My Lifelong Best Friend

"Is she always like this?"
I'm asked time and time again
The crowd always follows
Even when they know nothing
They're curious about her
As only the physical is obvious to them

Her blonde hair shines brightly
Her blue eyes glitter with glee
Continuous jokes flow from her lips
The laughter follows her eagerly

Her long body looks graceful
If only that was true
They're jealous of her
As she was once jealous of them

They say she is immature
Just an air head as she seems
Distant and confident
She must think she's better than them

How untrue
What a lie!
Only I know what she's truly like

Her heart is pure
It shines like gold
She helps others even if
They won't do the same for her
Her brain is filled with knowledge
Bursting with creativity ready for college
They would never keep up
She's too smart for them

Those yellow locks that flow and glow
Use to be brown and delicate, you know
Her jokes and friendly nature used to be guarded
From all the hate that should have never been heeded

I'm the shadow
They pity me, it's true
I'm the "follower"
The sheep without a clue

Then they turn around and say
She's weird, she's odd
How can I stand to be with her?
I'm normal, I'm funny

Yet I don't feel normal
I don't feel like one of them
I am just like her
I just show it in a different way

They don't know how much we've been through
What has happened in our young past
The tears that have flown
As we've held tight to one another as we've grown

I guess in the end
They really are right
Without her, I feel like shadow
For she is my light

Alone we're odd, different, and would never work
Together we're brilliant and can never be torn apart

Is she always like this?
No, she's not
For the truth is...
She's way better than you ever thought

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