Not Now..Not Any More



Today isn’t your lucky day

But, it sure is mine

I ain't dealing with your games

Or drama

Letting you be one of those people

Who wanna make me

Naw, sweetie

Not no more

I’m done, through

Through with having you treat me

Like I’m some kind of peasant

Man, if you haven’t realized, let me tell you

When you walk in my shadow

You stepped into the shadow of royalty

When you walk through my path

You are walking in the path of beauty

I am that woman

At the head of my castle

The queen of my love& the king of my happiness

Only one man is above me

&that’s the man who made me

In his image, not yours

You thought I was gonna stay here forever

& let you have your way with me


-so funny

To allow you to continue in your constant verbal uproar

Not any more

I’m through being your puppet

Being your doll

Being your slave

Giving in to satisfy you

Forgetting what mama taught me…

Hell naw,

I know my mama, done raised me right

It’s now the time I satisfied me

And it’s way over due

You wanna keep on

Then keep on, keepin’ on

Cause I know my value& myself worth

And you are no longer gonna take away from that

I know I’m better than how I allow you to have me

But ask me am I now, who I was then

I had to learn the hard way

The difference between being flattered


The hard way about ‘true love’

The hard way about men

Now, I’m letting all that pain& sorrow

Misery& stress roll of my chest

Stop it from hardening my heart

So instead of living as a sour old maid

I can show my true beauty from within

So I can be the royalist of queens

Waiting patiently

& searching widely for my knight in shining armor

My king


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