Oh To What is True

Oh to be like Echo,

Always calling out but never heard.

To be like Midas,

Always reaching out but never touched.

To be like Medusa,

Always seeing but never seen.

To be like Prometheus,

Always beneath the sun but never warm.


Oh to be like Isis,

Always seeking but never finding.

To be like Ra,

Always to travel and never to rest.

To be like Thoth,

Always learning but never knowing.

To be like Bastet,

Always protecting but never protected.


Oh to be like Fenrir,

Always bound and never freed.

To be like Huldra,

Always to love but never to be loved.

To be like Bragi,

Always to play but never to listen.

To be like Ymir,

Always to create life but never to live.


Ah but to be like Loki,

Always tricking but never tricked.

To be like Thor,

Always fighting but never defeated.

To be like Ullr,

Always hunting but never hunted.

To be like Sleipnir,

Always running but never tiring. 


Ah to be like Ma'at,

Always ordered and never chaotic.

To be like Osiris,

Always lost but always being found.

To be like Horus,

Always taking charge and never giving up.

To be like the Nile,

Always flowing north and bringing life to dust.


Ah to be like Athena,

Always wise and never fooled.

To be like Apollo,

Always healing and never hurt.

To be like Dionysus,

Always merry and often glad.

To be like Nemean Pelt,

Always struck but never damaged.


But oh to know what is better than all these combined.

Oh to what we should give all our heart, soul, strength and mind.

Oh to what is real and true, and faithful all the day.

To what is perfectly loving, perfectly just, and perfectly kind.


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Our world


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