Air We Breathe


There's a practical truth in air

The evidence is yet to be seen

Yet none can deny its usage

To soak in its vibrant want

'Cause none can say air needs us but we need air

Its energy carved into my bones

Beneficial and delightful to my soul

Permitting me to grin at the thought of freedom

Freedom from wasting my juvenile life


Tangible to the depths of my soul

Feeling blessed, I am amused by the wealthiest part of life

Greatful 'cause in a flash

I could be gone

And the outgoing vision of my heart is to be close to you

The air we breathe is because of you

You embellish my honesty with your admirable grace

Joined by love

It humors me that air

A three letter denotation

Binds us like the lyrics and rythm of a song



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