Longshore, Fairy Of True Sight

A daughter and heiress, Gracefully radiant in her chamber.
Recklessly entertaining a new suitor,
Loveless joy with heavy breath,
The moonlit night air cooling against sweat covered skin.
Each golden rise of sun they leave her silk draped divan,
Each never to return and boast of the enjoyment they had.

Beloved father and king, sends for each wealthy stalk and royal,
Looking and searching, to find a loving love to sedate his heiress's appetite.

One early bright daybreak galloped in homely prince,
To win a heart, longing for gentle caring love.
Dining with royal father and daughter, catching her sea blue eyes.
As the candles burned down, nobles grasping exquisitely embracing.

Sun risen morning, the two wellborn youths left each other.
Promises to see one another again, the prince settled, camped near.
Outstretched the moonless night, slumbering royal.

The fairy of truth, Longshore, over the dormant noble's head.
Giving visions of unvarnished truth, the fairy revealed the misrepresented feelings of his former nights love.
Clammy and wet, he awoke in fearful tears of what might be.

Riding mounted on a snow white stead,
Prince with visions of his love, fear trembles his body.
Promptly moving through narrowed how, dimly lighting his anxious face.

Bursting through heavy door, tired worries prince sees a harrowing sight.
His dear hearts passion, gripped and wrapped in strengthened arms.
Her eyes land upon the broken prince, together with her nights love.
Laughing at his hearts misfortune, the tearful Noble angrily exists, never to return.

Coming morning the sun's light wraps around the lovers form, the sultry princess,
Half woke she is secretly visited, Longshore enchants her eyes.
Gazing on her nights enjoyment, she starts to see, his intention to leave her behind with no care.
Thinking on the prince just before, her memory does him with her sight of truth, love was in his heart.
Remembering all others before, only he had a heart that cared.
Sudden sadness sweeps over, her heart now aches in painful breaking.

Cursed now with a sight a noble lady would never wish, princess trades one title for another.
Moving for one life to another, living as a woman of faith in a temple far away.
Knowing of intimate past, never to be excepted in full.
Long year after long year, her mind breaks more.
With her curse, she sees no kindness nor care.
Heart breaking more each day, the lose of the only to care.
Raining dark and wind filled, no longer able to live this life.
Standing behind the temple, along the cliff edge.
Once a sultry Noble princess, spreading her arms, tipping over the edge high above crashing waves.

In that moment, kingdom far into the south.
Asleep the loyal prince, now king of his home.
Longshore sent to him vision, the princess falling to the arms of grimmly death.
Awaking in stream of sweat beside his queen, king rains hot tears knowing he never lost the love.


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