My Mind In a Record

I would settle normally informally to rebuttal back at the attacks I’ve had a lot the bullies in my past I dissed em.

Skeptical at first but with time I hit em with the knowledge built up from the wisdom I’ve witnessed

greatness and now I make it and i know that you hate it

save it for later nowandlater sweeter than the candy wrapped in paper I rap for something greater

shout out ak the savior 

and just a month later I birthed a baby demon within my mind to enter atmospherical rotation

that nations leader must be scary tears flow

a miracle a mirror reflection hear me? See it so clearly

like blue on water we just don’t get that shit no more where is the food for the starvin?

children turn green like martians

deep down I’m an art fan and I write slavin away like noahs arch man

I’m the devine spartan kick you off the balcony like pardon me?

no excuse you I use you and abuse this relationship too

kick back i got no crew


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