Because I Am

You said it, therefore it must be true.
Yes, every word you speak is law.
Why should anyone have room to doubt you?
You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
You who can let somehting as unimportant as a handsome face change your mind,
or convincing tongue sway your opinions.
You don't care if you know the real truth,
because this is all the truth you need.
The truth of the populace out weighs the truth of the law.
The truth of the heart outweighs what facts your mind already knows.
You feel, therfore you old all truths.

And who am I to say other wise?



And uncaring to say the least,

Because in the end my truth, is the only one I need.
And you would say that's the final piece to this long debated argument.


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