Set Free

I used to be depressed

And at times I even desired death

My feelings were strong and extreme

It was the consequence

Of trials and times

That clearly took a toll on me


But when I wrote and expressed myself

It was an outlet for the fierce pain I felt

Inside of me something was released

The pain bled from my heart

And painted a picture to free


And free I was

Even just a little bit

For once I was not judged

And my heart could simply express

For the paper and pen didn’t care what I wrote

They were just instruments

For me to let go


Whatever it is

Pain or love, life and trials

The moments we never want to forget

The moments we wish we weren’t forced to live

They bring me to my love

Of words, poems, and rhyming

And with this tool

I’ve learned to let go and set myself free  



Aww, I really enjoy reading your poem. :) very nice

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