Yo Dad



Yo dad

You remember signing my birth certificate?

I bet you were so glad

What about when I first got my ears pierced

You remember right

You were there when I shed those tears

Noooo. What about my first birthday party

You know

Around the time when I became such a smarty

You weren’t tardy

You were the first one there



Lets skip a few years

You remember when you took me on a bike ride?

What about the time you pulled me aside

You know

Just talked to me

Father to daughter

Taught me how to defend myself against all this SLAUGHTER

Waitttttt now we cant forget my 5th grade graduation

Or the 8th

You were there in the crowd

Couldn’t even maintain yo face




If you really expect me to call you dad

That’s sad

All the things you could have gave me that I never had

Oh don’t look so shocked bitch

At how I can just switch up on you like a light switch

Cuz this is rage that you caused upon yourself

You cant tell me shit

For one your not a factor in my life

So who the fuck are you to try to tell me whats right

Or wrong for that matter

Me & my brother is the only two things that proves your made of atoms

Get it?

Without us you aint shit

Not even a twinkle in the sky

Shit I don’t even think I’d be too hurt when you die

At least that funky ass $50 in child support would multiply

Yeah that’s how serious this shit is

Im not talking square biz

Get that through ya head trick

Im speaking on real life

And truth is you treat your seeds real TRIFE

But its all good cuz its you that’s missin out

Cuz through all this struggle ima make it

No doubt

So while your ass is sitting there lonely, old, and deprived

Ima be around the world changing lives

I know this may sound bad

But fuck that mothafukka that thinks he’s my “DAD”


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