breath by breath                           I say when I feel I took my last one        take it hit by hit 
Paint me perfect on your wall. Deep wine lips, erase the flaw. Pearly white teeth that I have always hidden. You’ll see a smile I view as forbidden.
    Habitually I continue my trek in and around my environment. This movement is basic and we call it muscle memory. But the memories reside in my mind. I never forget the time I have wasted waiting for my left leg to pass my right leg.
We live in a world where morals don’t exist, Where there is violence, hate and children who cut their wrist. Where it’s “okay” to look down on others for their lack of things,
It is plastered upon faces Determines choices that need to be made Feelings may be hurt Connections between families can be saved  
Seeking   Searching   My eyes relish the world around me   Once you have seen you cannot unsee   This sight that was given to me   To see the physical wonders  
There is one thing I never leave at home.My asana practice.I take my practice with me everywhere. If I was stranded in the middle of the desert,I would need camel pose.
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
My friends try to set me up many boys And when they do I feel torn inside Wishing desperatly that they knew the truth I don't like boys, they aren't my type   I like girls with long legs and pretty smiles
Words are an art concealed by sound and expression.  
 I wish you could tell me This is all one big joke I’d believe you if you did Things would make sense If you told me That this isn’t the way things were meant to be That this life wasn’t meant for you
Pass me by in the halls, I’ll give a smile and sweet hello. It just might lift your chin up off the ground. But see not past these smiles and sweet hellos, For there’s a reason why the truth isn’t always shown.
 It takes time to understand what's important The needs are from what takes us apart. A thought not provoked alone but together A collective of sorts.  
I figured out why I feel I don't have real friends So no matter who I'm with I feel lonely in the end It's because I don't live with love in my heart The distance between I and my true feelings keeps me apart
mirror, mirror  on the wall   reflecting all my superficial flaws  the lines you trace  lack the grace  you draw me with a heavy hand   lopsided ways   a toddler's game.    
I always knew it wasn't love. At least what you felt toward me wasn't   What I felt was love. I was real. Wasn't I?   Maybe I am just a selfish child. I wanted a boyfriend.
There are a lot of words that society has changed the meaning of, making the word impossible to be achieved. Words like equal and fact.
I am purplexuated Simply by the untrue realities Perplexed at how casually we say the phrase "how are you?" And how often we say "I'm fine."
Just sitting here. In a chair. Breathing air. Living. In the ground. 10 feet down. No longer breathing. Dead Switch Skeloten in a chair. Skeloten breathing air.
Life Easygoing. Nurturing. Energetic the Tinkling of a Laugh Music to my Ears   like the Leaves of a tall Pine                       we are green                                 Full of
I can conquer anything -  Any struggle, any strife, All I need to do it is my fingers and my life.   Performing is my passion. Drawing is my dream. I do this each and every day,
The eyes reveal truth, Hate, passion, where the heart fails The eyes prevail.  
 OH My Lord my Lord don’t cry My brothers and sisters do not know any better My Lord of Lords sheds tears, cascading down unto earth.   My Lord, your tears are like the oil that fills my cup of truth
My psychologist says I have mental issues My mother affirms this to be true. Why do you expect me to be normal in a world so very abnormal?   They say that life is what you make it out to be
Human Rights These are rights that are endowed to every human, rights that make us all equals. I cannot live without human rights, taking away these rights takes away my humanity.
Assumptious eye The world is full of conclusions How much is it truth I'm just a detail, within a detail's detail If you saw my mind, would you still be interested in a physique
Over a year of dating you has seemed like 5 or maybe 10   And every day with you I've hoped never ends   For plenty more and plenty more will soon come our way  
1. Sometimes you have to start from nothing 2. I never got to listen to Jimi Hendricks with you 3. We only got as far as Pink Floyd 4. I'm  afraid that I'm no good 5. Beauty is vain 6. I am a gypsy
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
I’m done writing about you. In the spirit of passive-aggressive stares and comments from our mutual friends and constant texts that always say
The unnecessary emotions in our minds and chests leave us bleeding the crimson that our body needs to keep us alive We wait for something that will never come while we lose someone who was never ours
I take leave of my fortress, crossing that curious threshold. I find myself enveloped by a dazzling palette of crimson and saffron: a glorious manifestation of Divine artistry.
I'm not ready to forgive you.I can't forget what you did to me.When you told me no one would believe me, that it was your word against mine.  Whenever someone asked me "Are you okay?" or "How are you?" I always replied with "I'm fine",I wasn't fin
Humans naturally fear the darkBut welcome light,A bright spark,A flameHowever, light often leads to painFor it illuminates our wrongsAnd we are visible and transparentAll our sins apparent
I have decided that happiness is not native to earth. Rather, I believe it to be stolen from some far away place delivered on sun rays, or rather taken from them, and swallowed whole here on earth.
Jehovah God becomes angry when people lie.It isn't always easy to tell the truth but we must try.I've lied to people in the past, sadly that's true.But in the future that's something I'll try not to do.
Once upon a time there was this little girl that was brought into this world   She was like no other One of a kind   Had eyes so innocent
You may strip me to the bone and examine my every part Go ahead and remove my soul While I pray to GOD that I will let go Of all my insecurities And my bad qualities And a broken back that will not stop me.
Ebony Noun A heavy blackish or dark brown timber I am ebony Also known as a jewel You would be considered a fool  If you didn't see me as beautiful Look in the dictionary and
I am wise. I hold the fire of truth in my eyes. I will not let it reach its demise. Because I am wise and I know wisdom more than you. I was a fool. I played in my own happiness
I know that my mother was a desert child. I know that she was a child of the sun. I know that she was loved by the Earth.
The seems of my disguise burst at the seams Of simmering restraint. For, sun-like, beams The shadowed self through artificial means, Resplendent force that must demand be seen. To know myself by peering outside-in
Beauty is never a careful color Its an angry amber, a vibrating violet Courage is never a planned step Its a shaky bridge, a broken ankle Truth is never a smile and a wink Its a broken dream, a sober triumph
Count on your fingers With a blood tipped wing Times that you flew free Times that all people sing   In the moments of peaceHailing our prosperity
Love is a strange thing. It is unique, rare and almost impossible to find.   Yet, once felt, it can overwhelm every part of your body, tingling the veins.   
Truth sat his hand upon my shoulder. Thick pads held firm across strong hands, muscles that would make a body builder sigh. 
Hello? My heart cries out, Lokking for something to call its own. It draws me towards many things- Music, Art, Boys, and Poetry but none of those seem to fill me.  
A life without a reason Is like a songbird without sound And unless I am told plainly How surely I’ll run aground   The sun never rises Seasons never change or go around
The world can be so confusing 
My words are truthful how you take them is on you  You can take it the wrong way and feel some type way Or you can understand what I'm trying to say, take my words into consideration
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound
I wear a mask on the hottest day, in the middle of winter. Everyday. I cannot go without my smiling mask. I bring it with me where ever I go. "Why?", some will ask. To hide a secret within.
  Life is like a weather-man's parade,
We are a classical chaos We dance the dance
Another Student
Excellence That's what we all want To be the alpha dogs To be the best The greatest And sometimes It feels essential Like we need perfection in our lives But the truth is
Nothing could stop me loving you, every waking moment you're all I see.   If i were asked to start anew, you would have to force me.   Not distance nor resistance could keep me far away.
To crash and burn to fall on the goruns to break.   To smell the flowers to listen to music to reflect.   To sing and dance to hide my secrets to cover up.  
Life is but a bivouac make the best of the time you have, because this bivouac is a gift, not a curse.   This is just a temporary encampment before you take your journey
They grow old in fear of growing up. They create idols out of nothing and make lesser of themselves and eachother. They preach selflessness in one ear and out the other. They are hiding from the truth.
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time   He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
    Radiance emitted from beyond this cage, made palpable through a hole tiny in size, seemed to quell my rage fear let assauge, curiosity continuing to rise I set off to
Press 'Play' so that life can begin. Be introduced into into a new world that you have never been. Fast forward to a better time and remind yourself along the way
The group of people sitting close by at my lunch table stare as I close the small zip loc bag titled, "Monday" and ask me what those pills are for.
She traveled for days, in a maze with no direction destined for an escape from depression driven by disaffection By fate she felt a connection They ran until he was cuffed into oppression Later she had a baby on the way
To love me is what I wish from you Right now you've got my mind askew We are inseparable- we are glued So few things I ask for-yet so much I do to prove to you what I know is true  
This is an image of my past as you can see.   I'm not the entire focus.  I'm one of many people.   Taken years ago, you look upon it and it appears to be taken on a regular summer day.  
Here I am staring into reality,
The defying smile of the red flower fades
You own nothing. You go to school... to learn? To understand what you will love to do for.. money Go to work and plan  your future around.. money now.
  The smoke from the tip of my cigarette pencils an abstract art on the air. I remember childhood like it was yesterday, 
Do you ever stop to ask yourself: are you really satisfied? Are you happy with the way that you live this fleeting life? Or maybe, you're like me, and you've come to realize
The Truth About Lies
Diseases are taking overAnd sicknesses have prevailedIn this chemical world of oursMan playing God has failed.And it's not just the pills we takeBut the chemicals in our stuff
        Why is life so complicated        with people playing hearts        for diamonds and digging        gold with spades willing to        club others for their gain?
You can be stoic or Mesozoic,Euphoric or prehistoric,A philosophic sage orA hot tropic age yetThe fossils of your past,In the striations of your heart,Unveil the truth at last—
In the darkness you can see not a soul see not a soul but your own so there you are alone with familiar stranger feeling like you're in danger surrounded by who knows what the mystery weighs way too much
When I look in the mirror I don’t see the same little girl that ran around my mother’s busy office
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
I wonder when it will be easier to place the letters together. To form the letters into words, and the words into sentences,
    What goes up, Must come down. So will my smile,
Everything nice comes at a price So that’s why always gamble with dice hoping to rise Poverty holding us back ….suffocating us…. air tight Every single force we mobilise in pursuit of emancipation
I went to school, I did my work.I tried and I learned everything I was supposed to.Now, here I am, in the real world.I'll be the first to tell you, I have no idea what to do.
F**k Your Marriage   I utterly despise seeing statistics about marriage How dare you tell me my love isn't as sweet as A horse drawn carriage on a summer night As the sky opens up in an attempt to compete
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
We men have painted in blood a small, disproportionate portrait of our God.   Predestination of life and damnation, One trail but two gates for the will-less cattle, and Segregation by herds
I used to wish upon the stars, In hopes one day, It would free me, But as I grew older, so did my dismissal Of hope. As a child, all I wanted was love, All I wanted was to belong. But low and behold, I'm not good enough.
Incarcerated within my own thoughts
I belong to the circus, a dynamic family where our tent is loud and full of light.   Jay is the clown, putting others first with earnest eyes and bizarre antics
Our clan is crumbling behind closed doors sealed with pride and locked by sorrow, seen by all yet known by none.   The walls are glass but windows opaque reflect suspicion
Am I a Man Am I honest Am I emotional Am I young Am I human Am I alone Am I free Am I home Am I wise Am I ready Am I loving Am I suporting Am I helpful
"Be honest," they said, so honest I was. Honest as nobody ever was. Blunt as the barrier between water and oil, I told them the truth without recoil.   The truth of our cohorts, sad but true
Where am I from? You ask. I am from the country Yes the one down east Yes the one along the equator, And yes the one contemporarily smothered in ashes And drained in blood Soaked in blood
10:56pm Someone tell me why im having a mental breakdown. its 10:56 and im numb. not too long ago i got my phone taken away,  and just let me something about that.  
Who am I? Am I here for a purpose, do I have a duty? Living among 7 billion, in a universe of beauty? Am I a walking clump of cells waiting to go back to the ground?
Hell, to me, is monotony. A never-ending rigorous schedule with no end in sight.   Hell is never living up to ridiculously high expectations. Hell is your best never being
I'm one of kind 
If you know me by my presence, You know me by my appearance. If you know me by appearance, You probably don't know about my absence. If you know me by my absence, You don't know my reason.
Fearing the Future
  Caricature they remain for they haven’t purity. Streaked thoroughly with grime and mud A downcast shadow shall remain their possession. No one respects those that do not follow in line
Tell me something Not an empty something Tell me the truth Don't tell me to just smile Or hide it all inside Cause those things aren't working I've got no one by my side.
The Walls are Crying
A man he lay in a pool of blood his dreams and goals all shattered just because of his color, skin color his life was taken by six shots.   His family mourned for days and months
I have seen the moon How many times have I seen the moon? One hundred? One thousand?
they looking at me like he never gonna make it gave me a barrier I'm destined to break it I'll take it give me the good with the bad i had worse they say he not all the way there well at first
I am a liar and I lie to myself everyday Wake up every morning, telling myself that it’s just another day But I already know what kind of day it is I’ll be just like every yesterday that I hated
Look at me deep in my eyes, until you feel the depth of my soul. Til you see the transparency of my heart, and you discover the -me, untold. The part of me that I once had to hide. So ashamed of those secrets and sins,
They say I have big eyes So I can see truth through your lies They say I have big lips So I can speak my mind
Without filters I fear for my mind  and the tricks it plays on itself all the time Without filters in which I see the world My eyes would see opportunity everywhere and not just the beaches,
Roses are red Violets are blue My name is Nick But for some odd reason Some call me Nickypoo  
Authentic, Loving, True, Or Bold, I watch life go by as I turn old, I love the world around me, I love the people near, to my heart... Hate, Screaming, Confused,
Reality has no filter
I feel like a kid whose lost in his mind an adult body
Im like a toddler in the driver's seat I thought the freeway looked promising it didnt seem difficult from what I seen too much time alone in the other seat knowledge is nothing without experience
Life without filters is beautiful,
Oh, she is bent on this fading belief
And so the hairy fat ape raped the  puppet slut-whore hybrid til it fell limp down the stairs of its sullen gaze amidst the crowing shit-bird winding a tourniquet casually about it's wing, facing the corner,
The first crack is the worst, 
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
The Soul  
Without a mask who can I possibly be? Well I am me and that is very plain to see Seeing as I don't really have a mask There is not that much left that I need to reveal From my perspective I am simply me
I put my feet to the street I've never felt a heat,like this,my souls(soles) melt with each step I take,I wanna make a break, and run for it,like Run Forest!but
  Sometimes I hold my head in my hands and sink into the sheets teeth in a soft lip turned chapped too much pushing on me from all sides from nowhere
They say it's best to read your bible and that it's best to have a title,don't worship false idols, who's to choose, well at the top of the list is,"if it's at all tribal" it shouldn't exist,
Uncomfortable in that chairbut still no one seems to careI'm out here full of fearI'm bout ready to tearI know the truth is out therebut I just don't where
Me As I pose for that picture
Paths.Straight or sturdyCurved or dirty
There I saw the world
I grew up and down in an unstable wonderland.   Pale arms outreach to touch the moon, but my feet and soul root me to where I stand.   Surrounded by unconventional and unusual beauty.
              "Better Mistakes" Learn from your mistakes and teach a Prince to be a King.We got to teach the young ones to dream big as one's esteem.
She is a young girlRosacea gives it awayFull of life, energy, and strong beliefsShe has a different way of looking at the worldNot to judge but to exploreShe wonders how others will look at her
Someone just recently told me that  they have an ability....
Your determination and commitment is your life, How far are you willing to go, willing to fight? Commit to your husband or wife, stand by their side for life, Commit to school and follow the rules,
I am the daughter of a mother who has an uncurable diease no life long numbing agent that could soothe and heal it. It left a faded scar as a badge of honor.... It's. No. Breeze.
Dream Big and Dream Small Dont let the Failures Fall Step High and Step Low Choose the Right Path to go Succeed Now and Succeed Later Succeed when you Make Friends with Haters Live Now and Live Then
Neither Here                          nor There                    but somewhere inbetween   CHINESE                                             AMERICAN                   that's the life i lead  
Before the night During the day We all hide In several ways Hair in face is my way With no filter on I have many flaws face like sand and nose so tall
I like quoting movies- A lot. I sometimes forget that the world Isn’t privy to my inner dialogue; If the world could hear my thoughts, it would get lost, buried,
With no filter, my face is pretty average, My voice and hair are nothing to salvage. I’m quiet and shy when around the unknown, My soul and color and pride aren’t shown. When I’m near the ones I care for most,
I have flawless ambition. I want more than I know how to approach As a result I never fall short of achieving at least something
What are humans Without screens To hide the pain The scars The truth
Premature. Fight on. Mom died. Fight, fight on. Cancer consumes sister. Fight on, Fight on. Solace through my music.  Play on. Fight on. Play. Sister emerges victorious.
I've gone through adequate measures to beat the monster that resides within me This thing lay secreted beneath the surface of my skin Readying to rupture out at any which moment
Painted smile, feeling vileregretting the time gone
I cry because of the memories Both that were and will never be   I laugh because I keep on sailing Even though I know I’m lost at sea
The real me isnt pictures you see online Or even sometimes outside. The real me is deep down  Wondering if its okay to be herself or hide. The real me isnt a staright A student But doesnt mean Im not smart.
If you take away the filter The hashtags, the signs I’m left bereft of options And put simply, there am I   Half-hidden in the sun But avoiding the glare You take my picture neck up
You wake up today Ready to fade away.
What really makes a man a man? Is it the guy who can make a dream a reality? The brother that can make a fantasy his destiny? Or the gentleman who attends meetings dressed fancily.
I'm lazy. I'm 19 years old and I have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, write, but I'm lazy. I noticed I only come alive when performing or at parties and it's starting to bother me.
As a kid I danced on the livingroom carpet. The beat filled me inside and made me feel alive. The frenzy growing and hungry and ready to explode in a rhythmic symphony of movement.
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color.
I won't turn my back, after being your friend And drive your name into the ground I won't abandon you when you need me Because you can be tough to deal with I notice I am different, in this aspect that is
The voices in my head Laughs and stalks Mocking their way to my heart   My heart has a door The key Jesus He is who opens and locks.   The voices in my head Laughed and stalked
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
You are not invisible not in any way, shape, or form. I know you see things differently. you dont have a "set in stone" way of thinking. You think of evrything, possibly, too often.
Shes afraid of originality, so she doesnt speak her mind. 
We all close our eyes, but hers are closed, permanently We sing of colors, shapes, and sizes; she tries to understand We are stunned by the array of lights; she doesn't get excited
Beauty can not be defined as a physical feature ,But CAN be defined as a ...
From today until tomorrow, years later to forever I want to make an impact that would change the world There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it
Praying to my god Testimony say im saved, police got me under heat, youngins screaming what you claim, you know the street, its anger pumping through my viens,
Tears always seem to threaten me,
I am my paintings Speaking from the walls Tall and strong I am more than my traveling lauhter echoing from hall to hall My earth rich skin With an abudance of melanin
You know my name and claim to know my soul, That wickedness shows plainly in the face, Yet wicked parts do not comprise a whole. There’re secrets hidden in the empty space. Is it indeed the contents of a heart,
Without filters  I can fly While filtered, I was caged up like a dove ... In Noah's Ark Through the filter ... No one could see me waiting I was going crazy My anticipation always waiting 
"I'm going to swing from the chandelier"
I feel that I should write but I don't know what to say I'm not sure how I feel on this glorious day On one hand, it's good to be alive Then again, I can't seem to make up my mind  
Masks; not the ones worn on the night of fright, But the masks which portray false personality And refuse to uncover our faces to light. Such denial in agreement to a task 
A 17 year old child applying for college, built for success, wisdom, and knowledge. A plethora of information has been deposited into him, But due to his black skin many have trained him on a whim.
My eyes are REALLY big Windows to my soul They speak, they yell
i’m sad sunshine body sunlight veins the sun it’s a new day but not a fresh start and i shouldn’t be sad
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
Everyone tells me how beautiful I am, and yet I don't see none of it.   All I see is a hopeful girl holding on to false promises and dreams.   They gather around a
                                                   Perfect-Lies Defect-Truth   Equality-Respect Democracy-Discourteous   Loyalty-Honor-Honesty Different-Waive  
My about face to you, the world, is a shot at Lexington's field for need, out of want. Hidden 'neath the face of a redcoat, my bluff, is my revolution'ry, my Yankee blue cuff.
Who am I Behind the filter of a picture I am a man with very much to remember I have a story that is not yet over Black man living past 18 is the luck of a 4 leaf clover The story that is not told
My God is a protector, 
We appear as our best We try to out do the rest
Mirror, mirror On the wall.
Fisad now broken, Not a lie to others, but to self. WhoWhatWhy Am I?
I’m not one who has an alter ego,a lie people create when they’re feeling shallow,an ideal to covet and try to uphold,when in reality they are much less bold.  
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
So me with no filter... Me with no mask... No biting my tongue No holding back If my words had no filter It might be sappy to say But my words would be romantic
The self is but the chalice for wisdom. As I am but the chalice for the sea. My truest self? What form is true. Eyes may see what shadows give away but looking into the light, all are blind. Cloaks to bind and keep hearts to ground.
"Write about a trouble in your life," they say- but in no way      can I relay        the way that I got laid
"America, the beautiful," you once were said to be.
There’s a woman there, I can see her. She stands out to me, it’s her eyes. Something about the way she’s staring back at me grabs me.
I speak from my heart as well wearing it. My sleeves too short, my guards not so high, this heart of mine can't hide. The world looks differen't through the eyes of a butterfly.
Nothing EPIC to write about, clean and sober. Wondering just how much longer until this hell is over. No visions of riches no dreams of fame, no delusions of grandger and nothings the same. The pounds I put on are supposed to be healthy.
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
                                                Husky throats,
I. As I ambled, disconnected from the intricate outlet From the shielded. I pondered into the immense depths of the collosal evergreens Sunlight, a barely gleaming ray seeping  Seeping an exhaustive picture
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Will I ever be a
the girl they see quiet, shy, sweet, strong, the girl I am. loud, outgoing, smart, deep, I am both girls unfiltered. and im completely happy,
Corrosive stares deteriorate the fragile filter my fears create. This pseudo sense of normality, is a dam for my creative profligacy.   Beneath this exoskeleton of perfection
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
You flawed up, they’d say You a mess up, they shout Hair a mess, tears were more, they were cruel They couldn’t care less how I was hurting to the core, they were cruel.
Insercurities seem to control us, drive us to do strange things. Plastic surgery, aneorxia, 
How does it feel to be trapped behind a screen? In a world without dimension where perception is key. We iron our hair and puff out our lips in hopes that they don’t see What’s real?
Shy is the Strong Mind Forced into the Unkown World Yet Eager to Thrive
You thought you knew my name But all that time all you saw an image Looking down and up "Yo!!! mame..."   Don't insult me I thought why don't you be like them gentlemen... I can't stand you!!!
Its a feeling not a knowing. Curiosity and randomness lead me to you. I feel so blue. We are so clueless. Where to begin and where to end.
A metamorphosis   Image. Your looming shadow hunched stature
Through an Instagram lens its often hard to see the bigger picture Every post is worth a thousand words And some of them are meant to injure
Everyone is asking who I want to be. No one is seeing that I'm already me. I'm tired of putting up with all the bullshit and lies.  I'm tired of people trying to change me with their cries. 
BreakawayThis illusion I've seen in my expressionless faceMirrored hate at a being that doesn't have words, and never existed outside cruel minds that ought to have been left behind
Where did what's right and what's beautiful become so intertwined? When did I becomed defined only by my jaw line? Why does #MasterCleanse and #LookingThin appear more than  #Eating and #LetLoose?
My skin is the skin that God put me in on the day that was the day of the 17th in the month of November the year being the one-thousand nine-hundred nintey-seventh year Anno Domini....
I am everything I could ever ask When time flits away my inner beauty thrives Guiding me to the infinite fountains
Hostile   Everyone will agree     That is what I am.
So who is the man in the mirror? The real one- you know? The one behind the filter hidden away, disquised because no matter how hard he tries... There is something different--
Truth   Truth: You make me laugh Truth: You make me cry Truth: You are smart Truth: You are loveable Truth: You are honest Truth: You are doing better Truth: You are ugly
Sight, too me Is one of the most important senses I'ts what gives all our other senses a subject Those blind men Are some i feel truly sorry for Literal blind men...
Hidden behind the screen
Sometimes, my teeth seem slightly rotten with a honey residue considering, weekends I forget to brush, Or how my hair waves in this condescending way when I clinch my fist together.
I am Broken.
Every aspect of my life has Always been a splintered crack between myself and who I wanted to portray.  It wasn't my fault.  I just wasn't good enough.  I was not satisfied with who I was,
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
I stand at the horizons of other men,
I have two faces but I only show one No one knows my true face, none All you can see is my mask Nobody even cares to ask Who cares?   My real face shows my trepidation
  I was handed a mask at a very young age. Society offered, and like the rest I took the bait.
Decorating her mind with the things she loved. It was her room, her sanctuary; where she hid her trust Its corner consistently gathering its dust  
Everyone has a flaw That makes them unique Every mistake Wish could retake A teacher we hate That laughs at our fate   He father of lies Larks at our lives When suffer we
I stand and I spin, No, I don't spin, I only stand; Glimpses of joy tease- then dance away Spinning, whirling, leaving me behind. I can't get off, I can only wait. Wait and hope it will all end.
I step onto the stage ready to entertain, but people do not know Behind the curtain I left my shame. Fantasies are what they are seeing. What draws you into hell? Why do they bother hearing
    The real me that is the question
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
  It’s all right to take a breather sometimes
I tried so hard So hard to just show who I am But  It scared me  Because I felt like no one would like who I am I just wanted to be free So free that I wouldn't care what other people thought
While your young, your told to live a certian way People teach you how to talk, what to say Everyone looks, judgement in there eyes. People talk, but all you hear are lies. Noone can tell you who you are,
A facade I hide behindBehind a happy personIs a voice wish to speakA way for to let it outIs through a writing verse
It's true, but you don't believe it. The truth is right in front of you.   How do you not acknowldege it?   It's right under your nose, just sniff.   I blatantly speak,
Wake up. (speaker 1) Wake up. (speaker 2 ) Wake up! (speaker 3)   And listen to the world around you. (sp.1) We're in a revolution, (sp.2)
To many emotions to count lost to mangled words and a twisted mouth. Butchered by hate, murdered by fear. Kept hidden by masks worn every day to keep the rest of the world away.  
This world is so full of hate, so full of pain. People starve and go hungry, People war and die,
It is 1:08am and there is an empty feeling in my gut where the butterflies used to be. You see, the sad fact of falling in love is that to every love, there is a heartbreak.
We have all been stopped We have all felt What is thought to be This feeling called loved The has invaded us And stopped us in out tracks That has stopped us from all Stopped us from seeing 
La mia fiducia che tu trovi Già era andata quando domandasti Svanita, perché la nascosi   "Quale c'è per nascondere?" Non hai guadagnata delle amicizie Fino a che tu mi abbia conosciuto bene.  
I'm the girl that got bullied by her looks and personality
It's easy to choose the broad path that everyone follows.
Do or die, fail or try;either way, you don’t have a choiceunless you want to live life with a voicesilenced by others who would rather live in fearthan open up their minds and hearts to hear
I feel like I can't runaway anymore. I've been running too long. Searching high, hiding low...
sometimes  we turn a blind eye to the facts sometimes we are lost in our rage by past acts sometimes  we get caught in the "movement" sometimes we actually believe we are making an improvement
We Are Anonymous Like the Mosquito that comes to bite you and you kill it. Now she is a forgotten entanglement of red and black. But you are still scratching the bitemark.
"I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then ask myself the same question."
The girl you never acknowledge in the halls. The girl you always bump into but never apologize to. The girl who eats lunch in her fifth period class when her friends aren’t at school.
                                         Pussy   Men sometimes put no value to sex and the sacred decision a woman might hold dear for the reason to
My tongue is rolling, twiriling and clicking.  My lips are pressing against tongue and cheek.  My throat erupts in a sound uncertain. Trying to conjure words of language whose dialect has been long lost. 
A little bit here, A little bit there. It carries itself Freey, proudly Smiles and laughs, Helps it grow, Let's it bloom. Turning into something, More beautiful;
Behind these eyes shows who I really am What you have seen , is just a mask I look so brave with fire in my eyes But in my heart there is a surprise I seem strong and always happy
Love is a beautiful thing,
We live in a world where we accept lies and deny truths A Female accepts  lying she ends up crying  her soul is dying  letting the pain stay 
There once were cows who left th
I've reached the point where I just want to sleep Let me hear a melody and just close my eyes and sleep.
The rain pours down,
No one cares  about your hair.   No one worries
We are blinded by lies by what we wanna see because when you open your eyes its nothing but chaos corrupting around you so you close them tight hope and pray throughout the night
I stumble across beauty I smile only if you could see the world through my eyes you could   see just allow me express truth an artistic slueth   shall not forget not
If I should impact the future generation, She will call me “Miyagi,” because that way she knows she has to try, no matter how hard, before she can look to me for help and the help won’t be easy.  
  Life employs a different meaning to each individual Is this awakened state of being existence? Or rather the opposite… Are we really living in an illusion, fooled by the conscious mind?
That's why I do it. When I'm alone you don't know In the dark you can't see. Just turn the light on and you will see a new me.   I desire to be liked
Always been blessed so I can't figure what's wrong with me,
Shyness plagues my fate everyday
To my audience who never gets to see To the me who doesn't want to be Behind the curtains, behind the scenes To put on a show I know exactly the right words to say when to say it how to say it
Way Back when I was never thin But the desire to be in- The in crowd Grew out of control I was never myself I was never Pres in the public eye I was always who they pictured me to be
Black and yellow spots
I wake up swearing I have to do better soon. My waistline suffers abuse, but I always plan to do better, tommorow . I choose to waste days away in front of a favorite channel.
I rap like a rapper I Po et like a poet My mind is abstract But who really knows it   If I am a box A square full of roses Concealed to the world Who really knows it?  
Had I a thousand mouthes, a thousand tongues,  to speak endless streams of honeyed- or bitter- words to your heart, I would. Oh, I would! So, perchance (no matter how meek that chance), you will hear them and be inspired.
Nothing I do can stop it Nothing I look in the mirror I smile I see what everyone else sees But the mirror lies Beneath it all That's where the demons lurk
Help me I'm caught in this thing Called life They tell you to live, but they Mean die They tell you to love, but they Mean lose
weird thing about astrology signs is that some people say they don't matter
What is truth? Blaine is a pain; that is the truth Riddles are survival The world crashes down Down Down And that is the truth.   Worlds in between worlds
Blood drips from my pen 
Who can you tell Who can you trust In a world full of emptiness and lust Will they ever love you Will they ever understand Coming from a world with no helping hand How can they see
When the darkness takes over   He was my hero He was my life The one that saved me every night. The light to my soul The beat to my heart Was how I felt before we fell apart.
Living li
When you look at me,  you see what I want you to see.  I show you more than I show the others,  with them I hide behind the shutters of my eyes.  You see me through the rain,  you see through my pain. 
God I wish you'd stop by and say hi. So that we can talk about life. And answer all the reasons why. Like why do we have to die. Or why do we have to cry And why do we have to lie
Take them off! Take them off! Show us who you really are! Let us see Thy true face Thy true fears And thy true hates   There's a nod from a performer A smirk from a magician
You may never know, why I am the way I am or why I am so quiet at times, or maybe why I get angry so sudden and you may never know why I am so rude
It seems sometimes, with this seperation of body from soul That we can all become blind, invisioning the staircase in the tunnel to our goal It seems sometimes, that we are all alone when we focus on ourselves
Can we ever be happy and satisfied? The answer is no. -profound poetry
What do I do When life turns me Upside down and inside out?   What do I do When she tries to dig out My deepest shades of grey and black?   The tests of Life Seem too brutal
"How was your day?" "Okay." Because "okay" is Less of a lie Than "Good" or even "Fine." O K A Y. Each letter is thick, Another layer between Me and the world.
We are nothing more than people. We are masses with voices. Some cry silently and shed not a single tear; Some are bleeding from their throats, but all are desperately wishing. We all desperately need.
Was I not there? Did I not see the signs? maybe I didn't tell you I loved you enough maybe I didn't tell you I cared about you enough I remember the way your eyes lit up when they saw mine
Remember not everything you see is what truly was. Remember not everything you hear is what occured. Remember not everything that someone else has, Is the truth of reality.  
Didn't think I'd feel pain like this again. And I know it's happening 'Cause everyone's congratulating  the pain that I can put to song.   Was it worth it?  I don't know,  Wanted so hard
I like to think I'm strong I used to be smart  I used to think I had some feelings bottled in this heart. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women?
What do you see inside? This pretty face, a painted disguise
Saw you again today. Made me insecure because I didn't know which I wanted to do more;
Liberal. The word liberal It means to have an abundance of Anything physical, mental, emotional, and the literal
Broken people, broken things, Shine and glitter in the light. The greatest miracles to be seen, Is what God can accomplish with the broken by His might.   For from great sorrow can come repentance,
Riddling lines of pointless shriftIs rare and deadly Trojan giftWhich cleaves the sense and spawns distressOffensive in its ugliness. 
Snap ! Zoom, get centered more, then delete. Twenty to fifity shoots until we get the one that is unique. Taking photos for others to critique.
This cloak that drapes off my shoulders, It hides the truth that lies beneath. A power and strength that could move boulders, Is the same that tied an anchor around my feet. I have a mask that hides the true me,
How difficult is it to simply be ourselves? At a young age we're all taught that who we are isn't enough- Not tall enough, they say. Not pretty enough, they say. Not smart enough, they say.
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
My moms sent me an email and said read it and do what I do best which is telling the truth.   See I’m only 20 and I love to spit the truth because I make people think about something that they thought they already knew.  
Stopped in front of the old dirt road.  I usually do what I'm told. And that night the warmth felt so damn cold. I was feeling young but too old, anticipating the trouble I'd watch unfold.
I'm looking in on a life that's not mine Its not even a nine You got me jealous Acting all over zealous You're far from perfect as can be seen by your life
Vision granted taken for granted  or sometimes slanted   vision it's what is perceived    vision one cannot give it to me   vision the blind can "see"
I always hear the words from men and women, they say to me that i'm not who they thought I'd be, should this offend me or should I just let it be, let them believe that I can be who they see of me,
The happiness dims down His number is like a roller coaster My heart beating out of my chest The sight of him walk and helpless
Hypnotic  Simply  platonic in his admiration With an affection one could only mistake for love  But no.  It is not. 
I am not a poet. I only wrote and read poetry in my English classes. It is beautiful, no doubt, To express your words through writing,
It’s a love/hate thingThat I wish I could stop.It’s a Cinderella dreamThat I wish I could swap
      as I lay Prints, forward; the distance   as I drift, lone wolf,
There is a mess, a clutter, a crowd that she found, A thing that we run from that follows her  around. A climax, a friction, a trick that she believed- A gift that she thought that she had received.
Hey, did you see that girl today? You know the one I’m talking about. What was she wearing this time? Did she try to talk to you?  
I want to see you, you say. And so you see me through the sage green stitches of my grandmother's crocheted yarn, And so you see me Lying above the cherry-cola leather sofa. And so you see me,
Everyday there are obstacles in my path So many in fact, it's hard to do the math!
   My heaven awaits for me in the infinite skies.  There I can soar where ever, there I can jump from cloud to cloud, and there I can free fall without worries of ever touching the ground.  That is my imaginable heaven.
  At some point in your life you think, who am I? Why am I here?  Who have I become?   You start to realize how miserable you are.   You start to feel alone and empty inside.   Will it get better?   You think.
What makes me tick is nothing you can see Nothing you can grasp Because its inside of me That negative bug It lives in my brain You can't hear it But it drives me insane
When the world goes dry and the day grows coldyou can't turn to someone to open up your soulLike its when you crythe time flies by
People tell you to speak your mind, but not to be rude. They do not want to hear lies, but say they want the truth. Honesty comes off as being rude, the truth comes off as being too blunt.
I know your dirty secret Is locked in a box Or a closet perhaps, I hope no one knocks.   It's buried so deep, But still it reeks. So awful and horrible,
Time progresses faster when we didn't notice Our legacies we being born but we swear we're focused Letting bills engulf our hearts like sticks and stones Call it World War 4 because World War 3 started when we were alone
To be calm and collected,In the face of life itself,Actual fire balm and infected,Awarness of an elf,To not care of problems that get shot point blank,Willing to make the tenacious decisions,
Vivid imagery flutters my corrupted mind,I close my eyes and fall fast asleep to indulge in this tease,I see what I wish would happen while I was awake,
Friend   Grim figure beside My Death Bed   I don't fear you, come closer Why fear the inevitable? Why fear the fate of every living thing?   I knew my time
What ticks me off....society don't you see.
An exhausted mother gently lifted her child out of his crib and cradled her small baby boy with periwinkle eyes that fluttered like butterfly wings.
So they say it's over, it's in the past, but I in contrast say "No". No.   The King stood in 1968, but he was shot, shot down. And as he fell, we rose, we rose.
Lies are action books Misplaced on dusty shelves Among nonfiction.
Our heart is tainted and our values are infected. We are fools to believe what we see with our eyes. It doesnt reflect how an indiviual's heart lyes.
I don’t want kids. The Smiles that are oblivious to pain, The Laughter that can break the most awkward of silences, The Unconditional love in their sleepy eyes as you rock them to sleep grateful to be close to you.
This Moment -Angela M Coen   This moment we live in
I think suicidal people are just angels that want to go home.  
Regret and Anger tries to take hold. Pain and Sorrow leaves me cold. I feel it deep within, a storm breaking thru, trying to take control, of how I hate you. A heart you were given
Slam. I hear the sound of the door closing, turn to see the car driving away, and with it, everything i've ever known in life. Comfort, gone. Security, gone.
there are demons in her brain eating away gnawing and chewing and crunching telling her she's nothing breaking her down piece by
Spring We melded like 
fine wine and
 flushed kisses.

How much  glorification, can one
 person endure
 before becoming
 the person everyone
 wants them to be, instead of the person
From time to time i like to just lay
This is not the world I imagined growing up I was told humans had peace Those same humans are in pieces I was told there would be no hunger Yet famine has to be a word I was told we would rid disease
Infused upon my membrane is where you can find her. Meeting each other was designed, no.
If you really knew me, you would know I suffer from depression. A misdiagnosed type of new vision. Seeing reality as it was always meant to be. Seeing the actuality of the false viatlity of the world.
The Making of a Leader A leader.....who is leader? Many are they in sight, Many that I see, But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems But for her deficiences.
Anything to get my money they did, I guess telling the truth is forbid, This place was clean the last time I was here, Now I look around and say “Oh dear,” I thought there was 60% diversity in this place,
I like to scream I like to shout I like to faithfully cast those negative thoughts out I think big I imagine wild I'll go the distance for my travel crave mile-to-mile But once indroduced to another mind
Things my parents said when I was in kindergarten: “Just be yourself and you’ll make friends.”
You can love me. You can hate me. It doesn't matter what you think of me, becuause I am me. You will not change me,. I am bold, bright, a star amoungst stars.
Why is it that I dream under this black sky again Why do i feel as though i cannot see My heart aches  But i still dont know  What to say to you I close my eyes again Today i must say it
How small it seems, now I've seen far more Than I had ever seen before in memory How insignificant such moments, such feelings, After witnessing such passion How helpless it seems,
They say first love is the strongest, But after all I've seen I still cannot believe young love Is the real, genuine thing.   Couples hiding in corners Or sitting in the park,
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
Look at the small tangible Person in your arms. So unique. So different. Soften as she warms. Yet her heart cold as ice Thunders as it storms. Never to break the habbit Of causing herself harm.
Live in the present not in the past, don't be concerned with the things that you never had.
The thing that gets me confused is when i see us being used Not from our counterparts but from the things we do Never good but bad it seems we strive for nothing far But rather just for the most veiws on WorldStar
The old and the brokenAre out-spoken though never heardNo one sees they're out-goin'When they're un-brokenAre they old and broken?Or are they young and miss-spoken?
Im done with youFed up with the pain you put me throughBlood continues to pour from the stabs in my backFeelings worn on my arm, as if it were a tat
This is my secret I have not told. This is my secret I don't wish to hold. This is my secret, it will ruin my rep. This is my secret and my very first step. This is my secret
Verse 1 Only: Sleepin while we're walkin but now we ain't stoppin/ Culture be always changing but God stays solid/ People be croppin the picture they dissolvin/ Forget about absolute we want our own option/
Wake up, everyone! Don’t you know? Till the ground for harvest Disrupting the unfruitful flow   It’s just how it is That’s not an excuse To let people settle
When one dies, does their soul silently disperse from their empty socket called the body? Does one go to hell judging by their sins where they will spend eternity rotting in hell?
Let's just sit down while we can. Enjoy the time that we have. Lay back on the grass. Just breathe and relax. Life's tuff but we make it. So just sit down for awhile. Kick back and just smile.
What makes me tick? If you've got a moment go ahead and sit, I won't be long, I'll make it quick. The things in life worth living for are simple for me to admit.  
A child so happy Smiling everyday Lot amount of friends
There is a painter Was born in the first day of the last month in 96. She left a home to make many homes. Her job is to draw Draw an autobiography picture.   She is  poor .
Her legs shake as her hands sweat Looking at all she have left She pick up the needle and slap her arm so her vain show She induce the substance as she start to feel low She lean back and try to train her thought
Roses are red Violets are blue
It happened in the dead of night, Watching TV in the quiet. Out of nowhere the phone starts ringing, She hears her mother in a riot.  
People Are Dying People Are Gaining Power And Its All Ignored
Dis not no fury tail I ain't live no perfeck life I start'd drinkin wen I wuz 8 Mi moms was drunk and gave me da wrong cup I lik'd the warmnis it gav me since we ain't had no heet
Where to begin, On this mystery within,   Pondering brought great knowledge, Believing brought great hope,   But both held no meaning beyond the parametrical scope.  
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
The world says that there is no absolute 
If I ever was to die
I have spent years waiting Waiting to smile Waiting to laugh I have spent years waiting Sometimes I try to speak I try to express myself But no one hears No one answers I am hurting
You hide yourself from everyone else Because there's a monster inside. He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.
Hard to sleep in my city 
By the light of day an angel was born The heavens cried,Amen!
The world is full of lies and deception It is like the truth is out of our perception I try to see past it, looking beyond, into the horizon of truth Every time I speak up, no one ever listens
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
Ugh for real? This bus smells like eel... Adolescents sit in the seats chewing gum while listening to their beats.   This place is so ratchet, I want to chop down the, "Swag Tree," with a hatchet.
Beautiful Princess   There was once a night, That darkness came to light, And only beauty was in sight.   A pure beauty was found, Her looks so profound, Yet her life turned around,
Woke up this morning the sky was clear I was thinking about my whole high school career
I told myself when I writeeverything
let me tell you our story well, I don’t know your story but I know mine and I want to tell you why I ran away     i know it’s been a year
It made my stomach wretch to see you together Your ravished lips pressed against her Lungs pining for her siren's breath Fingers stroking her paper skin, like a beggar
Listen carefully as the sand stirs still in a barren land of thoughts and dreams. How quietly the wind does sing; how distant beingness seems.   And there, but one, stand you alone,
Beauty is the beast, while Beast is the Beauty.Being Ugly is not perfect, but it is part of Maturity. Love is Hatred, while hatred is love. If noone loved themselves then noone would love.
The wind dances through my bones like chimes,
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
Society, is it purely what we seeit is the reason my father left mewent to prison, and remarried
The follow
Stream of consciousness. A fill of void and mess.  Generalizing my distress in a field in which I won't digress. Yes, we are all in this world together.
She's got rock star style with that beauty queen flare. She has my full attention with just the flip of her hair. She's got a lot of class, I can't even deny.
FUCK! .....Manipulation...
I’m afraid of myself I’m afraid that I will never succeed I’m afraid that my parents will be disappointed in my decisions I’m afraid that the world will not accept me for who I am  
I've learned many things In the eighteen years of my life, Many of them being rather disconcerting. Perhaps to you, But not so much to me.
We all have a voice inside us That wants to be heard To scream above the mountain tops Our greatest dreams and fears To express oneself for all to hear Would be a dream come true
Look above me and you will find An unfinished song forgotten over time The notes are perfect in my heart they will collide
" It's my pain, it's my power. Pens flows and the words shower. My lyrics represent time, poems are my hours. Pages are my hourglass, excellence is what I am for, greatness is my current path.
How can this be the land of the free It seems more like the land of the slaves Suggestive thinking rearranging our views controlling us were nothing but sheep to them
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
I must defeat this horrible pain because in my heart it is a stain I despise this whole it gets wider and wider my veins spring out, like the legs of a spider it sucks in all the truth in my heart 
Give appra
Through high and low Through chaos and darkness Through the depths below and when you've tried your hardest   Be still and know   All the days seem long And the hurt runs deep
If Winter only taught me one thing, it would be how to not respond when life calls for me.  Winter told me to ignore it, when my best friend called and pleaded for my involvement 
My reason for writing is not just because I can, but rather it's who I am Poetry is more than just an art of flowing words together melodically But it is my therapy
The freedom from lies,
Locked and trapped,
As I sit in my darken room, looking up at a familiar shade of grey above, My views smeared of what it means to be truthful, is it betrayal or is it honesty. Are the things we see a relfection of mans' love,
So tired of playing the same sick games Running around in circles playing whose to blame We fight we fight you’re mad you go date around Then when you aint happy Im left to be found
Every night I dream of that day, The day you’ll take me away, Grab my hand and pull me under, Or maybe even grab the blade and watch me suffer. But I know it’s going to happen, There’s no running from fate.
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
They look at me.                                                                                                                                       Judging me .                                                                                   
I want everyone to be who they are not whats cool in the streets because everybody has talents that the world should see. But whats cool in the streets will take away your peace make you think you have to put up a front to be excepted or seen.
Flew the nest? Nah,  I was nudged out by a rough wing Lucky the air currents caught me But where they took me Is not where I want to be   $7.25 an hour 
Through the hard times and the good, I will always be by your side.
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
Change, to make something different, transform, or convert, making a difference in lives, or committing to work, for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,
A world with and without you The perfect hue of your eye color
There is a hill behind my house that changes With every season, it transforms and makes me
Seldom do I think your not powerfulA servant of JoyA peace initiation for the Indians of SenecaA LoveA FireA beautiful path in the light of foreverA reminder of effortless serenityPush me down
I lived in StarlandWith all the fellow saviors and saintschoosing patiently to divide the grate and canisterbarren fellows without knowledge or understandingI was flying intrinsically away from the cauldron of desire
Who is society to distinguish what is right and wrong? Is it size, weight, appearance, or personality that defines us? We judge, we look, we quickly decide within the first ten seconds who that person is.
My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown.
The truth is That I loved you more. More than the grass loves the dew I love you more I love you.   The truth is That I miss you More than the sun misses the flower
We as human beings face troubles. Troubles that were caused by our society. Our sociey puts negative subjects intentionally, and allows US to become influenced by them .
The only thing she's held accountable for  is the heart she's mended
It makes me wonder why the governnment shut down is grave when the government shuts us down everyday. Because I see children with mismatched shoes and dirty faces with mothers who have been to even worse places.
are we the glistening flakes of snow that fall between trees? the sum of every analogy could not describe what I believe; what being human means to me. and if my god is out there,
As the rain falls, it cries 
12:00 ,  March 19, 2014   Today is my birthday. And even though the feeling of one more year was liberating, I couldn’t help but notice
"Excuse me miss, can I help you?" Have you heard this recently? It seems as if people can never talk decently. Is politeness something we are born with or taught?
To walk into a room, the walls adorned with art, poets words  are begging to fall into papers below.     This is what I want to do.    
A brave man will fight against all odds for those he loves A coward will slink away A courageous man will fight for those who cannot
  Hmm so I ponder and wander and wonder  What will I grow up to be in is life of mine?
Through my eyes I see, The angel within me, The blood of virtue in his veins, As he casts his divinity.   Through my eyes I see, The devilish rebel of sin, As his relentlessness rises,
With masked heart and soul I burned all that I loved Truth will set you free
Hair of wool, skin of bronze bible says scripturally. White face, straight hair, how man describes, see soul digs deep. Release thoughts, that man have no want of average person to know,
To write each night and da
Question. Pain. Life. Mystery.
“Anybody” by Mackenzie Payne   Our time on Earth is fleeting, Our life a blink of Her eye. Filled with countless meetings,
You wear a mask to hide your features. You wear a cloak to hide your limbs. Who are you? What are you? You are fake and artificial and false. I do not know this identity. I do not trust this identity.
Welcome to the jungle, friends welcome scavengers, welcome predators, welcome ungrateful beasts. welcome free birds of which I so aspire.   Welcome flowers and cats. Welcome ladybug.
I AM ME   I am intellect combined with stupidity, Kindness and compassion fractured by pain and misery, Wrapped in anger and jealousy…
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
I guess its so typical, the man wants nothing to do with you, But his heart wants to pass his soul throu
Give me a hero and I'll show you his sin. Show me a victor,  I'll explain why he can't win. Present a success, And I'll unveil the flaws. Show me innocence, And you'll be scratched with hidden claws.
There's a practical truth in air The evidence is yet to be seen Yet none can deny its usage To soak in its vibrant want 'Cause none can say air needs us but we need air Its energy carved into my bones
What If I was enough For you to want to see my smile once more What If I was enough For you to come back through the door It's not your dinner dates I miss It's the way we smiled in between our kiss
She’s Tired of living life in the shadow of a doubt Speaking but not being heard   Feeling as though she’ll never be good enough This girl isn’t me But me all the same
False reality 
Sitting watching my hand grabs yours you squeeze, I smile, you laugh, no noise I lean, you lean, I shut my eyes, a shock, a welcome, a sweet surprise, I reach, you hug, my body's numb,
Mother, Now please do tell me, my tongue was meant for words, was it not? Remember when you said, "Do not lie or say dirty words, or I shall wash your tongue with soap" I was young then.
  Your powers all I need-  The only thing I see. You see, what'chu got Is all they all really need. My dream job 
Change Change Change, All about and all around  But it’s the wrong kind of change.
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
A bunch of hypocrite christian the land of no religion spreading rumor talking shit what happen to the worship
Life and death War and creation Pain and happiness Life with you, How to define? I know facts, Truth about the world. Hidden behind strong walls Built of pain and anger
  Why do you judge me like you know me? What did I ever do to you? I just don’t understand How the people around me have gone so mad.   I did nothing to deserve your hate.
Let the emphatic take control of the present sitiuation. Shut your eyes, open your mind Caricatured hypnotic pertinence, crystallized vice Abide the incoherent vibes. Impertinent bipartisan with no proper guide.
Your lips love to sing a melody The way the words slip off of your tongue It's like a song yet to be sung Your smile is cunning and daring Beckoning others to come near Your eyes are dark and dead
I Dream of changing changing into a semi like Optimus Prime   I Dream of changing Overturn the status quo Make the world better   My Dream is absurd Impossible, yet I Dream
No one ever says the truth
America is said to be the land of dreams,  where others go to be happy and all voices are heard, where God can be Allah and one is free as a bird America is education and the shoes on your feet.
The world in a perpetual state of distraction;
As words of hurt and sorrow flow from your lips in the most fluent manner, thoughts of depression and desp
If I could change The World i Would change our generation from being Vanity slaves to Vanity owners of inspiration, the found hope of
Honesty is all I would change maybe if we all could be genuine love would not be in vain if I could change the roles of honesty maybe a liar would feel the victims pain He lied to me that's why I feel this way
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
Smoke another cigarette to take you away
36,24,26 i
We all wear a mask Only taking it off at dusk When the society can see you in darkness You pretend you know what is happiness Ignorant of pain,agony and blasphemy Hiding the reality
I don't know if
Words with social norms Prayers and thoughts to keep us warm Hollow and empty they do seems Cancer spreads and the words grow numerous And hollow all the same. Powerful, brave, a great example they name us
They ask me if I'm confused? They ask me if it's a phase? They tell me it's a choice. That I wasn't born this way.
We're the place holder. We're the purposeless boulder. We’re just another variable in the equation. We take many things into contemplation. We’re just one number that’s all.
My opinions are right Anyone else's is stupid and aren't worth a second thought You’re stupid, I am smart You're wrong, oh so wrong
Determined Warrior                 Pelted by deadlines             Mauled by knowledge             Held accountable for so many
To my honey sweetheart <3             Upon this night             I say in right             From twilight night             To GOD down to you  
To confess to the truth will break your heart along with mine but it's time for me to unwind, let you see me for what you think i am, for what you
What is bi-sexuality? How does it taste? Is it like ice cream? That I prefer both flavors of chocolate and vanilla?!!! The soft sexy curves of a woman The rock hard muscles of a man
please beware the end is near when it gets here i expect you to care if you do then head my advice if you dont youve been warned for when we reach the end the rope
I hear your anger, I feel your cries. I can smell the fear of histories repitition; the thought of certain memories guard you heart. You cannot forgive nor forget. How could you? It broke your mind,
Change isn't just a word, Nor is it a bunch of letters crushed together, making it sound believable to our ears It's a movement It's a wave It's for the good and for the bad  
Seventeen Im done Im sick and tired Of your shun Its icy Blizzardly My price Is misery I suffice. Im sick Im done. Youre not the only one. My head, it hurts
Happiness is the truth it is the key to my youth  Some say love is greater but call me a great debater because happiness branches off
Heating the cold Braving the dark Being bold Seeking the unknown Years pass Memories fade Gone; but never forgotten? The old cliche Stacks of files Silent whispers Read me
I know I seem stubborn and mean Though sometimes I can be sweet and serene I try to work really hard to be nice But you always seem to be cold as ice   I understand that you feel quite lonely
I am learning. I am craving. I am yearning. And I'm caving.   I feel this desire. Adoration. No, I am not a liar. Not an abomination.   I am not inferior.
As I stare at the sky
I feel the mysterious paint dripping down like a cape Containing the worlds lies that I thought I could escape
To go or not to go- that is the question: Whether it is the early morning rise That keeps the head in a groggy state Or the thrill of the heart pounding And, by opposing, wakes us. To wake, to go-
With the desire to know she is heard,
From the eeriness of an emerald forest To the tranquility of a silent village,
am i okay?yes, im fine. inside me, the demons are screaming and tearing at my soul but im fine. feelings of hopelessness and fear and anxiety are building up like briks but im fine
Illness and diseases... Hurt and suffering... Abuse and murders. They, and more, keep happening. Every day and everywhere.   We can try to avoid it but we certainly cannot go too far
School is life, and life is far more than What we bargain for.  Expectations keep us lost and dwarfed. So caught up in our thinking we keep coming up with reasons For why we keep falling short.
I'm a teapotwarm and boilingboiling so much that my top is poundingpounding me until I can no longer feel the burning sensationthis rapid raceand unwilling face looks at menot wanting to touch me
I should have never said yes before I knew it to the car we went strapped my seatbelt innocence I should have never said yes as the car's speed inclined he protested the drive letting anger decide
The purple dino is utopia. He wears a positive smile every day. Kids are happy in Dinotopia, Because he knows how to count, spell, and play.   The purple dinosaur can laugh and sing,
I am a song of the centuries I whisper the worries wound within
What happens when God himself falls from heaven? When the heavenly grace is stripped?
Ok, So We know what hip-hop is, but we really get it? Its more than trying put on an act and performing a skit. You have rappers nowadays that make no sense, trying go on the attack without any defense.
When all you have left, Is faith What is left, When all faith is lost?
Peace on earth No matter how much we search for it, It is no where We grow weary   Our world is surrounded by evil and emptiness Lies and suicides Murders and disasters
Turn a misonception into your greatest lesson break away from the crowd and make an unfamilliar impression
  Kill yourself States the loud, infuriating, voice that  I to want to listen to since you have so desperately told me to do so, an abundance of times.
This person has been around from the time I was born And if I lose this person I wouldn't have the heart to mourn and my heart is so torn because I didn't always like 'em, Matter of fact I used to hate 'em
Her head was tucked, legs up, knees touched In the covers of the clean blue, atop the stiff bed Her thoughts were inching to it, her eyes shut  
What you never told me  Was what you never said. You were broken inside, Inside you were dead.   You wanted to love me, That one thing is true, You want me to wait, but not forget
I set it upYou listen
Happiness, lies Sadness will arise Anger will well let fly And joy will go goodbye
We have come here to these borders drenched in the sweat and blood of those who have come before us. They could see far more clearly through their own pain, than we can in our own
My personality isn’t gold, You couldn’t sell it for much. I’m sarcastic, Too honest, Anything of the such.   Even if it was gold, You couldn’t have it. I like it, It’s mine,
Today I offered My glasses To the unfortunate soul Who was chosen To read what was on the blackboard.   So pale he was, Like a vampire, That unfortunate soul.  
The constant rocking.Back and forth. He wanted to follow the call of the whistle:‘up and over’ boys.But his gaze was lost in the blackness.His breath rasped and hushed by whimpers. 
To thee, I pose a question, Where shall the time go when it has passed by? Does it creep through the window up into the endless realms of space,
"Breathe in as I light it, I know it seems counter-intuitive."
Driving down my street and what do I see? Groups of young men that all have the potential to be future LAWYERS, DOCTORS, TEACHERS, and DENTISTS but they don't see this; they THINK the truth is
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
She thinks it's ugly,
A veil of severed glass envokes memorial of ranging battles, Dusk to Dawn, man to monster. She loves him, she loves him not Painted face, cherry lips, talc powder over truth "Smile for yourself," She said.
I am not a single word, nor a single thought.
No, You cannot and you will not be nothing more than you are now You are not a butterfly, no pretty wings will sprout from your nonexistent limbs ; you will forever be a worm
Is        Patient. And kind.        I hear, but I am not        Too sure. There are        Times when things         Happen that should Not.         And we let them go
I’m an abomination to this domestication society creates in women everyday I create my own flow to my own voice in ways that create mini earthquakes
We are all born with a name.
Darkness my friend, reaching out to me,
A dancer is expected to be tall, long, and thin.  Their balance should rival a cat, and their grace should make you stare in awe.    When a shorter than average, larger than average
One night the world was ending
Wanting to cry but having no tears Wantint to scream but pride's held to dear   This strenght is found in hard-hearted men Who hide it inside and don't show the truth
Gazing into your brown eyes, your hurt, your shame.
Look once, Speak once, but before you do: Think twice.   Your Words,  they burrow deep, like grimy, sharp-clawed mice.   The syllables you say, nouns you don't mean,
It’s like I stepped out into the sunlight for the first time, I opened my eyes and I saw the things that have always been.   Maybe by choice I let them slide,
One day when we were young Owen asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I want to be an astronaut. It’d be so cool to go into outer space
I've tried to make sense of it all, but reasoning fails, which leaves me falling down again, to where I began to misunderstand this life.   If the only absolute is the knowledge that there's no truth,
a stage, one lovely place, act to your heart's content and there below crowds of people all await your very life the truth scares me but
Dearest, most kind FatherKnow that I am true to YouI believe in Your gloryI know Your powerAnd I’ve read Your book    Studied the words,        The heavenly psalms,            And the Commandments
Checker patterns   black and white black and white  
I remember in middle school feeling depressed throughout the days. I remember on my worst days that if I ended it now, everything will be okay.
I've done everything you ever told me to do: Followed all of your rules, even the ones that could easily be argued as ridiculous; Gotten straight A's; Took the ACT, scored high on it;
I can hear the bell tolling Almost every minute Of every day. It all started years ago When my dog died. It was a simple murmur then. After that I was told the truth about Santa Claus
Examine your motives, your heart, yourself Before the others you are near It is better to look inside oneself At your heart, at your inner mirror   A mirror reflects the truth inside
  tell a lie, live a lie
               If the universe in its entirety                     is composed of                               all possibilities                           existing at once                   Then who is to say
I am Human
I was told to make my words count, But to what amount?  
Is it a pe
College. The place where many are free for the first time.
  The Holiday season; the happiest time of the year. A time of love and overwhelming cheer. Our loved ones we hold close, our customs we hold dear.  
I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.
They say the number 13 is unlucky
New vs. Old   A worn out bible, Bought from a drug store in the middle of nowhere.
“You pray, God listens.” The biggest lie I’ve ever heard. He wasn’t there when I laid dying, He wasn’t there when I asked for advice,
It all started one day just an ordinary day the first time they got together the first of their new forever Their love was expressed as they got undressed Still just another ordinary day  
Look at the child so sweet and small will it be wild or here at all Look at the toddler so precious and sweet a little waddler such a treat
  Today I saw him A homeless asking for food He just wants to eat      
Sometimes little things remind me of you and the horrid things that I'd like to do  like get Brittany Perry to fuck your boyfriend or beat you to death over and over again 
There are more nipples in the world than there are people.
“Asian” used to be a thing of beauty, But now there are images of labor— Simply that is our soul duty. But we, just like all, are humble neighbors.   Here I am, color of sand
Do Not Support to Abortion I want to begin by saying that I am pro-life,
Words Empty, fleeting, fickle words Do this assignment, read these pages How many words do you speak in a day? How many of them actually mean something? God spoke and breathed life
Why stress over them, instead why not god bless 'em earning minimum wage probably is a struggle, but giving students Fails so quickly on the double
Stop, Constant struggle to ignore the harsh words, drama and hate fill the halls,
They came up with this bright idea, a place of education, or so they thought. This place to teach us standrads and information A bunch of fakers and liers is all I got. Math,English,Science,History
If blessed are the forgetful, then what of those who remember? I seem to never forget even the most painful details, Every word, face, smell and feeling Linger in my mind just waiting to come back.
There are times where youll do anything for someone you love you will give up you "hoes" you will give up being a good girl to be bad girl You will ruin your pink lips for weed
We live in the country of freedom, yet we feel confined.  Told to live like this, or like that.  When all we need is a judge free society, but will that ever happen? Not unless you're poppin. 
I listen to what happened todayThey say that you have passed awayI can't believe it, no, not youThis cannot ever be trueCorpse Killer, special forces, died today
I love you. I can’t believe that you for some crazy reason love me too. I just wanted to write this to say thank you Thank you for what you’ve done in my life And what you did on that cross.
He will never leave me or forsake me Because he made me. Yes, Him the king of kings and Lord of Lords Took the time to make ME
Generation Z Labeled as the generation with limited potential
America the great is what they sayWhere my children are shot down every dayWhen all they want to do is playAmerica the great what does this mean?
The walls just keep crumbling... Into the sea in which I keep fumbling As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see A reflection of my world and the reflection of me
Life's Masquerade By: Linda Oostendorp  
Who gives a fuck?!
Happiness is something to be valued. Most want to hear the truth. I just want to be happy. 
Why am I the way I am? My life was one not many could stand Live in fear; always looming danger A body hits the wall, you’re in your own house a stranger
A friendship Innocent and true No matter the hardships We would make it through
It starts with a push, the decisive push on the enter key to explain t
  Yo dad You remember signing my birth certificate? I bet you were so glad What about when I first got my ears pierced You remember right You were there when I shed those tears
We all don’t understand,Our opinions aren’t in demand,Our souls are like flowers,They can topple over like towers,They bloom, then fade away,They go to heavan or hell to stay,Flowers have no powers,
Tell me the difference between Being in love with someoneAnd being in love with the idea of love.  Well, I'll tell you. 
My P.E. Class was great, and do you know why? I never had to dress out because my teacher was bi! She read sex books all day, and let us play on our phones,
I have them all fooled They don’t even know it They think I’m strong That nothing fazes me When in truth it does Your words tear me apart And your absence crushes me
Every dog will have his day At least that is what they say But this often isn't true Those most deserving are neglected what they are due No good deed goes unrewarded
I'm drowning in the inability to let go there is no siding to grab no raft afloat just me alone in this ocean. as wilson difts away I scream in desperation, "I have lost my self control!"
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
Is it any wonder, Why it's hard to wake up. The repetitive mornings, What do we have to look forward to? Everyday is the same. A monotonous environment No spontaneity. 
I will speak of truth, Diminishing the amount of lies that continue to consume our world. I will forgive and forget, Understanding that my own mistakes are equally corruptive. I will never give up,
Life, an ever living being with endless possibilities, we grow to live and accomplish goals we wish to acheive as this world we pollute, dies with us, as our selves die aside our cells.
You’re hot You’re charming, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.   Your smile melts ice Your eyes captivate all, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.
Most have heard or read the animated anecdotes of the dead. They are given with joy and wrapped in a bow - - stories of life, of music, of love. But all anecdotes end.   Few ever say or re-claim
It was night to remember. I was about thirteen years old. I was a young child that thought knew everything in life. I specifically had on some black Nike shorts, white socks, Nike flip flops and a white t-shirt.
Everyone's views are different And I completely understand that. But why is it legal to drink alcohol, which when you have it in your system and drive can cause deaths,
I am convinced thatThese are the days i will remember lookingback and forth between glass,asking what does TruthFeel like?  
What is this we call home? Compressed, disstressed, in a dome. The mind, Losing time. Don't even know; but we're intellegent. Pseudobenevolent. Give to get back; Give in to riff-raff
You talk about all the money that you blowed Preaching to our youth to get throwed You Rich and Famous acting like you really cold This is one thing you never really told That the mainstream gettting old
You think of me day and night, To you I am perfect, You see nothing but me. But I see you in a different light, I see now who you truly are, I can see your uncultivated soul.
Society tells us a contradicting slew...Stay in school, mind the blues...The window panes are dry-rotting,Whilst the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in days...The smell of marijuana echoes down the hallways...
I am a girl of love, Compassion and trust, Most of all I'm a girl of opinion. And if you don't like it, I suppose you're pretty opinionated yourself.
It's just wrong enough, Just enough to feel right. They never saw it comin' from us, And they swear it happened over night. But we know the truth, How long this has been. The two years going...
I played along like it was nothing, a crush that wouldn't last. I never knew you felt the same, we could've skipped the pain of the past. I denied the accusations, But I knew I loved you from the start.
We line up like marching ants We listen to the Queen Bee.   Tell me what to do  Tell me what to be    I sweat  I smell I stress   The #2 pencil shakes in my hand
I want to hear your deepest confessions.Late at night, I want to know why you cry.Drunkenly, slur to me the names of everybody you hate and why.
We’ve seen death. We’ve experienced what the clueless would call “murder”. We’ve felt every emotion possible After that trigger was pulled, Or that arrow was released. The others, they don’t understand,
Thou camest like lightening through a blue, clear sky, Like a strong wind through the trees as I walked by, Like fire consuming my heart, leaving my body sighing.
Breathing hitch-hiking its way up BPM increasing like its leading to a solo But no words follow How do  you sing for sweet release When fear coils like a snake in your gut Fangs biting into your organs
You confront me with your fears and all your selfish desires But have you ever thought that your obstacles or hurdles you've compiled? You never lifted a finger or even got off your ass
I dream of a life where media isn't idolized, Where women can love their bodies the way they are and society will no longer have ficticious expectations. I dream of a love that is PURE and true,
Why do you hate me? Is it cause my skin is the same color as the trees? Is it cause my eyes are a little smaller than yours? Or cause I hug and kiss just a little bit more?
You impact my life! I am forever greatful! Yours truly- Thankful
Our principal hates the things we stride for From equal love to sense of style No Sir You will not quiet our souls We will rise and stand for what we proposed  No Sir You cannot silence our mouths
There is a great and terrible feeling behind manipulating people. The feeling of power sinks into your skin, as you make up a story on the spot, and watch as it then becomes part of their reality.
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
Teach us to think. Not on what to think, but on how. Test us not on the knowledge, but on the application. Teaching us to memorize facts and numbers
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
Sailing in the waters of which You wept, You sees a Light in the distant of the cove, a Light that Reality would refer to as a dead end.   The Light fades, then flares, fades,
You planned their form in the days of Creation, And You'll be with them 'til their final destination. You knit them together in the darkness of night. You made each part special; everything is right.  
Would I choose you again After knowing what I know now? Would I stay around Knowing you bring me down?   I am a poison to you And you to me. Yet somehow, We make each other complete.
Don’t reveal I’m soft insideMake them believe I’m hard and dryIf I don’t venture to show myself.They will believe I’m something else.
I frown... you smile, I cry... you laugh This is getting old it needs to stop Why does my pain provide you with the happiness that I deserve? When you're down, I put myself in your shoes
we live in a world of constant contradictionopinions with unknown recognitionconstantly looking over our shoulderquestioning those we know won't listena world of true infidelity
Teachers, are you really that blind? It's senior year and I finally realized something. While I'm filling out applications every night, I can say these four years in high school have been amazing!
You say I don't know shit, but whose teaching me? You say I won't match up to anything, but whose teaching a student that smarter than them?
Struggling to be understood Communication with no voice Assuming he's not making the right choice His body a prison, his mind a saint Can't escape Blood- boiling desire, useless dreams
His lips were the sharp shooter. Words like daggers pierced my heart but soon, Reality began to spread through my veins like poison. Emotional roller coasters twisted and turned behind my eyelids.
Run in circles like a mouse in a trap. Squeak, squeak: "I’m a victim. Everyone else is a cat  Playing with the end of my tail. " Only the strongest shall avail.
What do you really think when you say, how are you? Because I doubt that you mean it, but it’s the polite thing to do I could talk all day about what I’ve recently been through
Here on my back, fog softening its edges and without clouds the sky is the color of cold light shining from grey silk lingerie it is smooth and flat and could fall upon my head at any instant.
Today, I am a person born anew I am nothing but a lovely pure dream Black beginning cast aside from sun beams And now I begin a life I do not rue For Death is not a thing that makes you blue
A word that many kids seem to take advantage of Who really knows the meaning of love? Teens are too naive to realize the main truth Guys don’t understand the meaning, we aren’t sleuths
Don't text and drive But that's for a car Text and bike? You already know   Bikes are useful to get around So are skateboards Which gets negative critic? The one you don't hold on to
They know your faceThey know your nameBut they don't know who you areThey don't know your hopesThey don't know your dreamsBut they think they've got it downYou're the talk of the school
Day in and day out. Everything's the same. I can't stand it when you call out my name. Day in and day out. You spend nine days on a topic I swear, I'll get a gun and learn how to cock it.
People say show your spirit I say hold your glory. However, nobody listens. They say lets fight, I say hold your ground. However, nobody listens. Now look what happened.
I am a woman I laugh, cry, smile, and frown I never want to let my family down I am a daughter Indescribable and pure like water I am a sister I come from good intentions I am a mother
  WORLD VIEW    analytical debates shows what a person hate its sad to see what we don't appreciate  I just hope eyes open before its too late all we need is love
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
 Dear Mommy, Quietly I lay here undetected and unknown Eager to meet my creator Within you I lay in fetal position growing rapidly as my love for you amplifies
You screamed at me As the tears slowly Streamed from your eyes And you never told me why All you told me is Don't be like me baby boy Grow up and be smart So your kids won't steal toys
You want her, But you stand her up constantly Lucky to even have a chance even at her 
  A world so great, a world so big, Forgets the people so small and weak. Open your eyes, Look around. Open your ears, Hear their cries. Open your heart, Stop the injustice,
  We were made to be different. We were made to stand out. But sometimes life is hard And we just want to shout. Sometimes we want to scream from a rooftop. Other times we want to lock our doors.
I write you this letter as I lay belly-down on the now very faded hammock in our backyard. The same hammock you and I would lay on for hours telling stories and sharing secrets.
Are we really this dirty generation, or are we just aiming for what we believe youth should look like – I can’t tell. Why did we start doing drugs in middle school? In a suburban community, no less.
Its funny how people want the truth not knowing there going to get hurt when someone ask for the truth they dont know what there going to hear they hope for the best but expect the worst the truth is a blessing and a curse they keep digging deeper
Native Americanstravel far...assimilateinto our communal forces They gave only lovewe must give it back... Their higher senseof color when theymake crafts...brilliant, bold, beautiful
Life is funny in an ironic way Hate the one that loves you Love the one that hates you Don't Know what you have  Till its gone All in an instant it Can be gone before you even had a chance to
  Chardae Prevo Septemeber 19, 2013 Innocent Heart
The aesthetic beauty of the mind to behold. Not one can abate my hunger, my disease, I've come upon these thoughts to ponder, The substantial blank you bring appease. To whom to which the eyes behold,
Questionable Mentality Okay so this is that good shit that I can never say to my teacher my hate seekers. This is for that little boy sitting on the bleachers.
The truth unfolds The truth hurts The truth unravels The truth unveils The truth speaks it all The truth connects The truth destroys The truth scars The truth doesn't tell lies
Imagine yourself. Being trapped in the, Twin Towers. Knowing you're going to die. And you have one decision to make, either to suffocate, from the smoke, or jump to a fast,
to live is to die and be reborn, stronger. to die is to know what it means to live: to love to laugh to cry and somehow fall over the edge, regardless. to love is to feel affection
Open up your eyes and can't you see This is who I am I'm not this fake you want me to be And you know I never can Just pretend to be This make believe Girl you want to see
Into the darkness, I reach out a hand, where shadows play and light is banned. My breathes decline and I gasp for air, this has become a deadly game of truth or dare. Do I dare to escape from this place,
There’s a part of me that loves. There’s a part of me that hates. There’s a part of me that rages. There’s a part of me that balances it all out.   Love and hate are balanced no more.
How silly of me to have expectations. Did I forget you were human just like I? The simple fact that we are human proves that I should have no expectations for you.
Lies why are there so many. They devour they surround me .I'm trying to break free but they're chained locked on to me . Everytime I'm at ease they're tugging at my shirt like a little child begging for attention .
Tell me how can you die  When you've never ever Had a soul to be alive  How can you cry  When you may not have A big heart inside And how can you fall  When you've never
A trip at the end of June. One of those yellow summers muttered with new tales and new hormones - Of gold and silver highlights - Of diamonds and tampered addictions. A flight quick as liftoff.
People are unpredictable. If you think they are who they say they are, then you're wrong from the start. You can only know somebody, if you truly know their heart. But how will you know that if they cover up their scars,
I write to tell my readers: my feeling, my life, my heart, the reason I write to to express MYSELF!!!!
Hello midnight travel.It has been quite a while.I'll use this time to think and unravel. Regain my freedom mile after mile. Leave me here to explore alone. How good it feels to be away from home. 
If I ever get knocked down, please pick me up If I ever give up, talk me out If I ever say enough, say not quite If I ever start to cry, just hold me tight If I ever miss you, tell me I miss you back
The Idea of IdeasBy Ariel Randolph Everyone’s opinions around me connects in a way. I, for the longest time, could not label. Up until now, I knew that the peoplewho are young minded and free spirited, or just have that something about them that g
They say life is a gift, but living in a world where everything seems to be going wrong seems like a punishment.
A leaf upon the pond, drifting along,  No wiser to the water below than the sky above,  The wind blows it goes,  No control of here or there,  As the day unravels the weather above eats away, 
I will never look at you the same ever again. What you did to me, I will never understand. How dare you ever tell me you adore me! When now all you ever do is ignore me. I don’t understand how I could change your mind.
Over the last few nights I have taken notice to a no-face hooded shade who has found comfort on the perimeter of my home.
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
  I believe in the possibility of error. Of an equation reaching an end that doesn’t exist. I believe in truth. I believe in fiction. I believe in everything in between. There is no such thing as a center.
    There’s no possible way to avoid it It dwells within us like loss No way to escape a fucked up world
Sometimes life likes to screw you overWhy can't we just live and let live?Horrible parents, a cheating loverEveryone takes what you have to give
 Sometimes....Sometimes it feels like I'm all alone. Alone on a earth, filled with beings that have no human soul I feel like I'm alone with no being to relate to. I know its not true
  A mountain so high and intimidating, It has always been gazed upon with the faint eyes of desire, though often mistaken. Many begin this climb with ambitions and beliefs only to be morphed, added upon;
There was a little butterfly, and someone told it not to fly. So now that little butterfly,  is too afraid to fly.    Someone came along,  and clipped its wings. With words,
Warm hands drip with crimison sorrows. These are not hands of murders But protectors Of land they had rightfully earned To live with, not on. From which to borrow, not take.
     Stop Listen to the words, that I'm about to say, The words unspoken, Ideas and notions chewed on, spit out, or thrown away ,Always told to be unique and different, Making you believe one day you'd land on the stars, Now walking around this in
Moving and moving on a fast paced highway my parents chattering in native tongue And I am in the seats subsequent, reliant on both for a future but this I could not have known
You want to be a fly on the wall? Have you thought that through? You will hear it all. There is no good/bad filter. Are you really just seeking truth? Or are you maybe just searching too far?
The Misled Queen “Ayo bitchass” is the way she would greet me as she walked into the locker room Her hair glistened from the shadow of the sun smiling at the ocean at sundown; Rapunzel could not touch her. 
Honesty Is not a virtue that will get you anywhere Deception Now, that is the truth for which I care A man born mortal is a man who lies
I walk and wander on paths of darkness and light, Searching for truth through pains and delights, There are tiny signals and hint of this man, it is like a still small voice call from where I stand,
  Am I a bad friend? I’ve always had trouble with relationships. Whether it be with a friend, a guy, or family. Am I a bad friend?
All becomes silent,  as the graveyard is entered.  The dead make no sound,   so why should the living? In the shadow of the tree he lays. People I've never known,    that bring tears to another's eyes;
It’s hard to miss something you never really had, But that’s all part of not having a dad Don’t get me wrong, I wish he were here, But like always he’s no where near. He’d be angry to know I’ve lost all respect, 
Heard a man say that the truth would set me free,I heard it...but it didn't register...never meant anything to me.
I'm down on my fucking knees I'm crying out oh help me please No! You stand on your own Theres no one around they have all left you Its your turn now its time to save you
Persona, the mind of the self, is perhaps what is least seen when we go to our daily bouts:                                              
Praise and meditation Tranquility A walk down the street Freestyle mobility Your mind Even your heart And your soul And your body Are within oneself God made you Your body 
I’ve gotten very good at pretending. I can pretend to be happy. I can pretend to love people. I can pretend that life doesn’t scare me.   I wear make-up as a mask. My ceaseless grin is a façade.
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
Sonnet to See   Truth write: is it in the lumen of light, In the atom or molecule inside, In the blazing comets soaring at night, Or by faith apart from our weary eyes?  
The reflection that I see Can simply not be me Its appearance is not one I know But it claims to be The person called me
    I see a girl-               She’s shattered.  Vanished.             She realizes everything she’s been told is true.             She just stares.             Every memory rushes back to her.
What are the clothes we wear in our minds? Silk and fine fabrics? No, there’s no money for such fabulous finds. Do we wear clothes made out of love? Knitted and warm that will never unbind? Sadly, no.
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
  An old man in an old field, weary, beaten, broken Soft breaths so shallow, so deep, whispering words seldom spoken Eyes closed, fluttering, still Blind to the field and the night's cold chill.  
People write because they like to let out their emotions, while others write because they like too. Some like writing because of creativity, but I like to write because it keeps me alive.
"Finding" It's for the release. It's for the rhyme. It's for the rhythm. And falling away from time.   I write for the freedom. I write to bind.
REAL NIGGAS, define as a man who pack heat, but then dead on the street. REAL NIGGAS, make love to a women and leave with no return, but another person scar and burn.
Hey Listen, What is your life? What is your love all about? Where are you? Silly Simple questions. Aren't they not. can i answer them now or tomorrow. Will you have one for yourself one day.
Through my mind run many Lines strike across the sky like Shooting stars fade quickly to Blackness runs across Pages fill with dark Ink can capture the Light refracts through a
My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert of my existence. Yet, all my life I’ve been watching from behind those dazzling bright eyes,
I'm a statistic because of my family.I'm the derivative of a broken home.A shattered background of instability and hardship defines me.The remnants of my childhood are just bits and pieces
I. In a web of lies Trapped in the very center Did a young girl rest. II. Did she know her doom? The Spider was approaching fast Escape seemed futile. III. Her name had been lost
History is the past reflecting to the present, past memories recorded.Sometimes it’s regarded as credible and other occasions, farfetched ideas made up distorting it; the Truth.
Fire is the only destructionThat leads to new life after death.Like the rebirth of a phoenix,Everything green rises from the ashesOf an already deceased object.Fire is the end,And the beginning,
Poor baby, broken and torn Your fate was decided before you were born From your mother's lips, your death was sworn   Poor baby, because of a mistake A mistake like any other, that you didn't make 
What is this feeling So strange and alone My fingers cannot move And my heart has turned to stone.   The aching in my head The darkness full of pain The weakness in my lungs
Tell not a truth Speak a falsehood Underneath the mask the veneer We are all the same Rotten to the core Little Liar  Take the stand Tell us your truth The lie you have built
i write because others write one day i heard someone speak without making a sound the book opened on my lap spilled with words that were so loud at the end of every sentence and/or phrase, was a bold statement
Bound by silence, my mind a cell. Blinded, deafened- can't hear the bell. The bell that sounds freedom to speak My blinded eyes struggle to peak Into the land of harmony- A place where darkness cannot be.
You're blind but you see ever so clearly, you're ill but in ways you're perfectly fine. You're deaf, but you hear so close, so nearly. You're warm but send me shivers down my spine.
  When I was just a young girl, kindergarten perhaps. I loved to be with my grandmother, As she sang during my naps.
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
White woman:  The United States of America was founded in 1776 and discovered by Christopher Columbus. He came to the land to make new friends. But, the Indians turned against them.
There it is, you see it. THERE. There it is again. How did you not see it?! How could no one have seen it..... comming? Glaring at all of us with those eyes. Eyes that reflect truth, life, reality, discovery, and.....
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
He sits and gazes into my eyes Tears stream down my face I get up clenching my hands and pace upon the floor.   “Give me more. What is wrong?”. My tongue is buried
I grew up amongst the golden turfs and extensive rows of olive, Where songs of contentment and love were played, Where mothers and fathers cared for their young,
  Amber skies warn of a coming Tribal drums sound with a drumming The fox has finally won with a cunning
When I was young I used to think. That girls were blue and boys were pink. That imagination ruled but what it seems. Is that I was stupid and dreamed a dream. So I wrote down my feelings that were wrong.
She's beautiful.She drinks, smokes and parties all night every time she can,No one has truthfully told her she's beautiful, She thinks she's not worth it, 
Freedom has been fought for and won in many ways Wars on land, or battles on the waves Politics, revolutions and rebellions But the freedom that exists no matter circumstance or strife
who do you think you are  be aware about what you are saying gay bi straight we are all the same  we eat the same food we breath the same air love is love no matter who it's with
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
Painful memories my heart storesLooking for a way through these doorsFinding my way back into the lightUsing up all of my mightBut when the darkness is backAll I see is black
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
You use them to communicate, you use them to express your hate, you use them to depict your fate, you use them to inovate. but i use them to fight, i use them to make things right,
After the winds have settled amidst the stress and tension, there you find your true peace.   The storm will pound down, pulling at all you have. But, through the sheets of rain
Based off of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost   Day’s first rise is bright Her bleakest tinge to light Her early beams aglow True beauty showing so slow Then magic disappears
Do we let ourselves get consumed within our personal nations; A victim of our differences by nationality? What about the genetic equations of our emotions, And the resulting masterpiece of our emotionality?
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
The abandonment that I have experienced,  no other should feel. Enjoy your family, if not for you. Do it for the peole like me. People who have no mother to say "I love you".
Words written in led or words written in ink; whenever I find a chance, I really begin to think.   Words written in red or words written in pink; When I find the chance to write, it feels like it was meant to be.
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
The words expressed bring peace of mind the simple rhyme helps me unwind   It helps things make sense and gives me confidence It helps me speak It helps me think  
They kill and hurt for their own pursuit. Our freedom is being mute. Strange men walking in suits. Husbands and Fathers taken. Dispute. All they can do is stand and salute. As young children are being shoot.
I only play with my black keys, My lovely black keys. The only keys I can trust Keys I can put my faith in The white keys don't understand me   The white keys
Knees bent as you take your mark. You know that feeling when you forget and wash away and race across that finish line and the ribbon breaks. Then suddenly you come back to life.
I stand before a two way mirror Looking as a Widow That is Out of What (?). The Fall gets longer, higher As I stand Unknown of what lies ahead. Could be a World of bore Or
A young girl once harmed; many times for many years. A young girl once harmed; confuse and anguished in utter pain. That young girl turned bad. Seemed as though her innocense was gone.
I saw it among the others,the bright dazzling purple pen caught my eye.I knew I must have it.I must rescue it from the dull colors surrrounding it.Eager to use my prize,I drop its point on my paper.
I've fallen from heaven, down upon the Earthback to the cold world, to the place of my birth I'm sitting here at night, alone out on the streetwith little clothing on my back and no shoes on my feet.
"I dated a writer once. I think.... I'd like to date one again." She eased the statement from her lips confidently and seeking of my approval. I only laughed at her.
Today I am a leader, An independent, A scholar.   Yesterday I was shy. Timid, And a follower.   Today I speak in front of large crowds, Rooms of people,
Normal is a horribly ugly word It imprisons the people it labels takes beauty and cages the bird Diaries make for lonely companions yet here I write my darkest words As the shadows on the wall mimic phantoms
Poetry is fluid Poetry is right Poetry is life Poetry is fight Poetry is fun Poetry is truth Poetry is ... Expressing you
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
The bubbly laugh of a baby boy, A beautiful smile of a toddling two year old. The innocence of a child is something we take for granted. To think someone could decide to end the budding life within themselves..
                                                         Poetry helped destroy the Berlin Wall. Poetry encouraged Allied nations to liberate all decent prisoners off the Holocaust’s downfall.
What happened to the secrets we shared? The tears we cried?The friendship we tried to keep when it was hanging from a thread? Have you forgot all about it?We've been together trough thick and thin
Skittles In one hand ice tea in the other There came a night when A boy walks with skittles in one hand and Ice tea in the other This boy did not know this would be his last walk
I know you know my struggles; I know you my pain So there's no need explain why I'm emotionally drained   I'm feeling deranged; living in shame; Going insane, losing my brain
  I You He She It We They Are all calling out, Hear us singing? Are traveling about, Hear us ringing? Vibrating through many miles of wires,
This isn't a poem This is something that's got me pissed How come Trayvon Martin gets a slam I write about the NSA and I get dissed   Shows me something pretty clear
Why do we write? Why does poetry exist? "Poetry is useless" Well this world is fruitless These words I speak, type, write my only sense of light Our only way to fight
The cloudy thoughts that fill my mind My secret truths most cannot find To the close few I give my time I speak my lies as if I’m fine An outlet for what I contain The truths I know must explain
What did I do to offend you?   I didn’t mean any harm What did I do?   I meant it as a joke. What did I do?   You get mad at the slightest things. What did I do?  
  Life is hard and as much as I want to deny this simple fact, I must come to face it. I was once in love with a man who was, at the time, an amazing person both inside and out.
Depressing to see 12 year olds saying they're in love. The silence in others make you think of your own. Breaking promises and making lies look true. Waking up somewhere you don't belong. Looking outside the window,
I say I love truth,But all I am is lies.It has been this way from my youth,to hide what I am inside.Sometimes you look into my eyes,But all courage in me has died.From dawn until late dusk,
To brood, Causes one to be rude, To think of one as whole causes us to conflate. Enabling us to be selfish, and finding ways to relate. Thinking of others provides images, diaphanous in nature.
It's alright, you can stop the snapping. You can leave the little hole-in-a-wall cafe. You can take off your hipster hats and turn off that single spotlight. I'm not here for that. 
She danced the Bata* Like it was all that mattered Her words rang with laughter A dance only she could master The drummers’ hands slick with sweat  brows jammed, bodies wet
"I'm grateful that yous was unfaithful, cause i wouldn't have been able to keep my mental stable and live a fable  with a woman's who's "Slut-Soo-Easily" labeled 
  I am so sorry That my eyes are dark brown with an added twinkle I am so sorry
A wonderer -- A wanderer -- Imagine it! To be. Where you adjust your frame of mind to fit your every piece.  And every patch you thought was waste? And shard that pricked and screeched?
Poetry, How I express my feelings, My love, My Pain, My thoughts, It gets me through the tough times, And guides me to the happy ones, It is my stress relief, My shoulder to cry on, My Love, My Addiction, Such a simple word, Is "Poetry", But its p
Republicans freed the slaves, fought jim crow, and secured voting rights by they are called the racists. Abortions clinics killed 50 million children since 1973 yet pro-lifers are extremists.
We sit idle upon our thrones, taking in our wretched domain. It's humor- ous how they scurry about as if it  mattered, running faster and fast- er, pain and anguish and rust.       How comical.
I write poems about feelings. But never about one true self. I write poems freely but never with a purpose. Now I write poetry to show one true self.  
If I cannot speak, the writing will do it so As I write my chapters of life, words can let you know One moment I feel like dropping the pen But I hold onto it and keep going again.
When You Have a Big House or When You Have Only Greens In your wallet You Don’t See the Real’s and Fakes Of Both Life and Wealth
My pain is like bruisesThere are times when it hurtsand in worst cases it is excruciatingBut there are times when It is numbI feel not one thingIt even can go unnoticedThe whole world can see it but me
Why do I write? An almost unanswerable question, to me… Like asking, why can’t the blind see? Why do people cry peace to fight?  
A tree.                 A rock. A laugh.                 A smile. So ordinary, and yet so charged With meaning, breathing life and depth and pain. I look.                 I gaze.
Forget the world and the ghetto  too. When I wake up I get ready to lace up my shoes. Walking out the  front wondering if someone is going to shoot. Five weeks earlier my home-boy kirk was shot all over the news.
If you know the rules know em' If you have a plan stick to the plan. Times is hard than you think. My people stay hungry just to eat. Run to the top just to get there and there is a lot to see.
  Words spill onto the paper from my pen. Words that shape and create new realities. All our secrets here lay bare. Truth made plain in black-and-white. Here there is no maybe. Here everyone is free.
  Thia word truth speaks the truth The whole truth And nothing but the truth so help me god Express the presence and importance of what I’m about to say This world that we are living in today
( Tears fall As… We… all watch in fear. Again… Challenge by hypocrites theirs and ours… History fresh.
I'm sitting here thinking about what to writeit's been years since I tried to learn how to ryhmetyping isn't easyand this is just worsetrying to explain to people that making poetry makes me burst
Every human has a different purpose, so do all the plants and the animals too. My question is, why everyone tells us, we can do anything we want to do? I think to myself and I can make a list,
I look in the mirror, but I don’t see my face, I see a lot of things that are pretty                   out of place. I gather my tools and I primp and I fashion, A mask to hide The flaws I imagined. 
  Blue eyes, blond haired   Look at you will never be heard   I tell u will be loved and cared  
The lie they told spread like wildfire, burning precious truth in its flames. All too soon it found its spot upon my doorstep. Careless control, I saw its destruction:
They're are days when its raining. They're are days when its bright and sunny. They're are days when I feel down. They're are days when I feel happy. During those times, im always walking with no one by my side.
  Poetry is an escape A world with no bounds It breaks the contorting chains of this oppressive world It overcomes humanity and undercuts the fascists in this authoritarian society Poetry bleeds our passions
Ahahahahahahahahaaa Today isn’t your lucky day But, it sure is mine I ain't dealing with your games Or drama Letting you be one of those people Who wanna make me Naw, sweetie Not no more
Since the beginning I can remember; That red light on my little finger. That same light; I visualize. The sad look in my mother’s eyes, And the droning levels of my cries. It’s commencing.  
Lies! That's all I tell. Maybe, I'll rot in hell.   Playing with your feelings Making you fall deeper in love With me.   If I just rolled over and died I know you'd cry
(poems go here) Poetry is a song just without the  music  Its really up to you on how you chose to use it It reminds me of life it goes on and on Not ever stopping until the author gets done
  I wish I could draw or paint. Or maybe take lovely photographs. I wish I could speak eloquently Or perhaps add large numbers in my head And solve elaborate equations. But I can’t.
I've been searchin' the web for months now Looking for someone to be my cash cow someone to pay off that tuition and clear the way for me to complete my mission  
Nowadays, it’s hard to know what the truth is. We have tampered with so much as seen Our environment, plants, animals and even our bodies that We are oblivious to what is real, what is true
If today I were a poet I would make a difference.  Ability in my mental agility would impress. Much admiration and appreciation would appear, but I digress. Although I am not part of the generation that was lost,
You meet and it's awkward and you don't think it will last, Then all of the sudden spending time with them turns into a blast. You go to the mall and watch movies, And share your dance moves you think are "groovy."
They said! I left them memories, I left them warmth from the cold, Thoughts running through their heads,
I'm scared of what's out there. Friends are not friends, but people who pass by your life; they open up to you with different reasons and in the end, they leave you confused on what it all really meant.
I'm so sick of seeing us like this.  You know that we don't look the same like we used to, but its okay. "Its okay" you keep telling me over and over as you continue to smoke that joint. 
Tumble out of bed Cowlicks curl out of place Bare feet pad delicately on the cold wooden floor Shivers rack your body Rush out the door Hair wiping every which way Don't miss the bus!
  Crying and weeping, I sit and wait for that call, But waiting is all.
     Historical Revenue                                              I. Introduction:  My name is MisDajania, pronounced ms-daja-nae
The reason I do things is just because. The reason the ink stains are on my cover are because... Some things just cant be explained. Yet my poems can. I write because it's what loves me.
How could one decide,                                                                                                                                                    To make this choice?                                                          
o Return   Am I in too deep? Past the point the point of No Return? Or am I too stupid and blind, A lesson I refuse to learn? Am I giving enough? Is it all it should be?
Ever wondered how things could be in a different life? As a different person Wishing and dreaming to be someone you know you could live with for certain Yeah we all do it, and if you don't that's a fib
Why I write? I write to free, to make them all believe, to really see if it is or not meant to be.
The End is the Place where most Things go  to Die. at least that's what I thought.  When the lights of dusk fall across our faces after a long sprint through the River  of our Lives, the day 
Enough's enough.  More like enough never came.  A home filled with hate and friends fueled with envy.  What's it even mean to contain jealousy?
It is easy to get lost in a world full of lies Where truth hides its face in a clever disguise Blissfully ignorant is how we should live Our leaders prefer to take much more than to give
Upon my junior year, then was my life first moved by words which taught there's more to hear within than I had ever known. So clear had they become that I could feel the strife
I only know what happens in reality To only think my mind is going south On my own technicalities Where is everybody in my life to feel alone? The only way to set them free is to go away
That Life we Live We don't live the life of boredom We are free, we are birds We are always on the move seeing new things, & new things seeing us..
I twist my lips until all the truth comes out, But you grab my words and dump it all in the trash. You shake me up until your truth comes out, But they never fall because they are all lies.
All I want is to be seen, the action's what my heart yearns, A strong powerful Leo, ruler of the Earth, I need to have a ruby embedded sword, and a chief golden crown, Hoorays and few nays before the Sun ends dawn,
Life is tumbling, spinning, whirling out of control like my thoughts are a tornado spun by someone else’s hands and it is put on display so others can replay the awesome tragedy for their own awful pleasure
What is this thing, that we call Love? An undying smile, Of enternal youth? An endless spring. Never to be knew, Never to be found. For when the world realizes, This simple truth.
The Boy who never wanted me— To know anything About where he had slept at night The Boy who dreamt Upon basement steps, locked behind a door Of his father's key. A book,sealed with tricks—
I choose my words because of their freedom the freedom they fought for they fought for me. I, too, am a warrior my weapons are my words. They are sharp and shocking, smooth and soothing.
It's clear in my mind one word at a time I write because I like how verbal connections can rhyme I write to freeze my thoughts in this moment of time I write because the freedom of a pen can never be crime
Written Memories Of The Soul This is just my point of view It might be a different definition for you But my eyes see what they see So I'll Tell You What Poetry Is To Me
The world is SPINNING OUT I have no utter doubt That history repeats itself And its happening now. Do you think for a moment That this would not happen? Warfare in the world
from fertilization to conception i was 2 living cells but since we have been joined we're on living being now
Writing is breathing Involuntary, necessary, part of me Every key I hit is a thought is created Drawn from my mind and placed carefully onto a canvas My thoughts on paper are vulnerable
I don't keep the worlds histories I don't solve the worlds mysteries And I am not their story keeper I am no mans scribe. That is not my life.
I woke up today Then woke up Then woke up and saw a light so bright it blinded A light So bright it burned So bright it melted my eyes a little So that their essence pooled and fell
Forgive me Forgive me for loving you too much Forgive me for not being strong enough For not being able to bear the pain of that love For not having the will to walk away
You weren't suppose to see your unexpected timely arrival caught me by surprise and you weren't supposed to see The disappointment turn to happiness in my eyes the smile that belies my true emotions come to rise
As long as a need exists, I will write; The innocent must have voice, I will fight. For babies in the womb, They must see light. For a beaten woman, They must not fear the night.
Let me be the truth teller- The word weaver- The speaker of blunt truths that cut like knives. Let me be the brutally honest The ever-endless one who speaks her heart And sugarcoats nothing.
People walking, People talking, No one notices me. I am shouting, I am screaming. Can anyone hear me? No one stops, No one stares, No one looks, No one cares.
Ugly, fat, oh the names I’ve been called. You ask if they bother me, I should say not at all. I should hide behind my smile and silently say, I am who I am and nothing can change me anyway.
I was afraid you'd run away. My first words, were the truth. I couldn't hear you, but you could hear me. I couldn't help but sign, and I was afraid you'd be frightened. This is me. I see you. I feel you.
Weaving stories, Telling tales, Singing songs, The life all alone A lover A mystic The child of everyday Sometimes broken Sometimes whole Often shattered And in despair
All the days seem to blur together For once there was a forever. Time ago I saw a new light But then it died one fateful night.
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
We together make Us, We, Us you and me. We fight We argue We disagree We, you and me. We laugh We smile We joke We, you and me.
I see demons on the ceilings- They crawl down the steps and up the pew to preach- I see sheep in the pasture- and if he tells them to jump they will fly from the rock and kiss the ocean-