#YOWO - Words

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 12:43 -- jsh8844

Look once,

Speak once,

but before you do:

Think twice.


Your Words, 

they burrow deep,

like grimy, sharp-clawed mice.


The syllables you say,

nouns you don't mean,

and verbs that send 

a continual ringing sting

right down to the last neuron residing

within the body's King,





Do they mean anything?

---Right. I know what you said,

"It's just common slang".


Tell that to them.

Her and him.

They know.

But no really,

they actually know.


Rape isn't a victory word,

and a faggot is just a pile of sticks,

so please, expand your vocabulary,

and  stop mindlessly calling all rude people di....ctionary words that make no sense.


Because 'faggots' and stones will break human bones,

but words can hurt too---

(sharp-clawed mice).

So, friends,  Think twice.


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