Muted Bellows


 Dear Mommy,

Quietly I lay here undetected and unknown

Eager to meet my creator

Within you I lay in fetal position growing rapidly as my love for you amplifies

Your voice sounds like the sweet melody of humming birds singing on a Sunday morning


12 weeks approached

Morbid feelings become capsulating 

Mommy what’s going on?

Can you hear me?

Sliver metal objects come in contact with my skin

Polished as if they were awaiting my encounter

My heart beat increases rapidly

The metal objects approach me again

Grabbing my body pulling me towards the bottom of your womb

My nails penetrate your insides while I’m dragged


….is the only word that continuously consumes my mind

Flipping and turning instinctually until my feet are implanted against your uterine walls

Once again the sparkling sliver that resembles stars tug violently on my arms

Mommy help me!

My resounding echoes that bounce off the walls of your womb

Mommy you will not ignore me for I am your child

You will listen to my voiceless cries that I utter and swallow my persuasive words

You will sway on my profound aura like a child who never wants to leave a swing

A child who will never be me


Mother- bearing relation a women who has raised a child, given birth to a child, origin source or protector

Protector! You were never my protector

I always thought that mothers greeted their children with open arms

Instead you greeted me with instruments

Instruments that never played music

Physicians say that they are pledged to saving lives

Is my life different?



Mommy don’t let them take me away



A huge round object moves towards me

Crushed gruesomely

My mouth opens wide but nothing comes out

Muted Bellows

Weapons used against me

A war brought upon the innocent


All you’re left with is an empty womb filled with floating bone fragments and tissue to remember me by

12 weeks ago I was never even dreamt of

And now I’m your nightmare?

The maternal bond that never was



 This is amazing! -pdxingram

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