From Today Until Tomorrow


From today until tomorrow, years later to forever

I want to make an impact that would change the world

There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it

But I am tired of waiting for superman, it’s time to be our own hero

I want to be read in a textbook one day

I want to be that story on the front page

That inspiration for a song

That person who is played by an actor in a movie

I want to be legendary, not a legend

I want to feel powerful, not powerless

I want to break barriers but not be broken

I want to be fierce but not feared

I want to wake up and think that I am still dreaming

Right now I’m young but I won’t always be

By the time I’ve grown all the way, I hope to see a different side of the world

One where the law is not treated like a tool to fix people

One where we can be satisfied with a little but still feel like we have a lot

Where wealth is shared, poverty is disappearing

It takes more than just words to speak

It takes more than an army to win a war

More than an education to prepare a child

And more than love to show we care

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what it takes, and I won’t pretend like I do either

But from today until tomorrow, maybe even a few years later to forever

Maybe there will be an answer

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