Standing on One Leg

When You Have a Big House or

When You Have Only Greens In your wallet

You Don’t See the Real’s and Fakes

Of Both Life and Wealth

And many people dream of having such

And they will do anything to have it all  

Because when it’s all gone it’s because

Of one stupid turn on the wrong side of the road

But what do you see?

You see the True World

You see the hearts Of the Lovers and the Thieves

And Don’t Forget the little ditch you created 

But what are you still doing in your horrifying hole?

Why are you giving self pity on yourself?

Just because you made a mistake

The world is not going to end

   So climb out of that hole

Take a deep breathe

Dust yourself out and move on

Even If you have one leg left

                                                                     Is All Up to You! 


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