A Society


United States

Society, is it purely what we see
it is the reason my father left me
went to prison, and remarried
The one I never see ever since I was thirteen

Society, this thing which tells us how to live
How to think, and how to walk
Like robots, we are taught how to live in the dark
This heart, which feeds emotions through my skin
And out my mouth, my parents who never went to college
Judges judge those based on skin
Society judges those who don’t follow the set path
Marked clear at our beginning, in the classrooms we sit in
Sit in this world with white glaring rays beaming down and you will see
I have seen the words of our world geniuses
These people whom went the opposite way of society
Yet these same people are thrown behind bars
Voltaire,  Oscar Wilde, Paul Verlaine, and Cervantes
The bars of injustice, which are the vertical white stripes of our nations flag inverted in color
This country which says society is equal
Yet when we are born we are born in separate rooms
between white walls in buildings that are not the same
This place which I have grown to think
How? How could so many people be so blind, blind to the truth
In these same walls, though different, stood men who told me I am ADHD
American Death is of HD
though more clear, people get lost more in brighter more vibrant colors
Society, it seems so unapparent how so many can be blind in a world full of things so clear
This mind, in these walls, though silent, without words speaks loudly through this open skin
On clear white paper
The open cell, of an open mind, causes open wounds for the heart to feel
I feel society, will never see because of the blindness within


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