Strange Mind


strange how we can touch a person not just with your skin but with our minds.

not just with our minds but with our words, with our hearts, and with your souls.

we can reach out to people, with compassion, with kindness, and with love.

our attitudes are like a disease, they're contagious.

if we reach out with hatred and discust, whatever we touch is tainted.

passed from person to person, its a plague on our hearts.

If we reach out, heart on our sleeves, with compassion it saves.

saves the girl cutting her wrists or the boy whose tieing slips.

saves the elderly man who hasnt eaten or the young woman casually beaten.


strange how we can sit back and watch as thousands punch the clock.

we watch the hands as they speed by, never bother to as why.

why does this child have no home, why is this stray forced to roam.


Why instead of words to heal but words to steal, steal the light from their eyes, steal smiles from their faces.

always burying our feelings, sending our minds to these dark places.


strange that people say I am too young to understand, that its wrong to lend a hand because of pride.

pride? why does man need pride? why does man need a long step in his stride?

there is nothing wrong with needing help would you refuse a rope if you were drowning to save your pride?


strange that even in our darkest hour we still are too prideful to accept an outstreched hand.

so to you I wont reach out my hand, I reach out with my words.

dont lash out with hate on your hands reach out instead with a heart full of compassion.

dont spread disease, help heal the wounds left of the hearts of the broken.

there are so many ways to touch another human being.

touch their hearts with your words, with your thoughts and ideas, touch them with your kindness and benevolence.

The worlds a mess, lets be the medicine. :)



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