The Question (?)

Sat, 05/04/2013 - 02:49 -- DavidJr


United States
37° 45' 19.7676" N, 122° 8' 46.3884" W

Pain inside,
Dripping down from me like a poisonous surprise,
Why does my heart keep beating,
When all things lovable seem to be fleeting.
Oh joy, the gracious sunrise has come to take me home,
Or is that the flickering of a flame in the distance?
That is the consciousness that I'm unaware of... And yet I feel it bleeding.

With each glance and each meeting eye to eye,
A part of me slowly crumples up and dies.
Depressing and melodramatic as it seems,
It hurts.

Please let this pain subside without human interference,
A chemical cocktail of the unnatural
The shining silver piercing the soul
The intertwining of fibers,
Let it drift away like a child lost at sea..
Never to be seen again.

What a hilarious thought,
that we live for those who live for us.
if no one lives for me,
why do I live?

That is my question.
I have no answer.


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