Generation Z

Generation Z

Labeled as the generation with limited potential

We are blessed to be technology savvy, so I am told

And weighted down with this ambivalent credential

 Deceives us for we are only gilded gold  

We have lost touch with our values, and morals and what was important  

How was our compassion for others lost in translation?   

Our intrinsic nature has become our only reinforcement  

Will our shortcomings end in an inevitable damnation?

These unknowns could stray us into the dark.

The feelings of being



Ridiculed by the ones before us;


We know it is time to restart.


Help us redefine our ideals and contributions to society 

Rather than judging us by our actions, try to see our intentions  

We didn’t seek to create this hatred-filled, selfish, technology dependent identity

We plead for reconciliation and redemption.

Remember what it was like growing up and trying to find your place?

Try not to forget we are the generation that you raised.  

We have lost our character, and only exist as detachments of ourselves

Our minds are trapped, scattered, spinning

On this never ending carousal.

Willing to change the fate we created,

Meet us halfway with an extended hand  

We appear selfish, arrogant, and unsophisticated  

Please! Please just try to understand.


We aren’t the Baby Boomers

The Hard Timers, Good Warriors or Lucky Few  

We are the struggling, upcoming generation

Who are in desperate need of a redo



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