We fear the truth

You might think it's silly,

How someone could be afraid of something so simple. 

That one single fear is spread throughout all.

We all deny that we fear it, though it lingers.

It isn't puberty, a common fear among teens,

or lost toys which is the fear of small children. 

It is the fear that haunts us all in the back of our minds. 

It prevents us from speaking up for what we believe.

What we feel about something

and it costs us.

It is the fear of people.

The fear of what others will think.

How they'll react if you tell them the truth.

so we lie,

Lie about the a variety of things.

such as the last cookie or possible cheating.

And this hurts us.

Not just the person who's lied to,

It leads to a chain of hurt that eventually will effect everyone you know. 

So let's take action and help one another.

For in order to help others we must first help ourselves. 

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