Real Eyes


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It takes real eyes to realize the real life

I used to see blind until I realized the real lies

I lived in a utopia where love was our core

But that’s when I was four, now the thought is nevermore

God said we were the same, but why was I treated different

Being called a wetback by peers of ignorance It made me feel distant.

Was I an abomination? My paradise turned into a prejudice nation

I saw precious knowledge become antagonism

Friends claiming they’re better than every organism

Racism, sexism, and sexuality abuse

And the worst part was being a part in that cult too

Following the steps of wrongdoers

Watching my mouth become the new dictating ruler

My hands beaten bloody with all bigotry beliefs

I thought that I was pure but there’s a monster that breathes

Beneath all the power, attitude and imagery

We all look different but are all in symmetry

Within the deep darkness, a slight light surfaced

A hope that can’t be worded but seemed to flourish

A new future came into view in my peripherals

A new pair of spectacles rose out of the minerals

Gave me the gaze to see the invisible

A gaze to show the real world and what’s permissible

Why would they do that? Why won’t anyone rise?

One without real eyes can’t see the enterprise

Blinded with fitting in and endless propaganda

You see only one picture, not the entire panorama

I saw the bullying and the knapsack of whiteness

Saw how people turned the wicked into what we call righteous

What can we do? How can we fight this?

I see what is real, and I will stand for my people

Stand up for humans because we are all equal

It’s time to let down your guard and open your eyes

Put on your real eyes; so we can save lives



It resonated within my heart and made me think...

Child of the One True King

wow! awesome poem!!


awesome poem!  i really like your reference to the knapsack, too (love peggy mcintosh)!

Miss Lane

This is wonderful! It says everything I stand for, I think you found the words I've been searching for my whole life.


Makes you think....Very strong and very well worded...Nicely done


*thumbs up*                                                                                                                                                         poems like these have a greater impact on others who                                                                             understand and feel these words.

Ifeoma Onwuka

Beautifully written :)

Very deep...A poem everyone should read

Not Here

Ummmm. good poem, but understand tupac had said "real eyes realize real lies" so there may be some difficulties with some people appreciating this poem. I'm not trying to criticize, I mean I am inspired by this poem, but there may be some tensions brought by your similar statement, don't know if you came up with it unknowingly, but just saying to let ya know.


The performance was beautiful :)


Love  it!


This is so amazing, I was truly touched by this poem.

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