Daily Bullets

Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community 



We saw the life stealing bullets

in Orlando,

but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets

in our words.


My parents taught me about their lives.

Warned me.

Advised me.

Never had I felt allegiant to the community,

but I felt a moral need to 

stick up for their



My friends and I,

we are all Christians.

Yet, I am the only one who

believe in humanity for 

the LGBTQ crew. 


Why is this so?

Why do they reject?

Religion is a platter served to those 

who yearn for it. 

Do not shove it in the face of someone who

does not want it

does not need it

does not support its creation.

I did not accept Christ into my heart

to give myself an excuse to hate. 


The bullets in Orlando shattered my heart

But the bullets in my friends' mouths shattered my soul

For I do not align with the emotions of the LGBTQ community

But a woman of color should never find solace in people

Who rob humanity

From people who look like them.

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