Is "It" Real..

Could this be real.

I've felt the pain, the heartache seemed to be endless,

Yet the joy so fulfilling, my smile so genuine

Could this be real.

The beauteous sunlight, the luminous starlight,

The cloud piercing skcraper, the mineral rich dirt.

How could it be that everything matters,

How could it be that it's the the small things rather, 

than the big, that make the most impact,

On this thing here called life. 

Could this be real.

It is Real.

The ups and downs, The twists, the turns, 

The tears of happiness and anger,

The dreams, the goals, the accidents, the souls,

Apart of each and every stranger, 

The walks through the park, or sprinting through the grass. 

Gloominess in the bed, and friends filled with laughs.

its the ups and downs that makes it complete.

what is IT.

It is LIFE.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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