My Favorite Color




Everyone will agree   

 That is what I am.

I sharpen my tongue daily on the blade of                                                  


  I've learned your weakness before you've learned my name

   and I will use it to my advantage.


A common "nickname" for me is the proper name for

a female dog.

I will point out mistakes

       I will put more thought into insulting you          

                                             then I'd put into my life.


I've been told pink can't be my favorite color.

                                                                "It's too happy"

                                                                             "You're not very girly"

                                                                                                      "Pink is too nice for you to enjoy it"

Because apparently the color I seek out over others

                 can be determined by my




My outward emotions when I feel empty.



It's my walking, talking,

damage-free filter that cannot be hurt.


no one tries to hurt me.


No one even takes the time to find out if I'm alright                        

                If it even looks like I'm crying.

It's okay for me to be angry, 

hell itself comes to visit if I am happy,

but I show vunerablitly,

or reach for a friend

I become one with the scenary surronding me.


My feelings are those beautiful moments

you can really never capture with a camera.

If you're there at the right time,

you may have a glimpse.

You may not remember,

but I will.

I will remember the moment I opened up to you.

Because my emotions have passion

every single one

has such a drive behind it that you may never understand

unless you take a moment to realize

that pink

is my favorite color.



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