how society can judge and harm people that are bit different just because


Why is it that

I dream under this black sky again

Why do i feel as though i cannot see

My heart aches 

But i still dont know 

What to say to you

I close my eyes again

Today i must say it

Im sorry this world is so cruel

The day passes but i still i feel sorry to you

People have striked your heart again

With those cruel thoughts they spit at you

But all i could do is watch since im also cruel

I let them do that to you again

But when you turn around and tears are reflceted on your face again

My heart aches im sorry this world is so cruel

I couldn"t do much again 

I close my eyes and wait for you to leave

I sit by the roses you like so much again

Im sorry i cant do anything to help, im to afraid of how cruel they can be

I reflect tears again

Please forgive me but this world is so cruel

How can i change your world so that

 You will no longer reflect tears 

I look up at the sky why is it so dark again

We use to be so happy when no one knew 

What we were 

But now they hurt us and say cruel things 

Why must this world be so cruel

Why must they spit cruel things to us

All i wanted was to be happy with you 

But now every day 

You reflect tears on your face

Sometimes i whish this world wasnt so cruel

But today all i see is how cruel it can be

I use to be happy to live in this world but 

Now i feel wronged that this is what we lived with 

How could be this cruel to tear us apart 

when all we wanted was to be happy

but now all i see is how cruel people in this world could be


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