the little green lie

take this cup away from me 

do not force me to believe the lies you feed me

i can see them a  mile away. 

like the greens on the plate of a child. 

they're avoided and taste awful when swallowed 

like the flat tire of a bicycle 

no one rides it for long 

just get off and face the truth coward 

it's not like i can't see your lies.

look right next time. 

i guess you can't look right.

because you know it's not right 

so you look left 

thinking a lie is all you have left.


speak the truth 

even if it hurts you 

speak the truth 

Especially, when it hurts you. 

because than you'll know your strong enough to stand up for the truth


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



please comment; my family never does and i'm growing tired. someone tell me how to improve, cause i swear i'm falling back

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