I may not be making poems but I am getting to write how I feel<3


I'm not wanting the stereotypes,

But I will write how i feel, 

Selfharm is a thing. 

it is a struggle in life,

some people call it stupid, retarted, dumb.

these stereotypes have never experineced it.

they think just because they havent done or experienced it, its dumb.

I have suffered from depression, body image problems, eating disorders and took action in selfharm.

I live day by day trying to figure out why am I unhappy, God is giving me the privellege to live, but why life like this.

the moment you cut til it heals, you think "I said i wouldnt cut again"
You have a relasp and struggle all over again.


The scars remind us of our past, but are they bad memories or a way to think "Im stronger"


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