I Am The Mask I Wear

I wear a mask on the hottest day,

in the middle of winter.


I cannot go without my smiling mask.

I bring it with me where ever I go.

"Why?", some will ask.

To hide a secret within.

A thing that resides deeper than skin.


On the physical, I may be so innocent and kind.

If you'd inquire deeper, you will see something entirely new.

The eyes are clouded, confused and nearly blind.

The lips are dry, cracked from screams left unheard.

The ears are covered, concealed from filth.

And the skin, so pallid and tear streaked, lay defeated on brittle bones.


My mask is not so permanent.

Sometimes it runs away when I need it most,

tossed away in a storm of emotion and pain.

Where were you dear friend?

When I was so desperate and lost?

You're back now. You'll aways return.

Won't you?


So that is why I wear my mask of smiling attention.

I wear it on the hottest day,

in the middle of winter.


I bring it with me where ever I go.

The reason behind it, now you know.

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