The Dying Mind


The Walls are Crying

The Mind is Dying

The Subconscious alone is ever lying

I Rest Not as I Watch These Walls

The Restless and Agonized Haunt These Halls

I Cannot Flee, I Cannot Cry

A Statue of Stone Sits In These Eyes

Decisions Made, Tension High

The Voice of a Thousand Hear Not My Cry

The Light it Flickers

The Skin it Shimmers

The Vessel of Flesh I Live Within

Keeps Me Bound to My Life of Sin

A Creature of Night, a Scholar Profound

Find the Threads of Time Not Safe nor Sound

The Eternal Clock Draws Ever Near

The Time Which Not One Can Hear

Pressure, Choice, a Body Found

A Man Whose Mind is Never Sound

They Ask to Whom Will Hear My Lies

"My Sweet, My Dear, a Man Who Dies."

To That Which They Could Not Reply

Yet They Then Heard the Walls That Cry

The Mind That Dies

The Subconscious Alone That Forever Lies

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My family
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