Wake Me Up When My Life is Worth Living

I dream of a world with faith and trust
Not one with war, hate, and lust
How the birds will sing instead of cry
And no one will have to suffer and die
The earth will be clean and pollutant free
From the open fields to the shining seas
There will be no robbery in the bank, house or store
And we will hear the gunshots go off no more
Education will be a top priority
And will be enforced by the highest of authority
Though every day is the same old thing
Selling, dealing, killing and fighting
If this is the way the world keeps spinning
Then wake me up when my life is worth living


Children will run and play having no worries
They’ll all have fun and all tell stories
They’ll grow up making their own parents proud
Pretty soon they’ll raise their own kids now
Technology may find the cure to cancer
But should not disappoint our great, great ancestors
Traditions will be kept for years to come
And no one will be judged by where they came from
Years will pass; time will fly by
The rivers will be filled with the tears we’ve cried
The pictures and memories will stay with us forever
Even though the choices made were not always so clever
But these are the things in life we’re facing
Wake me up when my life is worth living


Each day goes by and we take things for granted
A walk through Mother Nature’s creations is always so enchanted
The random acts of kindness that we do
Can cheer someone up who is feeling a little blue
But when we are angry and turn to violence
The world grows scared and has an eerie silence
The mentality of some people on this earth
Draw them to take away peoples’ lives shortly before or after birth
If one day we could live in peace and harmony
Then maybe we could live freely despite diversity
We could go on with our lives without pestering fears
And not have to worry about the judgments made by our peers
But unfortunately this world can be a little unforgiving
So wake me up when my life is worth living


All of the pressures that society brings upon us
Do damage to all where we then lose trust
We doubt ourselves and question others
How could we ever forget that we’re all sisters and brothers
People tear other people apart
And when they cry for help, no one knows where to start
Hand in hand we get stronger from our suffering
Even though at times it seems as though our lives are buffering
We should go out of our ways to help someone in need
Rather than drowning in pity, we can do a good deed
Someday we will all live in peace
And the thoughts and prayers for others will increase
But for now I’ll just keep on faithfully giving
Wake me up when my life is worth living


A stop on my walk makes me think
As I admire a little flower in the shade of pink
The sunlight beams down on the open field
Interrupted by a drunk driver who refused to yield
And who so suddenly hit a little girl
Where now stands a dedicated muriel just for her
It’s so sad to see how things change so quickly
It seems like we’re always in a rush and moving so frantically
But if we take a step back and look around
It’s amazing to see that this world is actually so profound
Every day we are learning something new
And it is from other who we learn through
I’ll take a little more time to pray in thanksgiving
That I can wake up and follow my dreams in my life by living
This poem is about: 
Our world



Really enjoyed reading this. The truth behind it is unspeakable of nowadays. Hopefully this will be true some day.

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