I Am Sure

No: life isn't horrible.

No: life isn't terrible 

or terrifying.

No: I cannot stand silent anymore.

Yes: I will stand up for 

what I know is true 

and right.

I may be only one voice.

I may be only one thought

or opinion. 

My heart may only beat

the average

35 million times

a year,

But I am sure

that one voice can make

a difference;

One choice can change

the world;

One heartbeat allows for 

so much more

than we know.

So, know that I know

God lives.

Know that I know

Jesus Christ is His Son.

Know that I know 

this life is beautiful!

Yes: this life is difficult.

Yes: sometimes bad things 


to good people.

Yet happiness can be found - 

not because of our situations

but because we 



despite our circumstances.

Yes: God loves each of us.

Yes: I am sure of this.


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