Can't Runaway

Mon, 11/03/2014 - 15:09 -- smith85

I feel like I can't runaway anymore.

I've been running too long.

Searching high, hiding low...

while I've been running.

I've found no use of the moves I've made;

no wins from the games I've played,

and the tests have put me in my place..

while I've been runnng.

But I'm not happy when I stay,

and I'm not happy when I go.

Someone please tell me what is really left of me.


I feel the mayhem in my deep breaths.

When I'm waiting up, and nothing ever shows up.

I feel it builing when I breath deep.

That need to run, that need to fill my lungs.

After only one jump off the deep end,

just one, but it all goes down.

When my pride speaks for me.

When my ego has suffered severe blows to the head.

Oh no Des, don't get caught in your head again.

You know where the lines cross, you know where the road ends.

So why is it at the end of the day

all I can think is to runaway.



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