You Are Enough.

How difficult is it to simply be ourselves?

At a young age we're all taught that who we are isn't enough-

Not tall enough, they say.

Not pretty enough, they say.

Not smart enough, they say.

Not perfect enough, they say.

We spend our entire lives judging and being judged.

Because of this never ending judgement, none of us are truly the people we were meant to be. 

But then again, maybe we are.

Behind the curtain, underneath all the lies, all the masks, all the walls we've gradually built up,

Who are we?

We are our own people.

We are selfish at times, giving at others, we are mean, we are nice, we are caring, we are emotional, we are different, we make mistakes, and we learn from them.

and through it all - 


Stop hiding, I say.

Be yourself, I say.

Love yourself, I say. 

We are enough, I say.

and it's time for us to prove it. 

Release the curtain.

Let the truth sing out.

Drop the mask.

Break down that wall.

and be yourself.

Because you are enough.


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