I Am Willing

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 04:53 -- LoveBug


It’s a love/hate thing
That I wish I could stop.
It’s a Cinderella dream
That I wish I could swap

For something true, pure, passionate
And forever thrilling,
For something new, sure, affectionate
And fulfilling.

I am willing

To help you smile
When you are down.
To help you grow,
When you are low.
To help you fly,
When you can not see.
To help you believe,
When you are not free…

To love
Because of
My actions,
My words,
Sting like a marriage
Full of damaging verbs.

We both would know.

I want to promise to
Never leave your side,
Never say good-bye,
Never walk out again,
Never say that we can not be friends

But deep down within,
I/We know it’s a lie.
For the very next breath isn’t promised.

But can I,
Can we,
At least

I am willing

To love
To hug
To kiss
To greet
To bug
And mug
To miss
And see

Your point of view.

It is not about me.
And never will be.

It is [and always will be]
About us!

I am willing

To Start
ALL Over

Please teach me how to love you.

I am willing.


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